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Articles related to "ipad"

The best iPad cases you can buy

  • When it came to protecting my iPad, it was pretty clear that if I wanted to keep with Apple's minimalist aesthetic, MoKo would be the way to go.
  • Another thing to note — MoKo cases completely covers the bottom part of your iPad, so if you're looking for something to totally protect your 9.7-inch folio, this is the way to go.
  • The real selling point of these unique cases lies in their distinctive folding cover design, which is great for keeping your iPad screen safe from scratches and dust, but also for propping up your tablet at the right angles.
  • But to add insult to injury, this cover exclusively protects the front of your iPad, and while one could argue that the front is the more relevant portion, it's a bit silly to buy a $39 case that leaves half your tablet exposed.

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Free Capture app turns some iPhones and iPads into 3D scanners for AR

  • As of late 2018, Apple has brought depth-sensing front cameras to six of its flagship iPad and iPhone devices, but the hardware has largely been limited to two purposes: Face ID unlocking and creating cartoony Animojis.
  • Now there’s a compelling new use for the camera, as developer Standard Cyborg has released Capture, a free app that lets users create detailed 3D scans of people and objects for use in augmented reality or other purposes.
  • Using Capture is straightforward: The screen reflects what the front camera is seeing, offering a preview of the object you want to scan.
  • The sensed object appears in almost comically basic rainbow shades within the preview window, and fine details such as hair may not be captured ideally by the scan.
  • Additionally, you can activate an AR mode where you can preview how the scanned object will look in a real-world environment, including intuitive ARKit-based room measurement and pinch-to-resize motions.

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