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Articles related to "inclusive"

How blogging helped me get my first data science job

  • I wanted to become a data scientist since I learned that such a job exists.
  • After four months, I limited the topics of my articles to data analytics and machine learning.
  • I was training machine learning models, doing data analysis, and spending most of the day reading research papers.
  • It was difficult to admit, but I learned that being a data scientist is not the perfect career path.
  • I can train machine learning models, build ETL pipelines, write complex software, care about code quality, and plan the architecture of my software.
  • If I started blogging regularly earlier, I wouldn’t need to write three times a week.
  • I think that six months is the minimal amount of time you need to build a successful blog that boosts your career.
  • I have created a free blogging course for aspiring data scientists.

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Get Started with Go

  • I started to learn Go a few weeks ago as a hobby.
  • In this article series, I will document everything I learn.
  • The most important feature of Go is its concurrency.
  • It allows multiple processes to run simultaneously and effectively thanks to its garbage collector, goroutines (a lightweight thread managed by Go for efficient concurrency) and channels.
  • A typical workspace contains many source repositories containing many packages and commands.
  • Most Go programmers keep all their Go source code and dependencies in a single workspace.
  • The tree above shows a workspace containing two repositories (example and image).
  • The example repository contains two commands (hello and outyet) and one library (stringutil).
  • The image repository contains the bmp package and several others.
  • I have set my Go workspace as shown below.
  • That’s it for now guys.
  • Will meet you guys again with another interesting topic.

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My Top Youtube Channels to Learn Web Development and Programming

  • Sorry Guys, I didn't post an article for a month and a half because I didn't have the time because I quit my job and there are requirements that I have to do before leaving the company.
  • Sometimes learning Programming is hard, understanding the concepts and memorizing the syntax, so we need help from other people or sources that can solve our problem.
  • So these are my best Youtube Channels to Learn Web Development and Programming.
  • Shaun is one of the best guys to explain Core Concepts and Fundamentals of a certain technology.
  • He has tutorials for JavaScript, React and Redux, Vuejs, Git and Github and many more.
  • Brad teaches new Programming Languages and New technologies or frameworks and also he shares his experiences in his life and work and being a Software Developer.
  • He has tutorials for NextJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Laravel, NodeJS and many more.

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#discussWhich non-computer science degrees apply to skills needed for a career in software development?

  • Practices like thinking abstractly, thinking deeply, reasoning, constructing logical arguments and synthesising knowledge from different fields have been very useful in my programming work and career.
  • Like it has been said before, I believe that the most important skill in software development is logical thinking, just before the ability to learn new skills quickly.
  • After having spent a full year before graduating taking Psychology/Cognitive Science classes before transitioning to Computer Science, they helped improve me as a person and a friend.
  • I'm android developer student and my knowledge is pretty good, but I have to learn a lot of conversation skills to share my opinions and the university has done a good job with me in this affaire.
  • I don't know about degree much .But I think a person with good documentation skills can come in handy in software development.

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Node.js Under The Hood #4 - Let's Talk About V8

  • So JavaScript is basically a dynamically-typed interpreted language, everything we run in JavaScript is passed on to the engine, which interacts with its environment and generates the bytecode needed for the machine to run our program.
  • It compiles JS into machine code at run time by implementing what is called a JIT (Just In Time) compiler.
  • Different from other languages like C++ which uses AoT (ahead of time) compilation, which means that we first compile, generate an executable, and then you run it.
  • The first step in all compiling pipelines of almost every language out there is to generate what is called an AST (Abstract Syntax Tree).
  • So as we can see in the JSON we have an opening key called type, which denotes that our code is a Program, and we have its body.

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Which programming language is the best for blockchain?

  • In the blockchain development zone, we have a few most popular languages, they are Javascript, C#, C++, Python, Golang, Solidity, Java, and Rust.
  • The next popular way where developers use javascript is Hyperledger Fabric SDK for node.js it is the huge framework used very often in big companies and corporations so if you like this way of work it could be a good option for you.
  • In the blockchain industry Python is used in many good projects, for example, it has its own implementation of Ethereum(pyethereum), we can use it to create contracts for NEO and smartcontracts for Hyperledger as well.
  • We can compare the difficulty level to C#, which could be more difficult than javascript or python, is more complicated, but is a very popular language and are tons of learning resources.

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Merge Sort Quick Reference

  • Merge sort is a useful algorithm for sorting a list of items.
  • The divide-and-conquer algorithm splits the input in half, sorts both sides, and then combines the result.
  • The merge sort algorithm's complexity is not dependent on the input.
  • At each of the log n recursive levels the recombining requires n comparisons.
  • The number of copies is the number of times an item is copied to a new location, either from the input or within the output.
  • At each of the log n recursive levels all of n items are copied into new output arrays during recombining.
  • Each level of the recursion requires a copy of the input, as each level needs to combine the elements into new lists.
  • Merge sort does not require random access to the elements, making it suitable for multiple container types, such as linked lists and arrays.

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My Career Story

  • When I announced that I wanted to go to college for computer science my family responded with “what else would you take?” It wasn’t until years after working in tech that I realized that this is not an experience that most young women share.
  • For the next 2 years, I spoke at meetups and local events, taught myself as much as I could, and worked in application security helping developers make more secure apps.
  • I learned that software developers had a lot of aches and pains in regards to security that I had also felt when I was a developer, and especially during my work in incident response and AppSec. My goal in being a developer and cloud advocate was to help push the industry forward, and to help people create more secure software, everywhere.

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DejaVu: Caching versus Memoization

  • The main problem was “tearing” - a coexistence of different time slices in a one render(output) - some component might see the new State, while others might still see the old.
  • Problem with PUSH - if there is more than one change - consumer might be called more than one time, causing temporary inconsistencies as well as DejaVu. Caching versus Memoization - we are deriving data, one from each other, in a synchronous way, which is a PULL pattern, and the result is free from the problems above.
  • With different hooks updating independently you may, and will get temporary inconsistencies within a single component, leading to the (temporary)undefined behavior or even (temporary) broken state.
  • I was quite pathetic​ in my attempts to solve some state problems with hooks, until I've accepted - there no is such thing as an ideal tool.

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#challengePDF Booklet: JavaScript coding challenges for beginners

  • If you like this kind of challenges please also check and follow @codeguppy on Twitter.
  • Have fun!
  • Sore eyes?
  • We're a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers.
  • We strive for transparency and don't collect excess data.

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