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Articles related to "internet"

The internet needs our love – The Mozilla Blog

  • I’m not talking about whether you have a wi-fi signal or can get online for work or school — in that sense the internet is doing its job for most of us, connecting billions of people around the globe.
  • Whether it’s enjoying the absurd — long live cat videos — or addressing the downright critical, like beating back a global pandemic, we all need an internet where people, not profits, come first.
  • It’s time to take control over what we do and see online, and not let the algorithms feed us whatever they want.
  • We’re here to prove that you can have an ethical tech business that works to make the internet a better place for all of us.
  • That’s what this is all about: working together to unfck the internet.
  • It’s time to unfck the internet.

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Unfck the Internet

  • Strap on your goggles and step into the immersive web with Firefox Browser for VR.
  • Firefox browsers put your privacy first — and always have.
  • Protect your life online with a whole family of privacy-first products.
  • Read about new Firefox features, and get tips for staying safer online.
  • The non-profit behind Firefox is fighting for a healthy internet for all.
  • Start by choosing the only non-profit-backed, people-first browser.
  • Get yourself some unfcked messaging, content, email and more.
  • Firefox doesn’t work that way.
  • The Firefox browser is built to protect your privacy at every turn — because that’s the fastest way to free you from slow loads, bad ads, hackers and trackers.
  • We get the worst of the internet out of the way so there’s more room for the best.
  • Firefox was founded in 2002 to bring innovation and open opportunity to the internet.

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Jeffree Star accused of sexual assault, violence, and offering payoffs - Insider

  • That teen later stayed the night in Star's apartment, and told Insider that Star gave him Ambien until he was intoxicated and forcibly performed oral sex on him without his consent.
  • Over the course of four interviews with Insider that took place during this summer, Arthur said Star sexually pursued him soon after meeting him, starting at that Austin apartment, even though Arthur identifies as straight.
  • That night, Arthur told Insider, Star gave him Ambien pills until he was intoxicated, then performed nonconsensual oral sex on him.
  • Two people contacted by Insider said Arthur told them that Star had sexually assaulted him.
  • Hilton, who said she is the niece of porn star Ron Jeremy, placed Arthur's accusations in the context of the #MeToo era, when increasing numbers of people are coming forward to tell stories of sexual assault that she regards as dubious.

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Give everybody the internet

  • Riario oversees nine libraries in the Catskills region, where some areas don’t have access to broadband internet at all.
  • During the pandemic, EPB has set up at least 130 wifi hot spots around the community to help people stay connected, and it is in the process of raising $8.2 million needed to get its internet service to 28,000 economically disadvantaged students at no cost as part of a program set to last for 10 years.
  • Local officials are careful to say EPB’s program to connect students is “at no cost to the customer” instead of “free” because under Tennessee state law, it’s not allowed to subsidize service, and it’s had to engage in some wonky calculations to make it work.

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Google’s Recorder app is getting an audio editing feature

  • At today’s Google event, the company announced that its Recorder app, which is available for Pixel 2 or newer phones, is getting a nice update that should make it a lot easier to search through audio files.
  • Additionally, you can search for specific words in a recorded transcript and delete them.
  • So if you’re someone like me who tends to say “uh,” “um,” or any other crutch word during interviews, you can theoretically find and remove them with this new update.
  • The company announced the feature in a blog discussing the Pixel 5, but it will likely arrive on some of Google’s other Pixel phones as well.
  • The Verge has reached out to Google to confirm whether the new feature is indeed coming to more than just the Pixel 5.

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Dfinity's valuation soars to $9.5Bn after revealing its governance system and token economics

  • We’ve been tracking one of the few genuinely interesting stories to come out of the blockchain world, ever since Dfinity raised $102M from Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital for a decentralised ‘Internet Computer’ to rival AWS in August last year.
  • The last valuation was $2bn, based on a $105mn round led by Andreessen and Polychain in August 2018.
  • Today it launches the “Network Nervous System (NNS)”, an open algorithmic governance system that controls Dfinitiy’s “Internet Computer” and acts as its brain.
  • Dubbed the Sodium network, this reveals the novel algorithmic governance and the token economics needed to build ‘decentralized finance’ (DeFi) and dapps, open internet services, and pan-industry enterprise systems.
  • Dfinity’s ‘Internet Computer’ is effectively a ‘blockchain computer’ powered by a network of independent data centers, allowing software to run anywhere on the internet rather than on Amazon, Google, and Microsoft -controlled server farms.

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How an internet system from space is helping firefighters in Washington

  • The company loaned seven terminals to access its satellites to the Washington Emergency Management Division (WEMD), public information officer Steven Friederich told CNN.
  • The internet access provided by those satellites are being used by firefighters to coordinate its firefighting efforts in rural areas in the state.
  • WEMD reached out to SpaceX and was already in discussions with the company to improve access to more reliable internet in rural areas when a devastating wildfire swept through Malden, which is a rural town in eastern Washington approximately 35 miles south of Spokane, according to Friederich.
  • About 80% of the homes and buildings in Malden were destroyed by a fast-moving wildfire that swept through the area on September 7, according to the Whitman County Sheriff's Office.
  • Friederich said that terminals were also set up in Western Washington by Bonney Lake, which is approximately 16 miles East of Tacoma, to help with the Sumner-Grade wildfire.

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Six figures in 6 Days

  • Sure, it took me 6 days to amass 3,626 sales for a total of $101,528, but like any overnight success, it was years in the making.
  • After a few days, random strangers I've never met before decided to spend their hard-earned cents on my icon set, oftentimes while I was working on something else entirely.
  • I saw some people sharing screenshots of their iPhones after discovering that iOS 14 now allows you to add custom icons to your home screen using the Siri Shortcuts app.
  • Continually putting things out into the world creates proof of work.
  • The reasons for this post is not to teach you how to sit on the edge of your seat, foaming at the mouth at the chance to exploit the next big internet trend, but it's to push you to keep working at the things you enjoy, share them with the world, and letting the internet do the rest.

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Starlink puts towns devastated by wildfires online for disaster relief workers

  • SpaceX’s Starlink has showed its utility in connecting far-flung locations to the internet quickly and relatively simply in Washington, where like much of the west coast wildfires have caused enormous damage to rural areas.
  • A couple small towns in the state have received Starlink connections to help locals and emergency workers.
  • The town “had a pretty big fire come through town and it burned a good chunk of the area, including the fire station and the post office.
  • The Cascadia Subduction event is the looming catastrophic earthquake on the order of a 9 referred to colloquially (and fatalistically) by those in the region as “The Big One.” If there’s anything left at all after that, satellite internet connections will indeed be helpful in putting things back together.

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SpaceX’s internet-from-space Starlink system helping first responders fight fires in Washington

  • Responders fighting wildfires in Washington are getting some extra help from SpaceX and the company’s internet-from-space Starlink initiative.
  • SpaceX loaned the Washington Emergency Management Division a handful of user terminals that can tap into the company’s Starlink satellites, providing internet to rural areas where first responders are battling raging wildfires.
  • SpaceX plans to start beta testing in the Washington area with the satellites that remain in orbit.
  • The Washington Emergency Management Division is using two of SpaceX’s user terminals to receive broadband from overhead satellites.
  • “Without the terminal, internet would be nearly impossible to achieve” near the Malden area, according to Friedrich.
  • However, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk did respond to a tweet from the Washington Emergency Management Division about the terminals, noting that the company is “prioritizing first responders and locations with no Internet connectivity at all” with Starlink.

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