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Articles related to "job"

How To Get a Job in Data Science or Analytics Without a STEM Degree

  • So if Google, Tesla, Apple, and many of the largest and most technical firms on the planet no longer require a degree— then why does it still have such a premium for people looking for technical jobs like Data Scientist, Analyst, or Data Engineer?
  • The key phrase from this quote is “record of exceptional achievement.” There is no way of getting around it — if you have no formal training, you have to prove to the hiring manager that you can perform the job purely through your experiences.
  • Already working somewhere is by far the best possible position to be in to make the jump to data science or analytics, as you likely already have access to some data and will be able to find relevant work that allows you to become an analyst without having the job title.

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Here are the steps Biden will take to tackle unemployment - Business Insider

  • President Joe Biden inherited an ailing labor market, with 900,000 people filing unemployment claims the week before he took office.
  • Current weekly unemployment benefits stand at $300, and Biden is pushing to increase that payment to $400 each week for unemployed workers.
  • Biden's stimulus plan also called for a six-month extension of unemployment benefits, providing benefits through the end of September rather than ending in March.
  • With the course of the pandemic reliant on a number of factors, such as vaccine distribution, the extension will continue to provide relief for workers who will require financial support during the months to come.
  • Biden proposes working with Congress on automatic adjustments to the length and amount of unemployment benefits workers receive based on economic conditions.
  • Automatic adjustments are not explicitly included in Biden's stimulus proposal, but he has expressed interest in working with Congress on the matter.

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Stone River eLearning is almost 5,000 hours of premium tech training for under $100

  • TLDR: Stone River eLearning offers more than 800 courses covering dozens of tech training staples to help get you hired or ready to tackle new challenges in your current job.
  • Of course, no career begins without the proper training — and the educational avalanche available with a membership to Stone River eLearning can help set the stage, no matter which direction your job search takes you.
  • Whether you’re trying to launch a new career or just expand your knowledge in the tech sector, Stone River’s archive of training is truly massive.
  • From blockchaining to data analysis to app development to graphic design, this all-access pass to the Stone River library means you can dive into it all and consume everything you like at your own pace.
  • You can dive in and start your path to a whole new life right now with the vast stockpile available in a Stone River eLearning lifetime membership.

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Tesla backtracks on hiring someone to fight Elon Musk’s Twitter critics

  • Reports published yesterday suggested that EV maker Tesla was on the hunt to hire someone specifically to fight against social media messages directed at the company’s CEO Elon Musk.
  • It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet, and the job description for a customer service post at Tesla has been changed to now omit any mention of them being required to fight messages leveled at Musk.
  • As spotted by Jay Boller on Twitter, the original job posting required an “Energy Support Specialist” to address social media escalations directed at the CEO.
  • In other words, they need someone to dive into Musk’s Twitter mentions to defuse tense situations, using critical thinking.
  • Tesla never has been a company to follow convention, but with the updated job description it seems that support specialists at the company won’t be required to mediate Elon Musk’s Twitter mentions.

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Population squeeze means jobless rate to drop faster

  • The slowest population growth in more than a century will mean just over 7000 new jobs per month nationwide will be enough to bring the overall unemployment rate down, according to new analysis.
  • Commonwealth Bank senior economist Kristina Clifton expects this shortfall in available workers means there will also be fewer people needing them compared with when our population growth was higher.
  • Any more than this would see the unemployment rate fall and help the Morrison government achieve its fiscal repair strategy earlier than planned and relieve the Reserve Bank to some degree of the need for greater stimulus.
  • During the COVID-19 crisis, RBA governor Philip Lowe said he expected that the full employment rate – "where we see potential wage inflation" – could be rising back up to 5 per cent instead of the earlier 4.5 per cent".

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When costs are nonlinear, keep it small.

  • When I need to repair a shingle and clean out the gutters, I want to do this in a single trip to the roof.
  • Is it more efficient to save the shingle repair until it’s time to clean out the gutters?
  • Every maintenance delayed escalates into a minor repair and then a major repair — costs increase nonlinearly with time delay.
  • If I wait until Spring to repair the shingle, will water leak into the attic and cause more damage?
  • What if I don’t get around to cleaning the gutters this year?
  • Oh nooooooo, now I have water damage and need major repairs.
  • When you upgrade one library, and there’s a problem, you have a decent idea of what caused it.
  • Still, it’s better than upgrading several libraries and then hitting at least one problem.
  • There’s nothing fun about upgrading libraries.

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JPMorgan sees Biden's stimulus cutting unemployment to less than 5% by year end - Business Insider

  • President-elect Joe Biden's ambitious $1.9 trillion stimulus bill could help cut unemployment to nearly a third of its pandemic peak.
  • December also saw a surprise decline of 140,000 jobs on nonfarm payrolls, with 10 million Americans still unemployed.
  • That unemployment rate is still just a percentage of the pandemic's peak of 14.7%.
  • All of the jobs lost in December were women's jobs, according to an analysis by the National Women's Law Center.
  • Black and Latina women were overrepresented in those losses; in December, 154,000 Black women left the labor force — the largest one-month decline since April.
  • According to the NWLC analysis, 8.4% of Black women and 9.1% of Latinas are unemployed.
  • C. Nicole Mason, the president and CEO of the Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR), told Insider that women have lost more than 13 million jobs since the start of the pandemic.

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Tesla is hiring people to handle complaints people tweet at Elon Musk

  • Elon Musk wears many hats, but it seems that Twitter customer support may no longer be one of them.
  • The company is hiring remote support staff to, along with other duties, handle complaints people tweet at him.
  • Among the job responsibilities of Tesla Energy Support Specialists are to resolve or redirect grievances as needed and to "address social media escalations directed at the CEO with critical thinking." The company ditched its PR department last year, and the support specialists are now "the front line and face of the Tesla brand," according to a job listing.
  • Musk has a long history of responding to customer questions and complaints in tweets.
  • While it's somewhat admirable for a prominent CEO to address consumer concerns directly, he also has a track record of putting his foot in his mouth on Twitter.

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Job satisfaction no longer just about pay: survey

  • Salaries are expected to remain flat in 2021 and bonuses will largely be off the table as employers look to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, with a quarter of businesses likely to make redundancies this year and a third expecting to continue with hiring and headcount freezes.
  • But cyber security experts, data architects and workers in e-commerce and infrastructure look set to buck that trend, according to global recruitment firm Robert Walters' latest salary survey which predicts these will be the jobs and industries most in demand this year.
  • Robert Walters Australia managing director James Nicholson said despite the survey findings, salaries were still really important to workers.
  • The survey exposed a disconnect between employers and staff about the role of the office in 2021: 60 per cent of business leaders said productivity was the reason they did not want to continue with flexible working, and logistical difficulties and dips in work quality were also issues.

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The Dream Job That Wasn’t

  • Some dream job listings go viral, like the one from San Francisco’s East Brother Light Station, which advertised an opening for a couple to live and work in a historic lighthouse-turned-inn for $130,000 (total) per year.
  • And like other dream jobs I learned about, it’s not enough to survive on: During off-seasons, Krumbholz also works as a substitute teacher and an aquarium dolphin tank cleaner; since being on university health insurance would mean she’d constantly lose it during the off-season, Krumbholz decided to stay on the state exchange instead.
  • This isn’t to say that loving what you do is bad—we all want to find meaning where we can in our lives, and many of these dream jobs involve caring for others and the natural world—but the romanticization of certain types of work can obscure the simple fact that they are jobs and, like any job, require mass organizing to suck less.

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