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Articles related to "joseph"

A California church has sparked controversy with its nativity scene showing Joseph, Mary, and Jesus in cages

  • A California Methodist Church is stirring conversation with its nativity scene this year, which depicts the Holy Family as detained migrants, ABC 7 reported.
  • Claremont United Methodist Church's nativity shows Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus held in separate cages, a clear reference to the thousands of migrant children who were separated from their parents at the US border under President Donald Trump.
  • The baby Jesus in the scene is even wrapped in a silver Mylar blanket, which detainees at such facilities have often been pictured sleeping in.
  • The Bible tells the story about how the Holy Family fled Jerusalem for Egypt after Joseph had a premonition that King Herod would kill Jesus.
  • Many on Facebook were angered by the political overtones of the scene.
  • Others found the scene moving.
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