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Articles related to "japan"

Japanese people may have gained longevity by balancing their diets

  • Although its levels of cancer and heart disease were relatively low, it also had the OECD’s highest frequency of cerebrovascular deaths, caused by blood failing to reach the brain.
  • In 1970-90, however, Japan’s cerebrovascular mortality rate fell towards the OECD average.
  • With world-beating numbers on heart disease and fewer strokes, Japan soared up the longevity league table.
  • In a study of 48,000 Britons, vegetarians were unusually resistant to heart disease, but prone to strokes.
  • Tsugane Shoichiro of the National Cancer Centre in Tokyo says that his compatriots may need meat and dairy to keep their blood vessels robust—though not so much that those vessels get clogged.
  • One paper from the 1990s found that the parts of Japan where diets had changed most also had the biggest drops in cerebrovascular mortality.
  • Although Japan’s decline in cerebrovascular deaths could stem entirely from other causes, these data suggest that nutritional shifts may have helped.

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