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Milwaukee police chief demoted after multiple incidents of 'failed leadership,' including use of tear gas at BLM protests

  • The unanimous vote to demote Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales was made by the city's Fire and Police Commission on Thursday evening.
  • Still, on Thursday, one day after the department's statement, the FPC voted to demote Morales to his previous rank of captain.
  • After the meeting, Attorney Franklyn Grimbel, who has been representing Morales, told reporters that the former chief "intends to review his options following the FPC decision," according to WDJT.
  • Morales' demotion comes amid shifting public views of policing across the country -- as more and more Americans demand accountability and the defunding of police departments.
  • In Los Angeles, the city council made cuts to the Los Angeles Police Department budget and has moved forward with a plan to replace police officers with community-based responders for nonviolent calls.

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Three top executives depart WarnerMedia as CEO Jason Kilar announces focus on HBO Max

  • HBO Max general manager Andy Forssell is being promoted to run a "newly created HBO Max operating business unit," Kilar wrote in an internal memo on Friday.
  • Friday's changes include the creation of a Studios and Networks Group, led by Warner Bros.
  • So is Kevin Reilly, the president of the TBS and TNT cable channels and the chief content officer of HBO Max. HBO Max launched in May, combining the existing HBO service with new programming and a library of classic TV shows and movies.
  • HBO programming chief Casey Bloys is taking on "original content responsibilities for HBO Max and the domestic linear networks TNT, TBS, and TruTV," Kilar announced.
  • The media company's chief revenue officer Gerhard Zeiler will oversee international operations.
  • Christy Haubegger, WarnerMedia's chief enterprise inclusion officer, "will now also oversee the global marketing and communications team including branding and corporate social responsibility," Kilar wrote.

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Rules Rewritten: Managing Data Centers Through the Pandemic

  • Modern enterprise data centers had already been designed to operate with as few as three full-time staff members onsite.
  • Data center providers and their customers overall have been leaning on smart hands services and remote management tools a lot more than they have in the past.
  • For some data centers, newly offsite personnel include facilities managers, who are being instructed to stay at home unless their presence is unavoidable, Uptime’s Brown told us.
  • Typical rounds itineraries for a shift — which normally include walkthroughs of critical facility areas such as the data floor, equipment rooms, and operating plants — are being trimmed.
  • Some data center operators are making capital investments in remote monitoring tools and services for the long term, Brown told us — the first clear indication that the pandemic is having a permanent impact on normal management patterns.

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About 20% of Harvard's incoming freshmen have deferred enrollment over the pandemic, the university says

  • About 20% of Harvard's incoming freshmen have deferred their enrollment, the university said in an email this week.
  • Last month, Harvard announced it was planning to bring back 40% of its undergraduates to campus, including all first-year students.
  • But undergraduates made their decisions about whether to return to campus or study remotely, and that number is smaller than what Harvard had planned.
  • It's not just freshmen: More than half of all 5,231 total undergraduates will learn remotely, the university said.
  • Most classes have moved online, and most faculty and staff will work remotely, per the university's reopening plan.
  • In March, schools including Harvard gave students just days to move out of their on-campus housing.
  • Most Division I universities, which typically have the largest and most successful athletic programs (and generate revenue for schools and the NCAA) have not made a decision to cancel division championships.

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Federal judge approves ending consent decrees that prevented movie studios from owning theaters

  • A federal judge has approved the Department of Justice’s efforts to end the Paramount Consent Decrees — 70-year-old court orders that prevented movie studios from engaging in a variety of anticompetitive behaviors, including ownership of movie theaters.
  • …None of the internet streaming companies — Netflix, Amazon, Apple and others — that produce and distribute movies are subject to the Decrees.
  • Netflix and Amazon have shown some interest in owning theaters before this.
  • However, these seem less like the first steps in a broader theatrical strategy and more like one-off deals designed to give the streamer access to locations that it can use for fancy premieres and other screenings.
  • Without those restrictions, studios could potentially require theaters that want access to a lucrative franchise title to screen their less popular films as well.

