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Articles related to "insight"

Using Data Science to Help Women Make Contraceptive Choices

  • Each subgroup had four contraceptives as predictive classes, and the data was randomly split into 80% training and 20% test set using sklearn’s model selection.
  • For both subgroups, the GNB model had a slightly higher accuracy than random (0.60), which in this case would be predicting the majority class every time (0.57).
  • To try to mitigate this issue, I used Synthetic Minority Over-Sampling (SMOTE from imbalanced-learn API imblearn; image below) to generate some data points in the minority classes to help train the model better.
  • You can think of this as a customized “bag of words” model, counting the number of times a side effect was mentioned in particular sentence about a contraceptive.
  • Clearly, VADER is doing slightly better than chance at correctly classifying a sentence as positive, negative or neutral, which is still valuable for women who have previously had no information on how other women feel about each contraceptive and their side effects.

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Compute Innovations for the Digital Age at NetApp Insight 2018

  • Cisco compute, network, and FlexPod experts will be on-site to show how Cisco can transform your data center for the digital age and help you harness the power of the data within.
  • Want to learn more about FlexPod Workloads for SAP, Oracle, SQL and VDI?
  • All Cisco session attendees receive a special TurboPass that gives you front-of-the-line access to the arcade racing game in our Cisco booth!
  • Cisco is a sponsor of the sixth annual Women in Technology Event at NetApp Insight 2018.
  • The session will feature perspectives from NetApp, customer, and partner panelists.
  • Want to connect with us during the NetApp Insight event – or any time?
  • Don’t forget to sign up for Cisco sessions and visit us in booth 800 on the show floor!
  • Your comment(s) will appear instantly on the live site.

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