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Articles related to "kaggle"

How blogging helped me get my first data science job

  • I wanted to become a data scientist since I learned that such a job exists.
  • After four months, I limited the topics of my articles to data analytics and machine learning.
  • I was training machine learning models, doing data analysis, and spending most of the day reading research papers.
  • It was difficult to admit, but I learned that being a data scientist is not the perfect career path.
  • I can train machine learning models, build ETL pipelines, write complex software, care about code quality, and plan the architecture of my software.
  • If I started blogging regularly earlier, I wouldn’t need to write three times a week.
  • I think that six months is the minimal amount of time you need to build a successful blog that boosts your career.
  • I have created a free blogging course for aspiring data scientists.

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