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Articles related to "lake"

Meet 2019's Rising Stars of Wall Street from firms like Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, and Apollo shaking up investing, trading, and dealmaking

  • From starting a hedge fund before age 30 to running their own alternative-data shops and helping lead $27 billion investments, this group of young finance leaders is in a league of its own.
  • Feinberg worked at Morgan Stanley during the summer of the financial crisis and joined Silver Lake Capital, a private-equity firm in New York, after he graduated.
  • He joined Tiger Global six years ago as the hedge fund run by the billionaire Chase Coleman decided to expand more into the private markets.
  • In that time, Feinberg estimates he has been a part of 40 to 50 different investments Tiger Global's private-investing team has made, including co-leading the firm's investments in the Brazilian financial-technology unicorn Nubank and the buzzy workout company Peloton.

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Databricks makes bringing data into its 'lakehouse' easier

  • Databricks users can now work with the first five partners in the Ingestion Network — Fivetran, Qlik, Infoworks, StreamSets, Syncsort — to automatically load their data into Delta Lake.
  • To ingest data from these partners, Databricks customers don’t have to set up any triggers or schedules — instead, data automatically flows into Delta Lake.
  • Databricks VP or Product Marketing Bharath Gowda also tells me that this will make it easier for businesses to perform analytics on their most recent data and hence be more responsive when new information comes in.
  • He also noted that users will be able to better leverage their structured and unstructured data for building better machine learning models, as well as to perform more traditional analytics on all of their data instead of just a small slice that’s available in their data warehouse.

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Winter surfing is hot. Can it survive climate change?

  • Surfing the Great Lakes in the dead of winter might sound like the pastime of a few masochists, but the sport is flourishing in the region thanks to epic conditions fans can find only in the winter.
  • But the die-hard know the best time to surf the lakes is from November through March, when high winds and storms push big, consistent waves topping 20-30 feet with overheads (high crests), barrels (tunnels that surfers glide through), and rides lasting a minute and longer.
  • Rising water temperatures in the Great Lakes (which some experts link to climate change) can erode shorelines, limiting access for surfers.
  • Some local surfers worry about the effect climate change has on rising water temperatures in the Great Lakes.
  • Less ice can increase lake effect winds and create good waves, but it also increases shoreline exposure, making beaches more vulnerable to erosion.

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