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Articles related to "industries"

Blockchain's potential to reduce ad fraud — and how marketers can get ready

  • This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence.
  • These characteristics, combined with the industry's transparency issues, make advertising a prime candidate for blockchain solutions.
  • Through its function as a public database, blockchain can store information about a digital advertisement, like who has created it, while sharing it with everyone else on the network in a verifiable and immutable way.
  • For digital advertising, that means ad impressions can be tracked along the supply chain, and advertisers can record where an ad is delivered.
  • In this report, Business Insider Intelligence will explain what blockchain technology is and how it can inject transparency into the advertising supply chain.
  • Finally, the report will profile companies that are at the forefront of the blockchain advertising space to give advertisers an idea of what blockchain looks like in practice today.

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