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Articles related to "ieee"

Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak on Smart Watches, Motivating Engineers, Siri

  • That date has appeared in a number of origin stories about the company and the technology, so it’s not surprising that moderator Elliott asked Woz to reminisce about that day.
  • The actual event, as he can best recall, happened weeks or months later.
  • Wozniak is a notorious early adopter, waiting in line for the latest Apple product (even though he doesn’t have to do that to get one), and scooping up gadgets of all sorts wherever he can find them.
  • Today, the smart watch is Wozniak’s favorite gadget; he’s recently moved on from the smartphone.
  • The people, places and peculiarities of Silicon Valley.
  • IEEE Spectrum’s blog featuring the people, places, and passions of the world of technologists in Silicon Valley and its environs.

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