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Articles related to "insight"

Banking royal commission: Kenneth Hayne's velvet hammer changes game for lawyers

  • The Hayne report is a "velvet hammer" which will have a significant impact on financial services, regulators, the community and those in the advice game – especially the legal profession.
  • A "legal" view will not be enough; it will not bring the full context, insight and judgment that a client will need in order to adjust their business for the new world, to understand their customers and their people, to engage with regulators and to adapt continually to the changing expectations of the community.
  • And last, but not least, lawyers will need to be supported by technology and new types of services, so the attention of clients is directed to the things that matter and the conduct that counts, helping them to identify and solve major problems, not being caught in the processes and procedures that often distract them.

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Is the mission over for the Mars Opportunity rover?

  • Engineers tried different things to revive Opportunity, from sending repeated signals and commands to attempt to fix other potential issues.
  • It's likely the press conference will announce the end of the mission, holding something akin to a funeral for the solar-powered rover.
  • Instead, the rover has persisted for 15 years, sending back incredible data and photos from Mars to help unravel the Red Planet's secrets.
  • Opportunity and Spirit launched in 2003 and landed on Mars in 2004, searching for signs of ancient life.
  • Opportunity's mission has led to many discoveries about the Red Planet, but perhaps the most exciting was when Opportunity found evidence that Mars once had water and supported conditions for sustaining microbial life.
  • Meanwhile, the Curiosity rover, which was unaffected by the storm, and the stationary InSight lander, continue to study the Red Planet and carry on missions of discovery that were founded by Opportunity and Spirit.

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