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Articles related to "java"

Kotlin - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • That's quite a feat in and on itself and makes Kotlin code a lot more robust against subtle bugs (hey, who modified this collection!?).
  • But in Java, List#filter(...) simply does not exist (you can use a static utility class, but come on, that's not the same thing).
  • In Kotlin's defense, there's const for constants (which is roughly the same as public static final members in Java), and you can declare top-level functions outside any class (which effectively makes them static).
  • The main issue is that you cannot use inheritance when writing data classes.
  • The fact alone that it is null-safe by default should be enough to justify the use of Kotlin over Java.
  • I'm using kotlin on the server side, and it works like a charm alongside our existing Java code.

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