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Articles related to "jane"

Vintage Photos Taken by Jane Goodall’s Emmy-Winning Partner

  • When we hear of Jane Goodall, we don’t often hear very much about one of the people who was closest to her: Hugo van Lawick, the man behind the lens that shot many of the most famous photographs of Jane during her early years in Africa.
  • Jane disliked being photographed, but tolerated it for the sake of her research.
  • She may have also tolerated it because Hugo was the one behind the camera; they were married a few years later.
  • Most of the material van Lawick shot was unseen before it was put into storage in rural Pennsylvania.
  • The photos and films sat for 55 years until National Geographic Documentary Films rediscovered them and used just a tiny part of the archive to create JANE, a fresh-eyed portrait of the woman who, at 84 years old, is still travelling extensively with her message of conservation.
  • Van Lawick shared in that award—17 years after his death.

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