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Articles related to "ipad"

iOS 12.1 beta suggests a new iPad is coming this fall

  • The identifier also added to a bevy of evidence and reports suggesting a new iPad Pro model is imminent.
  • First of all, 9to5Mac found a daemon running in iOS 12.1 that seems to suggest support for syncing Memojis across iOS devices.
  • Add to all that a report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman and Debby Wu citing sources familiar with Apple's plans, saying that a new iPad Pro is coming this year with an edge-to-edge display and the TrueDepth sensor array to power Face ID, and the discovery earlier of an art asset in iOS 12's beta that depicted an iPad with reduced bezels.
  • This year's iPad model got Apple Pencil support but not a whole lot else; it was intended to be affordable for use by education organizations, in competition with Chromebooks.

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Apple’s iOS 12.1 Simulator implies iPad Pro support for 4K displays and USB-C

  • Rumors that 2018’s iPad Pros could adopt USB-C interfaces took an apparent step forward today, as iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith (via MacRumors) discovered a new feature nestled within the Xcode Simulator for iOS 12.1: support for 4K external displays.
  • Rumors, notably including multiple reports from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, have suggested that Apple plans to transition its Pro tablets away from Lightning connectors to USB-C this year.
  • While those rumors could be conservatively read to suggest that the USB-C standard’s underlying technologies will solely be inside the new iPads, there’s potential for Apple to drop the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C plugs, which are already found on its latest MacBook laptops and Apple TVs. New 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models are expected to feature substantially redesigned enclosures, notably including a flat back with the Smart Connector mounted closer to the USB-C or Lightning charging port.

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iPhone XS has slightly smaller battery and more RAM than iPhone X

  • A couple of specs you’ll never hear mentioned at an Apple keynote or find on the company’s website are an iPhone’s actual battery capacity and the amount of RAM inside each phone.
  • The company has done just that for its latest iPhones, and you can find links to the filings at MacRumors.
  • The import thing is that we now know the battery and RAM specifics for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.
  • According to Apple’s tests, the iPhone XR offers the longest battery life of this year’s iPhone lineup and improves upon the iPhone 8 Plus by up to 90 minutes.
  • It’s got less capacity than the XS Max, but remember that the XR is powering a smaller, lower-resolution display, which is almost certainly what helps it outlast the Max. As for RAM, these latest Phones have 4GB.

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iOS 12.1 beta hints at new iPad Pro

  • You can find references to landscape orientation in the iOS 12.1 beta.
  • Face ID on the iPhone is limited to portrait orientation.
  • But the iPad is a different story as people tend to use it in landscape.
  • In other words, in order to bring Face ID to the iPad, it needs to support multiple orientations.
  • This beta indicates that iOS 12.1 could be the version of iOS that ships with the next iPad. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a new device codename in the setup reference files.
  • As for iPhone users, in addition to bug fixes, iOS 12.1 brings back Group FaceTime, a feature that was removed at the last minute before the release of iOS 12.
  • Memojis could support iCloud syncing across your devices, which would be useful for an iPad Pro with Face ID.

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iPad Pro with Face ID rumors bolstered by iOS 12.1 beta

  • Although we’ve already seen a new model of the standard iPad released in 2018 (which mostly delivered iterative improvements outside of Apple Pencil support), rumors suggest this upcoming iPad Pro will be a much bigger step forward.
  • Although this could be included to serve the small number of people who use two iPhones, it’s much more likely that this is meant for people with both a phone and a tablet, implying Memoji’s imminent arrival on the iPad. There have been other developments that also suggest Face ID is coming to this next iPad. Developers have noticed the feature cropping up in previous iPad iOS 12 betas, along with support for AvatarKit. Apple also moved the iPad’s clock from the center to the left of the status bar at the top of the device, potentially making way for an iPhone X-style notch.

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I turned my iPad Pro into a veritable MacBook with this $150 Bluetooth keyboard — here's what using it was like

  • Its keys are the same shape and size as the ones on Apple's last-generation MacBook Pro, or current MacBook Air, and a dedicated row of function keys make adjusting the iPad's volume and screen brightness a quick tap away.
  • Slide the iPad Pro into the hinges, and what you end up with is something that looks shockingly similar to a current-generation MacBook, although one that's actually a little heavier and thicker (when closed) than Apple's thinnest laptop.
  • In fact, after testing it out, I actually prefer the feel of Brydge's keys to the ones on the Apple keyboard I use for work, which now feel a little loose by comparison.
  • It is 1.2lb heavier to use this keyboard instead of Apple's Smart Keyboard, but the experience of typing on Brydge's keyboard more than makes up for the additional weight.

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iOS 12 Is Coming Today. Here's What to Expect and How to Install It

  • Apple will release its next update for iPhones and iPads Monday, adding new features to existing phones and paving the way for the release of the new line of devices announced last week, including the iPhone Xs and Xr models.
  • And if you’re eager to install it on your phone or tablet, it’s a pretty easy process: Open the settings tab, select “General” and tap on the “Software Update” option.
  • The updates will improve the performance of phones back to the iPhone 5s and the original iPad Air. Like Nintendo’s Mii characters, you’ll now be able to make an emoji that resembles you—and utilize Apple’s animated emoji technology when sending them in messages and Facetime.
  • This feature will track usage and let parents set limits.
  • This feature will block alerts, messages, or calls for whatever period of time you set.

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