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Articles related to "hold"

Facebook is hiring a lead for its blockchain counsel

  • It seems Facebook isn’t content with its 50-strong team dedicated to building its proprietary cryptocurrency, as it’s now looking to hire someone for its blockchain counsel.
  • The firm wants a “proactive team player” that will support the company‘s new initiative into the development of blockchain-based applications.
  • The successful applicant will be responsible for drafting contracts and providing legal advice to Facebook‘s blockchain initiatives.
  • Facebook‘s interests in blockchain and cryptocurrency are no longer a secret, so while these hirings are interesting indicators of where Facebook might be taking its blockchain projects, they are not as surprising as they would have been this time last year.
  • A few months later it was clear the company was going big on blockchain but no one really knew why or what it was working on.
  • But earlier this month all the news became clear as it became apparent that Facebook was working on its own cryptocurrency.

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A dog died in the cargo hold of an Air France flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles

  • A dog died on an Air France flight from Amsterdam to Los Angeles, the airline confirmed to Business Insider in an email on Wednesday.
  • The animal was found in the plane's cargo hold.
  • Investigators are working to determine its cause of death.
  • Air France says the dog was loaded correctly, according to its pet policy.
  • Airlines have faced scrutiny over which pets they will transport and how they transport them.
  • In 2018, a French bulldog died after suffocating in the overhead bin of a United Airlines flight.
  • The airline would later change its policies governing pet transport.
  • Airlines have also faced questions over which animals passengers can classify as emotional-support animals.
  • Delta Air Lines banned emotional-support animals from long flights in 2018, and United, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines have also announced new policies around emotional-support animals in recent years.

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Tsinghua Holdings, VST Holdings To Build Fintech JV

  • Technology product solutions and supply chain services platform VST Holdings will establish a joint venture with Tsinghua Holdings to develop supply chain financial businesses in the technology industry.
  • Tsinghua Holdings' subsidiaries and related companies will hold a combined 55% stake in the joint venture; while VST Holdings will own the remaining 45%.
  • The total investments in the JV is CNY1 billion, including CNY500 million registered capital.
  • The businesses of the new JV will cover supply chain finance, consumer finance, new retail and industry merger and acquisition and investment in the technology industry.
  • VST Group was founded in 1991 and the parent company VST Holdings was founded in 2002.
  • The company is mainly engaged in businesses of 12 major categories, including cloud computing, mobile Internet, system equipment, software and service, home game, VR/AR, drone, Internet of Things application, basic network, machine peripheral, information security, and accessories.

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