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Articles related to "ios"

Framer – Interactive Design Tool

  • Framer X is the only tool that automatically adapts your layout when you resize your canvas and lets you use flexible stacks to easily rearrange elements.
  • Create high-fidelity scrolling, paging, and screen-to-screen transitions with our powerful interactive tools—all you have to do is point and click.
  • Components in Framer X aren’t just any components—they’re fully interactive, reusable pieces that can include everything from live maps to real data to video players.
  • Find everything from interactive design systems to icons and UI elements in the Framer X Store.
  • Use actual React in your projects to create interactive components from scratch.
  • Create custom UI in the properties panel for your components.
  • Easily import your existing production components into Framer X and then start building upon them.
  • Create custom interfaces that display in the property panel so you can completely fine-tune your components.

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Kayak's new AR feature will tell you if your carry-on bag fits the overhead bin

  • Popular travel app Kayak has put augmented reality to clever use with a new feature that lets you measure the size of your carry-on bag using just your smartphone.
  • Its updated iOS app now takes advantage of Apple’s ARKit technology to introduce a new Bag Measurement tool that will help you calculate your bag’s size so you can find out if it fits in the overhead bin – you know, before your trip.
  • The tool is handy because the dimensions of permitted carry-on luggage can differ from airline to airline, Kayak explains, so it’s not as simple these days to figure out if your bag will fit.
  • In the new Kayak iOS app, you can access the measurement tool through the Flight Search feature.
  • The company says the AR feature is currently only live on updated iOS devices.

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Apple releases first iOS 12.1, tvOS 12.1, and watchOS 5.1 betas

  • As of now, the beta versions are shipping with bare details, noting only that they contain “bug fixes and improvements.” The first point releases of new Apple OS versions often contain features that were left out of the major release at the last moment, so Group FaceTime — a feature that Apple has promised for fall release — is likely to appear in iOS 12.1.
  • It does not appear that developers will need to update the beta certificates on iOS 12 iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, or Apple Watches to see the new betas through the Software Update menus on previously registered devices.
  • On a related note, Apple has not yet released the final version of macOS Mojave, which is expected to debut on September 24.
  • It’s likely that the first point release for that operating system will similarly arrive within a day of the final.

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Apple's new iOS 12 software fixes the most annoying part of the iPhone X

  • Well, if you had that problem, too, the good news is that Apple's newest iOS 12 operating system, available now as a free download, mostly fixes the random screenshot problem on the iPhone X (and, presumably, the brand-new iPhone XS, which shares an identical design).
  • The magic, Mashable reported back when the iOS 12 beta launched earlier this year, is that you can't trigger a screenshot while the phone is locked and the display is asleep.
  • I've been using iOS 12 since the beta came out, and I'm pleased to report that it works as intended.
  • However, in this case, Apple was clearly pleased with the results, because the random screenshotting fix is in the final iOS 12 release.
  • Apple iOS 12 is available now for the iPhone 5S and up, the iPad Mini 2 and up, and the iPod Touch 6th generation.

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Tenor gets an iOS 12 update to offer in-camera stickers

  • Tenor, the GIF platform acquired by Google earlier this year, has launched an integration with the iOS 12 camera platform that allows you to search for and add stickers to photos and videos within the Messages app.
  • The updated function allows for users to search stickers by keyword or within already-created “expression categories” like “kiss,” “mindblown,” or “hello.” Once found, stickers can be dragged to the live camera view.
  • Add as many stickers onto the live camera view as you’d like to decorate it before sending.
  • To add stickers to your photos and videos with Tenor, download Tenor’s GIF Keyboard app on iOS, open the iOS Messages app, and then the camera.
  • There are already a handful of options for making GIFs and adding decorations to your photos, but maybe this will be quick and useful for when you’ve exhausted your Animoji or Memoji creations.

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This is my favorite new feature in the latest iPhone software

  • Apple released iOS 12, the latest version of the software that runs on iPhones and iPads, on Monday.
  • There are a lot of new changes, including performance improvements, a feature for tracking how much you use the phone, and more.
  • But Apple didn't spend any time during its iPhone XS announcement event last week covering my personal favorite "hidden gem" in the new software.
  • If you've ever needed to fix a typo or edit a paragraph on your iPhone, you're going to love this.
  • This feature was actually first made available for the iPhone 6s, since that was the first phone to have "Force Touch" (now "3D Touch"), but iOS 12 makes this functionality available on devices that lack 3D Touch, including older iPhones like the iPhone 5S, and the new iPhone XR coming in October.
  • It also works on iPad for the first time, too.

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10 ways Siri is smarter in iOS 12

  • Beyond custom-made voice commands, the Gallery in the Shortcuts app includes examples of how to do things like play Apple Music, log a meal with a nutrition app, send a loved one your ETA in a text, or automate photo taking or sharing.
  • Siri will begin to recognize your routines and suggest commands based on what you do with your iPhone or iPad. Shortcuts can generate suggestions based on 100 different factors like your location, time of day, what’s in your calendar, or even which Wi-Fi network you’re on, then use a predictive machine learning model to recommend an action.
  • Survey after survey has shown that the lion’s share of actions people take with voice assistants are still things like playing music, setting reminders, or checking the weather, so people might be a little alarmed to find out Apple can track your activities this way, but predictive models for Siri Suggestions operate entirely on device, and data synced between devices is shared using end-to-end encryption.

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Apple updates Apple TV Remote, revamps Workflow as Shortcuts for iOS 12

  • Though most of Apple’s just-released iOS 12 operating system is self-contained, some of its key enabling apps are being released today as standalone downloads so they can be separately updated as necessary.
  • Version 2.0 of the app includes the ability to evoke most of the same features within iOS 12’s Control Center, along with a toggle to switch between multiple devices.
  • Shortcuts 2.0 is actually the replacement for Workflow, an app Apple acquired as the primary front-end for iOS 12’s “Siri Shortcuts” feature — the way Apple’s AI assistant will learn to trigger actions in third-party apps, and custom actions within iOS.
  • Apple is also updating other first-party apps with less direct iOS 12 hooks, including Apple Support 2.4’s ability to easily add AppleCare+ extended warranties to eligible devices, and GarageBand 2.3.6’s addition of support for MIDI files and new Apple Loops.

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You can try Siri Shortcuts today in these iOS 12-ready apps

  • With today’s release of iOS 12, Apple is also rolling out a new feature called Siri Shortcuts, which allows users to create their own voice commands to take actions in apps.
  • With the app’s iOS 12-optimized update, users can head to the Settings in the Pandora app and tap “Add to Siri.” They can then choose a specific station, album, or playlist and record a custom phrase to say the next time they want to hear it.
  • Always an early adopter, the popular calculator app has added a Siri Shortcut button that will let you record voice commands for any common activity in the app, like converting currencies, setting the clipboard, opening conversions, and more.
  • The top-rated travel planner is ready to support Siri Shortcuts today, allowing you to configure custom voice commands for common travel tasks like getting your flight details or asking about your other travel plans.

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Here are all the new ways Apple can help you combat your smartphone addiction in iOS 12

  • Apple's latest software update for iPhones and iPads, iOS 12, is now available to download, and it contains new tools to help you spend less time on your phone.
  • The new features are intended to help people understand how much time they're spending on their iOS devices.
  • You can now set time limits on certain apps, enable Do Not Disturb while you're sleeping, and get reports on your smartphone activity.
  • Apple unveiled the new features in June at its annual developer conference, WWDC.
  • For instructions on how to get started downloading iOS 12 on your iPhone or iPad, click here.

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