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Articles related to "land"

Trump administration rewrites Obama-era rule for potent greenhouse gas

  • The rewritten rule will eliminate complicated and expensive regulations for the companies that operate on federal land, the Interior Department said, but environmental groups blasted the change as harmful to the environment, noting that methane is a far more powerful contributor to climate change than carbon dioxide, the most commonly emitted greenhouse gas.
  • The current version of the rule allows oil operations on public lands to release or burn -- known as venting or flaring -- gas from the wells.
  • The new version will eliminate "cumbersome and duplicative requirements" that disadvantage smaller drilling operations, which make up an estimated 7 in 10 wells on public lands, said Katharine MacGregor, a deputy assistant secretary of Interior.
  • The Obama administration rule would present operators of small wells a difficult choice, MacGregor said.

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The Russian military has backed down after the US Marine Corps called their bluff in Syria

  • The Pentagon, US Central Command, and Operation Inherent Resolve have all confirmed that Russia has stayed out of the deconfliction zone, and is no longer insisting on conducting operations or launching precision strikes in the area near the At Tanf garrison, where US Marines are based.
  • 6 that the Russian military, together with Syrian and pro-regime forces, planned to carry out counterterrorism operations inside the 55-kilometer deconfliction zone.
  • Immediately following Russia's threats, the US Marine Corps conducted a live-fire demonstration at the At Tanf garrison to drive home the point that the US military does not need Russia's help eliminating terrorists.
  • In the nearly two weeks since, the Russians have not contacted the US military about operations inside the deconfliction zone, an area that the Syrians and the Russians want access to in order to build a strategic land bridge between Tehran and Damascus.

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Isolated Nomads Are Under Siege in the Amazon Jungle

  • This group and others like it have sprouted up in recent years to meet a rising tide of illegal logging that is decimating protected woodlands in the eastern Amazonian state of Maranhão, including the 1,600-square-mile Arariboia Indigenous Land.
  • Several bands of Awá nomads—the easternmost isolated, or “uncontacted,” people in the Amazon—roam the woodlands in the core of the territory, living in a state of near-constant flight from the whine of winches and chain saws and, in the dry season, the smoke of wildfires.
  • But even in the still largely untouched expanses of rain forest straddling Brazil’s western border with Peru, isolated groups must live on the run to escape the depredations of illegal logging, gold prospecting, and now drug trafficking.
  • With 75 percent of Maranhão’s original forest cover already lost, most of the valuable timber stands left are in Arariboia, the three other indigenous lands where Awá live (Alto Turiaçu, Caru, and Awá), and an adjacent biological reserve.

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SpaceX BFS now has three wings-legs with landing pads

  • The top of the SpaceX BFR is the BFS (Big Falcon Spaceship) has three mini-wings with landing pads.
  • Elon Musk says hopper flights will be next year.
  • First orbital flights could be in two to three years.
  • There will be many test flights before putting people.
  • They will try to put an unmanned lunar orbit flight first before putting a person on board.
  • The BFS will use its entire body to break and will then use the mini-wing fins to land vertically.
  • If you are landing on the moon then you just need thrusters.
  • They will do a lot of test launches before putting anyone on-board.
  • Launching the satellites and servicing the space station is helping to fund the BFR.
  • Any customers for BFR are very helpful for funding the rocket.
  • He chooses to go to the moon with artists.

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Elon Musk reveals updated design for future SpaceX Mars rocket

  • This evening, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk gave an update on the design of SpaceX’s future massive rocket, the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR), during an event announcing the first passenger who will fly on the vehicle.
  • (That’s about the size of a 40-story building and roughly the same height as NASA’s Saturn V rocket that went to the Moon.) It will also be powered by 31 main Raptor engines, a new SpaceX design that can provide a combined 5,400 tons of thrust.
  • Overall, the BFR is a combination of a giant rocket booster and a massive cargo spaceship, called the Big Falcon Spaceship (BFS), which can hold up to 100 passengers comfortably.
  • Musk noted today that he believes the development of BFR will cost roughly $5 billion, and that SpaceX is contributing less than 5 percent of the company’s overall resources to the project right now.

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Debt-saddled HNA Group is giving up its pricey offices in Hong Kong

  • HNA Group is giving up more than 80,000 square feet of office space it leased in Hong Kong but never moved into.
  • The debt-saddled Chinese conglomerate signed a nine-year lease at Three Exchange Square that started in June, Bloomberg News reported.
  • But HNA Group never built out the space or moved in, and some of the floors are now being marketed to new tenants, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.
  • HNA was said to pay more than $1.5 million a month in rent for the eight floors spanning 88,000 square feet in the building owned by Hongkong Land Holdings Ltd. Hong Kong's Central district is the most expensive office market in the world, and Colliers International's David Wood said the space should go relatively quickly.

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