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Articles related to "labor"

The percentage of Americans who are employed has fallen from 61 to 51

  • The percentage of Americans who are employed sits at just over 50%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' employment-population ratio.
  • The figure plunged to 51.3% in April (the lowest level on record) and edged up to 52.8% in May. The backdrop: The ratio was as high as 61.2% in January, but has fallen precipitously since coronavirus-induced lockdowns shuttered businesses across the United States.
  • What it means: While the BLS' jobs report categorizes people as "employed," "unemployed" or "out of the labor force," the employment-to-population ratio simply captures those who are and are not employed.

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America's job market is starting to recover. But don't hold your breath

  • New York (CNN Business) - Economists expect another month of record job growth in America as the economy is getting on its long path to recovery from the pandemic lockdown.
  • While the expected improvement is certainly good news, America would still be down 16.6 million jobs since February -- even after two consecutive record months of job growth.
  • Another 1.4 million first-time claims for unemployment benefits are expected for the week ending June 27.
  • Continued claims, which count workers who filed for benefits at least two weeks in a row, are expected to be 19 million -- half a million less than in the prior week.
  • When the lockdown began, economists were optimistic that most of those who lost their jobs would be able to return to work quickly as the economy reopened.

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Workplaces With Covid-19 Cases Face a Question: What to Tell the Rest of the Staff?

  • At Toyota, if managers in the company’s U.S. factories learn of a confirmed Covid-19 case, they use contact tracing to identify who may have interacted with the ill employee within the 48 hours prior to the infected person exhibiting symptoms and then notify individuals, the company said.
  • Once a worker notes he or she has had contact with someone who tested positive or is experiencing symptoms, the company will alert others who work near the person, said Dean Carter, the outdoor-clothing company’s head of human resources and shared services.
  • Should someone test positive at technology startup Fast, which reopened its San Francisco headquarters to a small number of employees in recent weeks, the company will notify all employees via Slack and email, and reach out individually to those who may have come in contact with the infected worker, says Chief Executive Domm Holland.

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No, Really, Your Boss Wants You to Take Vacation—Now

  • After several challenging months on the job during the coronavirus pandemic, businesses want workers to use their paid time off to stave off burnout and avoid a year-end vacation crunch.
  • Matt Reed says he wasn’t able to use all his days off before they expired June 30, the end of the fiscal year for Brookdale Community College in Middletown, N.J., where he is a vice president.
  • Since the coronavirus shut down campuses in the spring, he tried taking a day off to relax near home but says he wasn’t able to stay offline during a demanding time at work.
  • Workers at Ultimate Software Group, Inc. began submitting many more time-off requests after the company announced in May that offices would stay closed through Labor Day, says David Almeda, the company’s chief people officer.

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Cirque Du Soleil Files for Bankruptcy Protection

  • TORONTO—Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group filed for bankruptcy protection in Canada on Monday, in an effort to salvage a circus business that’s ground to a halt because of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The company said it would lay off almost 3,500 employees who have been furloughed since March, leaving it with a core team of 213 people.
  • The company is seeking to restructure its business and re-emerge with government support and less debt.

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Texas Tried Reopening Offices Early. It Was Hard Even Before the Coronavirus Surge.

  • Texas got back to work faster than most states.
  • It now serves as a warning to the nation: reopening offices and other businesses may be messier and more prone to disruption than many imagined.
  • The state faces a rapid increase of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.
  • In Harris County, home to Houston and the world’s biggest energy companies, confirmed cases more than doubled since the end of last month.
  • The data has some big employers, including LyondellBasell Industries NV and Shell Oil Co., sending workers back home again...

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'Burning platform' is here for GST reform: Ken Henry

  • Twenty years after introducing the GST, John Howard says the secret to successfully prosecuting tax reform is convincing voters it is good for the economy and fair to Australians.
  • The top tax adviser to John Howard and Peter Costello when the goods and services tax was introduced 20 years ago this week says federal and state governments must seize on the "burning platform" created by the coronavirus recession to make difficult tax reforms to boost the economic recovery.
  • Speaking to the Financial Review to mark the 20-year anniversary of the GST, Mr Howard said voters supported the politically difficult tax reform because it fulfilled two crucial conditions.
  • Mr Howard said the government won the 1998 GST election because the tax reform fulfilled two crucial conditions: good for the economy and fairness.

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Cradle of Cantonese Cuisine Welcomes Robot Chef Overlords

  • Amid lingering fears of COVID-19, a “robot restaurant complex” has opened in Foshan’s famed Shunde District, serving Chinese fare, hot pot, and fast food to up to 600 patrons.
  • FOODOM Tianjiang Food Kingdom — located in Foshan’s Shunde District, an area hailed as the “cradle of Cantonese cuisine” — is the sixth automated restaurant operated by Qianxi Robot Catering Group.
  • The label “robot restaurant complex” speaks to the restaurant’s scale, range of cooking robots, and synchronicity of its system: The facility has a seating capacity of nearly 600 diners and accommodates over 40 robots capable of cooking some 200 dishes from three basic categories: Chinese (including Shunde specialities), hot pot, and fast food.
  • During China’s COVID-19 peak in February, Qianxi Group sent a Wuhan hospital a robot capable of preparing over 100 portions of clay pot rice per hour, eliminating the risk of transmission from human contact.

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Delta Warns Pilots of Possible Furloughs

  • DAL -3.93% will send notices next week to over 2,500 pilots warning of potential furloughs as travel demand is still languishing due to the coronavirus pandemic, the airline wrote in a letter Friday.
  • The airline and the union are also negotiating a potential agreement that could avoid furloughs altogether for two years, but Mr. Laughter said the airline wanted to notify the 2,558 pilots at risk of being cut under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, known as the WARN Act, to let them know of the possibility.
  • Airlines must keep all their workers on the payroll through the end of September under the terms of the $25 billion in federal aid they received earlier this year when the pandemic first took hold and brought travel demand to a near halt.

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