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Extra Crunch Live: Join Eric Hippeau for a live Q&A on August 13 at 11am PT/2pm ET

  • That’s why we’re amped to have Lerer Hippeau’s managing partner Eric Hippeau join us for an episode of Extra Crunch Live.
  • Folks in the audience can ask their own questions, but you must be an Extra Crunch member to access the chat.
  • Lerer Hippeau portfolio companies include Axios, BuzzFeed, Genius, Chartbeat and Giphy.
  • Other portfolio companies include Casper, WayUp, Warby Parker, Mirror, HungryRoot, Glossier, Everlane, Brit + Co. and AllBirds, to name just a few.
  • We’ll chat with Hippeau about some of the dos and don’ts of fundraising, his expectation for the next-generation of startups born in this pandemic world and which sectors he’s most excited to invest in.
  • As previously mentioned, Extra Crunch members are encouraged to bring their own questions to this discussion.
  • Hippeau joins an all-star cast of guests on Extra Crunch Live, including Mark Cuban, Roelof Botha, Kirsten Green, Aileen Lee and Charles Hudson.

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Abolish the Police? Survivors of the Chaos in Seattle Aren’t So Sure

  • For 23 days in June, about six blocks in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood were claimed by left-wing demonstrators and declared police-free.
  • That has left small-business owners as lonely voices in progressive areas, arguing that police officers are necessary and that cities cannot function without a robust public safety presence.
  • In Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland, Ore., many of those business owners consider themselves progressive, and in interviews they express support for the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • The Seattle lawsuit — and interviews with shop owners in cities like Portland and Minneapolis — underscores a key question: Can businesses still rely on local governments, which are now rethinking the role of the police, to keep them safe?
  • The lawsuit by the small-business owners, filed by the firm Calfo Eakes on June 24, seizes on such language, pointing out that the city knew what was happening and provided material support for the occupation.

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Busted US Retailers Use Bankruptcy to Break Leases by the Thousands

  • By seeking court protection, firms like Neiman Marcus Group Inc. and the parent company of Men’s Wearhouse avoid the headache of protracted negotiations with individual landlords.
  • “Unfortunately, DUSA had little success in getting landlords to realize the new reality that most tenants -- especially those in retail -- cannot afford to pay pre-Covid-19 rent,” a representative for the firm said in court papers.
  • However, negotiating hundreds of deals outside of a court process can be challenging, especially for big retail chains that may have hundreds of landlords to deal with, said Navin Nagrani, an executive vice president at Hilco Real Estate.
  • More than half of mall department stores could close for good by the end of 2021, according to an April report from real estate research firm Green Street Advisors.

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The Top Data Science Videos on YouTube

  • That platform is YouTube, which houses thousands, if not more, videos on data science and machine learning best practices.
  • There are various useful YouTube videos, for example, ranging from the data science interview processes to say, specific L1 vs L2 regularization techniques.
  • Keep in mind these are not the only videos on YouTube for data science, but when searching, rank above most, and have specifically helped me out in my data science learning process.
  • We have covered videos that go over the best of data science interviews, general data science for beginners, and advanced/specific tutorials over NLP.
  • They include great summary material along with unique and specific approaches to their respective data science topics.
  • I have included references to the respective YouTube channels discussed, along with their specific data science videos as well.

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In primates, advanced dexterity may require a large brain

  • Large-brained primates that develop dexterity later acquire more advanced skills.
  • A new study of 36 primate species explores manual dexterity, analyzing similarities in how they acquire hand and finger skills.
  • The study also finds that brain size is an important factor in the acquisition of advanced manual dexterity and fine-motor skills.
  • In the paper, the authors highlight that patterns of neural development in young primates are similar across species, including the larger-brained primates, such as humans, who develop dexterity later.
  • They observed the animals from birth to the age at which they had developed adult-level manual dexterity skills.
  • The researchers’ observations revealed that while all primates have a degree of manual dexterity, only primates with larger brains appear to have advanced fine-motor skills.
  • The study suggests that having the time to develop more slowly may be a factor in achieving advanced dexterity and fine-motor skills.

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