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Articles related to "instructor"

How Marine recruits battle their fear of heights on a 47-foot-tall tower at boot camp

  • Narrator: These Marine recruits are training on the rappel tower at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina.
  • According to the depot, the rappel tower is a training event designed to instill confidence and introduce recruits to environments they may encounter while serving in the Corps.
  • Recruits learn two different types of rappelling techniques, the first of which is known as fast-roping, where the recruit quickly descends using a thick rope.
  • Narrator: The second technique is known as static rappel, where recruits utilize the tower's wooden face to perform a controlled descent.
  • Narrator: Recruits learn how to use their hands to perform different functions while rappelling.
  • Narrator: When the recruit is told to shoot out their brake hand, gravity quickly takes effect.
  • Recruit: For me, the rappel tower was hard 'cause I sorta had a fear of heights.

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Opinion: The Peloton ad is a faux controversy

  • Some people are so angry, and the actor who portrayed the husband shared his concerns about auditioning for commercials in the future, saying he's been called "a symbol of the patriarchy." The "Peloton wife," as she's been dubbed, is responding as well.
  • To assume the message behind the ad was that a husband gifts his skinny wife a Peloton bike in the hopes that she'll lose weight misses the mark.
  • I know what I'm talking about when I say Peloton is not a weight loss community.
  • Peloton's not about losing weight; it's about gaining perspective.
  • These days, working out from my basement with thousands of other people who are able to high-five each other during rides from all over the world, I feel the same rush I got when my teammates all said, "Good game," regardless of whether we won.

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Pensacola naval base gunman complained when a Navy instructor nickname him 'Porn Stash'

  • Alshamrani was "infuriated" after a meteorology instructor, James Day, called him "Porn Stash" during class in front of nearly a dozen other students.
  • The Saudi national filed a complaint with his superior officer about the public mockery.
  • The incident took place more than seven months ago, and the FBI does not believe the nickname was the basis for the shooting.
  • Day's employer noted that they had no updates related to the situation because it had been handled and closed in April.
  • Day had offered to apologize to Alshamrani, but the gunman declined and requested to be reassigned to a different instructor, which he was.
  • Authorities have presumed that the shooting as an "act of terror" and Saudi officials have been retracing Alshamrani's steps to see if he had been radicalized during a visit to the Middle East in February.

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#todayilearnedUdemy Courses Need More Exercises

  • There are a lot of great instructors on Udemy, and know their stuff, and the two examples I used were the two extreme ones I could find out of the bunch of courses I own.
  • The issue is, (in my opinion of course) that without knowing the basics, being able to WRITE the basics, what I needed was cold hard practice.
  • The Udemy platform has a way for instructors to write exercises, set certain parameters for passing, and for students to write actual code and have it checked.
  • A student should be able to write basic code with whatever concepts he's learning, even if it is just filling a method with if/else statements.
  • If you know of any other courses that provide lots of coding practice outside of building projects, please post them in the comments, I'd love to check them out.

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