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Articles related to "james"

Decoding James Murdoch's resignation letter

  • When Rupert Murdoch’s family make public statements it’s tempting to read them as actual messages to the public – but the Murdochs don’t work that way.
  • It’s not just that James resigned from a newspaper company in which he was never very interested, citing “disagreements over certain editorial content published by the company’s news outlets and certain other strategic decisions”.
  • It’s that he forced Rupert and Lachlan's company to file his resignation letter, publicly citing News Corp's political bias, to the SEC.
  • First, while UK media is trumpeting this as Lachlan’s final victory over James in the Murdoch succession, it’s arguably more the ascendancy of the fruitcake faction at News.
  • James Murdoch has resigned from News Corp's board, citing "disagreements" over editorial coverage by the company's news outlets.

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Family drama as Murdoch schism tears dynasty apart

  • It has been a psychodrama that began with the phone hacking scandal, when his elder brother Lachlan returned to his father's side after a stint as an independent and not entirely successful media investor in Australia.
  • James was nevertheless restored to a top job alongside Lachlan at 21st Century Fox, a new company spun out of News Corp under pressure from investors who wanted little to do with the tainted and struggling newspaper business.
  • James, who remains an influential shareholder in News Corp and Fox via the Murdoch Family Trust, is meanwhile building an independent empire with personal investments in alternatives to plastics, art fairs and Vice Media, a youth media brand eerily similar to one his Succession cipher Kendall Roy was forced to gut by his overbearing father before he took his revenge.
  • James Murdoch has resigned from News Corp's board, citing "disagreements" over editorial coverage by the company's news outlets.

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Show HN: Odin – The Observable and Distributed Workflow System

  • Odin is a programmable, observable and distributed job orchestration system which allows for the scheduling, management and unattended background execution of user created tasks on Linux based systems.
  • Job schedulers by definition are supposed to eliminate toil, a kind of work tied to running a service which is manual, repetitive and most importantly, automatable.
  • While Odin cares about what is to be executed and when it will be executed, Odin is equally concerned with the expected behaviour of your job, which is described entirely by the user’s code.
  • This observability is achieved through a web facing user interface which displays job logs and metrics.
  • Odin can infer the internal state of jobs by leveraging these libraries, which in turn can be used to speed up the debugging process associated with jobs which yield unexpected behaviour.
  • Give a ⭐️ if this project helped you!
  • Copyright © 2020 James McDermott This project is MIT licensed.

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James Murdoch Resigns From News Corp Board

  • Last year, he left as chief executive of 21st Century Fox after substantial parts of the company’s entertainment unit were sold to Walt Disney Co. The News Corp board seat was the last formal role he held at companies controlled by his family.
  • James Murdoch joined News Corp in 1996 and rose through several roles, eventually becoming the chief executive of BSkyB, a European pay-TV broadcaster of which News Corp owned a substantial portion, and News International, which ran the company’s newspapers in the U.K. During his tenure running the U.K. newspapers, the company was rocked by a phone-hacking scandal.
  • James Murdoch stepped down from his roles at News International and BSkyB, and the parent company, News Corp., was later separated into two publicly traded entities: News Corp, which is composed mostly of newspaper assets, and 21st Century Fox, which was made up of television and entertainment units.

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James Murdoch resigns from the board of News Corp, citing 'disagreements over certain editorial content'

  • A spokesperson for News Corp did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
  • The youngest son of Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire media mogul, James Murdoch has previously expressed disagreement with his father's conservative political views.
  • James Murdoch had already left his family's other company, 21st Century Fox, partly due to his disgust with Fox News, which falls under it.
  • His breaking off his ties with the family's other company is a big moment for the Murdoch family and the people who watch it closely.
  • But he is still very much connected to the empire through the Murdoch Family Trust.
  • The News Corp umbrella includes papers such as The Wall Street Journal and New York Post.
  • News Corp also owns a large chunk of Australia's media, which was criticized earlier this year for its coverage of the wildfires there.

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James Murdoch resigns from News Corp board

  • Earlier this year, James Murdoch broke ranks with the family's media empire, accusing News Corp's Australian publications in particular of promoting climate change denialism.
  • James Murdoch largely split from the family business following the sale of Fox's entertainment assets to Disney last year.
  • Since leaving the family business, Mr Murdoch founded a private investment company called Lupa Systems, with offices in New York and Mumbai.
  • Antony Catalano's Australian Community Media, News Corp Australia and Nine will save millions via a historic deal to print each other's newspapers across the country.
  • Google and Facebook will be forced to take an all or nothing approach to news content in draft legislation the competition regulator believes will result in material payments from technology giants to local media.
  • Seven West Media has secured a new debt deal with its banks, giving it time to get through the coronavirus pandemic and turn around the business.

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NBA season restarts with a nod to Black Lives Matter and 2 games that went down to the wire

  • Every NBA player kneeled during the national anthem, wearing "Black Lives Matter" shirts.
  • In the wake of the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, NBA players and other athletes have been vocal in their calls for social justice as America reckons with racism and the deaths of Black Americans at the hands of police.
  • The season was suspended on March 11 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but James, other players and the league hope this restart is a step in a positive direction.
  • After Thursday's game, James stressed that while there's been progress and the league has been supportive of Black Lives Matters efforts, there's more work to be done.
  • James also made sure to acknowledge how former NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who famously began kneeling during the national anthem prior to the start of NFL games in 2016, sacrificed his career to draw attention to the unjust deaths of Black Americans.

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The environmental movement is very white. These leaders want to change that.

  • He is one of a growing group of young, diverse environmental leaders examining how racism and white supremacy have long excluded Black, brown, and Indigenous people in environmental policy, conservation, and public health issues.
  • When Leah Thomas was in college, a 19-year-old Black man named Michael Brown was killed by police a few miles from her hometown in Missouri.
  • Six years later, after George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis, Thomas called on environmentalists to embrace the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Tykee James believes the May 25 Central Park incident where Black birdwatcher Christian Cooper was viewed as a threat not only unmasked white privilege, it also highlighted the dramatically different experiences people of color may have in conservation spaces.

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