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Articles related to "ideas"

Object-oriented programming: History, and challenges for the next fifty years

  • Object-oriented programming is inextricably linked to the pioneering work of Ole-Johan Dahl and Kristen Nygaard on the design of the Simula language, which started at the Norwegian Computing Centre in the Spring of 1961.
  • However, object-orientation, as we think of it today—fifty years later—is the result of a complex interplay of ideas, constraints and people.
  • Dahl and Nygaard would certainly recognise it as their progeny, but might also be amazed at how much it has grown up.
  • This article is based on a lecture given on 22nd August 2011, on the occasion of the scientific opening of the Ole-Johan Dahl hus at the University of Oslo.
  • It looks at the foundational ideas from Simula that stand behind object-orientation, how those ideas have evolved to become the dominant programming paradigm, and what they have to offer as we approach the challenges of the next fifty years of informatics.

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