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Articles related to "immediately"

The Choose Your Own Adventure publishers are trying to get the phrase banned from

  • Chooseco, which publishes the famous Choose Your Own Adventure series, is apparently trying to stop indie game developers from using the phrase “choose your own adventure.” It’s sending trademark infringement notices to the gaming storefront, and so far, they’ve resulted in four game pages being suspended.
  • We understand that they need to protect their brand and are happy to work with them to ensure that their trademark is not violated.” Chooseco apparently contacted the platform about four months ago as well, which resulted in one game getting suspended.
  • (The common abbreviation “CYOA” also apparently hasn’t triggered any notices.) It’s a widely accepted informal genre name, and is a platform that favors offbeat, often free-of-charge games from independent developers.

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The curious case of Croatian wikipedia

  • The dissenting editor ended up getting indefinitely blocked, and his removal of the above-quoted paragraph was explicitly listed by "K", the blocking admin, as one of the reasons.
  • Many editors, including some of the dissenting admins, have left Croatian Wikipedia.
  • Is the Croatian Wikipedia "the sum of all human knowledge," or just a digital dictatorship?
  • The consequences were the medial decimation of, a bunch of ppl left and the project fell in terms of number articles created that and the next year b4 2004 and 2005 (years immediately after was started).
  • So, we are in fact debating a battle which is internally already lost.
  • Guess the only positive thing for the croatian public if it want's to inform itself on their native language is the „luxury“ of having 3 more wikipedias on your native language, so google search levels out things (coz it puts the other 3 wikis on top, behind and, i guess, the impact from the perspective of the public is somewhat limited.

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