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Articles related to "ibm"

A top IBM Research executive outlines the 3 critical steps organizations pursuing enterprise-wide AI need to take

  • A key reason for that, according to PwC, is the challenge companies face in organizing their stored data to make it easily analyzed by AI models.
  • The insight from Raghavan — who previously served as the director for the IBM Research Lab in India and its research center in Singapore — can help organizations successfully implement the advanced tech in their operations.
  • As one of IBM Research's leaders in AI, Raghavan has spearheaded projects like AutoAI, a platform that automates key steps in the process to deploy the technology like data preparation and model development.
  • So in the case of the airline wanting to better predict who should receive seat upgrades, an autonomous model would be able to automatically pull in data on new customer segments or adapt itself to acknowledge that travel is likely to increase around major holidays.

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