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Articles related to "industries"

How to decarbonize America -- and the world

  • The lesson for US climate policy is clear: The biggest impact we can have is by driving down the cost of technologies that reduce carbon emissions, to the point that clean technologies are cheapest way to provide the energy, food, and transportation that everyone around the world desires, and then spreading those technologies to the world.
  • Would the Green New Deal drive down the cost of clean technologies in a way that scales to the rest of the world?
  • At the same time, the incredible, unprecedented decline in cost of solar power, wind power, batteries, and electric cars has happened both because of early government R&D, and because private sector companies, incentivized by governments, have brought these technologies to market and been forced to compete with one another to provide the best technology at the lowest price.

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Medibank's Craig Drummond is man for all seasons

  • Craig Drummond is clearly a chief executive for all seasons judging from the solid half-year results released on Friday by private health insurer Medibank Private.
  • In the six months to December Medibank lifted customer numbers for the first time in 10 years thanks to a dual brand strategy that suits the increasing cost consciousness of consumers.
  • A Labor government will cap private health insurance premium growth at 2 per cent.
  • Times will be tough because the cap on premiums is only half the rate of growth in health care costs of about 4 per cent a year.
  • Medibank has done internal modelling which found several industry players will not be able to survive the combination of a 2 per cent cap on premiums and rising health insurance lapse rates.

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Fraud is expected to cost the ad industry $44B in 2022 — here’s how blockchain could help stop it

  • These characteristics, combined with the industry's transparency issues, make advertising a prime candidate for blockchain solutions.
  • Through its function as a public database, blockchain can store information about a digital advertisement, like who has created it, while sharing it with everyone else on the network in a verifiable and immutable way.
  • For digital advertising, that means ad impressions can be tracked along the supply chain, and advertisers can record where an ad is delivered.
  • In The Blockchain in Advertising Report, Business Insider Intelligence will explain what blockchain technology is and how it can inject transparency into the advertising supply chain.
  • Finally, the report will profile companies that are at the forefront of the blockchain advertising space to give advertisers an idea of what blockchain looks like in practice today.

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Californians Trust the Weed Industry More Than Social Media

  • Edelman’s annual Trust Barometer survey, released Wednesday, found that 58 percent of Californians think the tech industry should be “more regulated,” up from 46 percent in 2018.
  • One clear sign of how far some sectors of tech have fallen: More respondents said they had a high level of trust in marijuana dispensaries and growers—44 percent and 43 percent, respectively—than in social media—33 percent.
  • For “startup companies” and “the sharing economy,” the figures were similar to the pot industry—47 percent of respondents said they trusted companies in those sectors to do the right thing.
  • For the first time, Edelman, a public relations firm, also polled roughly 400 Bay Area tech workers, who shared the same concerns as 1,500 California residents who participated in the general survey.
  • Sixty-seven percent of respondents said tech leaders should be doing more to improve California.

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