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Articles related to "judge"

Cardinal George Pell loses appeal against conviction for child sex abuse

  • Melbourne (CNN) - Former Vatican treasurer George Pell will remain in prison after an Australian appeals court rejected his lawyers' attempts to overturn the disgraced cardinal's conviction for sexually assaulting two 13-year-old choirboys in the 1990s.
  • Lawyers for the 78-year-old cardinal immediately appealed his conviction, and in June presented 13 "solid obstacles" to a guilty verdict on all five charges, including that it was "not possible" for Pell to be alone while robed after Sunday mass and for no one to notice the boys were missing during the attack.
  • On Wednesday, the panel of three senior judges rejected that submission, finding the jury was justified in finding Pell guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, based on the evidence presented at his five-week trial.

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Playboy columnist sues Trump White House over press pass suspension

  • He filed suit in federal court on Tuesday, naming President Trump and press secretary Stephanie Grisham as defendants, and alleging that the White House has violated his Constitutional right to due process.
  • Karem, who is also a CNN political analyst, is in a dispute with the White House stemming from his July 11 altercation in the Rose Garden with former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka.
  • Last week the Trump administration suspended Karem's "hard pass," which speeds up his entry to the White House grounds, for 30 days.
  • Judge Timothy Kelly, a Trump appointee, handled the Acosta case.
  • In another similarity to the Acosta dispute, Karem has filed a motion for a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order, essentially a way to fast-track a case like this.
  • But his fans admire his blunt questioning at Q&A's with Trump and White House aides.

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Justice Dept. again sides with Trump over House in personal financial records fight

  • Washington (CNN) - The Trump administration's Justice Department has again taken President Donald Trump's side in a fight between him -- as a private citizen -- and the US House of Representatives over subpoenas for his personal financial records.
  • Its foray into the case comes as House Democrats' attempts heat up to get Trump's financial records and to consider formal impeachment proceedings of the President.
  • On Friday, the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled to consider whether two banks, Deutsche Bank and Capital One, will have to turn over Trump's information to House committees.
  • The subpoenas, which the House financial services and intelligence committees sent to Deutsche Bank and Capital One this spring, seek years of financial information about Trump, his children and his companies.

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Code is law: China now has AI-powered robot judges

  • The move, proclaimed by China as “the first of its kind in the world”, comes from the Beijing Internet Court, which has launched an online litigation service center featuring an artificially intelligent female judge, with a body, facial expressions, voice, and actions all modeled off a living, breathing human (one of the court’s actual female judges, to be exact).
  • This robo-judge, whose abilities are based on intelligent speech and image synthesizing technologies, is to be used for the completion of “repetitive basic work” only, according to the Beijing Internet Court’s official statement on the move.
  • Rather than replacing human-populated courts, Beijing’s Internet Court’s stated mission is to use new technology to provide more effective, more widely-reaching public services.
  • According to court president Zhang Wen, integrating AI and cloud computing with the litigation service system will allow the public to better reap the benefits of technological innovation in China.

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Mystery 'Satoshi Nakamoto' Claims He's Hodling $10 Billion in Bitcoin

  • By CCN Markets: Move over, Craig Wright!
  • The "real" Satoshi Nakamoto vows to reveal himself as the true inventor of bitcoin over the next few days.
  • What's more, the "real" Nakamoto claims he's currently in possession of 980,000 BTC.
  • A blockchain company called Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings promised that the "real" Satoshi would finally break his silence following a decade of anonymity.
  • Meanwhile, the other self-proclaimed Satoshi — Australian crypto entrepreneur Craig Wright — suffered a setback this week when a federal judge denied his motion to dismiss the $10 billion lawsuit filed against him by deceased computer whiz Dave Kleiman.
  • In his 2018 lawsuit, Dave's brother, Ira Kleiman, claimed that Dave and Wright had mined 1.1 million bitcoin together during their years of collaboration.
  • Ira further claims that Wright never shared any of that $10 billion bitcoin fortune with the Kleiman estate after Dave died in 2013.

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FDA warns companies to stop illegally marketing vape products

  • The products, according to the FDA, lack the necessary marketing authorization to be sold in the United States.
  • No e-cigarette currently has that approval, but many are allowed to stay on the market temporarily because they were introduced before the FDA assumed authority over vapes in August 2016.
  • Under the agency's rules, companies now have to apply to the FDA before selling new products.
  • The FDA said Friday that the four companies -- Mighty Vapors, Liquid Labs, V8P Juice International and Hookah Imports -- failed to do so.
  • Together, they sold 44 flavored e-liquid and hookah products that lacked necessary authorization, the FDA said.
  • A federal judge ruled in May that the FDA acted illegally by allowing e-cigarettes to remain on the market until 2022 before companies applied for FDA authorization.

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Female jail workers and lawyers in Chicago allege inmates made a game of 'masturbation attacks', and they're suing

  • A court ruling from US District Judge Matthew Kennelly outlined the allegations that a prison gang called "Savage Life" orchestrated the attacks on jail staff and turned it into a game, awarding each other higher points for higher-ranking targets.
  • In his Monday ruling, Kennelly said that one Cook County Sheriff's Office official threw a group of detainees a pizza party in 2016 to reward them for refraining from masturbation attacks for a certain period of time.
  • Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart argued in a recent filing that the jail was not a hostile work environment because the alleged masturbation attacks were infrequent and limited to a small population of detainees.
  • Though Kennelly's ruling on Monday did not find Cook County at fault for the attacks, he argued there was enough evidence to allow the lawsuits to move forward.

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