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Articles related to "lake"

Explosions may have created weird lakes on Saturn's largest moon

  • Now, using data from the late, great Cassini spacecraft, a team of scientists has suggested that some of Titan’s liquid-filled basins are even more bizarre than imagined: Based on their size, shape, and freakish features, these lakes may have been formed by underground explosions.
  • As the researchers report this week in Nature Geoscience, some of the moon’s small lakes have unusually high rims, which make them appear similar to volcanic craters on Earth that were created through underground blasts.
  • In Titan’s case, the violent excavation of these craters may have been triggered by the explosive release of nitrogen gas trapped beneath the moon’s icy surface.
  • The new study painstakingly compared Titan’s lake basins with terrestrial maars, and the researchers conclude that Titanic lakes with raised rims and jagged, rampart-like borders really do look like maars that have since filled up with liquid methane.

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Cheerleaders at an Arkansas high school are under fire for displaying a 'Make America Great Again' banner at a football game

  • Cheerleaders at an Arkansas high school displayed a "Make America Great Again" banner during a football game on Friday, sparking criticism from a state lawmaker.
  • The cheer team from Lake Hamilton High School in Pearcy, Arkansas, used President Donald Trump's famous slogan as play on words — the whole sign said: "Make America Great Again.
  • Trump the Leopards," referring to the school's opponent, Malvern High School, according to KATV.
  • According to the Arkansas ADE Data Center, Malvern High School's student body is 30% black.
  • Lake Hamilton High School's student body is 3% black.
  • Lake Hamilton School District said in a statement to 5 News Online that it did not intend to make a political statement with the banner.
  • Malvern School District told KATV that the matter had been turned over to the Arkansas Athletics Association.

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Say hello to 802.11ax: Wi-Fi 6 device certification begins today

  • This means that the standard has been completely finalized, and device manufacturers and OEMs can begin the process of having the organization certify their products to carry the Wi-Fi 6 branding.
  • The bad news is, very few of these benefits can be seen just from buying a Wi-Fi 6 router—you need most, if not all, of the devices in range (both yours and, ideally, any neighbors') to also support Wi-Fi 6 before you see the improvements.
  • The presence of this program, and availability of its branding, should significantly accelerate manufacturers' efforts to provide Wi-Fi 6 devices, as well as routers.
  • Laptops with 10th generation (Ice Lake and Comet Lake) Intel CPUs should all have802.11ax support, since it's baked right into the CPU.
  • If you're considering buying an older laptop, keep in mind that you would need additional hardware, like a USB dongle, for 802.11ax.

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