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Articles related to "hold"

Close race in California's Democratic primary while Biden tops in Texas, CNN polls show

  • And among those voters who say their priority is to nominate a candidate who can beat President Donald Trump, Sanders is well within striking distance of Biden: 23% in that group support Biden for the Democratic nomination, 17% Sanders, 16% Warren and 10% Buttigieg, suggesting electability is not as clear an edge for Biden in California as it has been elsewhere.
  • Sanders also prompts the strongest enthusiasm: 42% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would be extremely enthusiastic if he were the nominee, compared with 35% saying so for Biden, 34% for Warren and 23% for Buttigieg.
  • In California, however, all four Democrats tested against Trump lead the President by double-digit margins among registered voters, with little difference in support across candidates.

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