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Articles related to "immigrants"

A woman who was deported from the US to Mexico is now making edgy T-shirts critical of US immigration policy — and they’ve become a hit

  • Edgy designs supporting immigrants and calling out President Trump — that's how one woman overcame her pain after being deported from the United States.
  • Ana Laura Lopez is one of the hundred of thousands of people who have been forced to return to their home countries after years, or even decades, living in the US.
  • Lopez started Deportados Unidos, which translates to, "Deportees United," three months after arriving in Mexico City on September, 2016.
  • Lopez: We just want to work and the opportunity to start again and in Deportados Unidos we have focused on that population, people over 30, that isn't fluent in English to be considered for a job.
  • Lopez: As I lived there in Chicago, I wanted a design that at first sight looked like Chicago, and it has a lot to do with feminism too, right?

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