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Articles related to "land"

Facebook and Microsoft Leased More Data Center Space Than Anyone in 2018

  • North American Data Centers' annual report on the largest leases, authored by the commercial real estate brokerage’s principal and co-founder Jim Kerrigan, unmasks most if not all of the previous year’s biggest deals.
  • The latest NADC report confirms that the six largest data center leases of 2018 were all signed in Northern Virginia.
  • Atlanta, for example, was a market where demand in 2018 did not appear to keep pace with all the big data center developments announced there over the last 18 months or so, he said.
  • Facebook last year signed what appears to be the largest data center lease of all time – a whopping 72MW – in Ashburn, Virginia, with privately-held operator CloudHQ.
  • EdgeCore CEO Tom Ray, for example, told us last year that his company no longer had the land parcel in the Chicago market it used to have under contract to build a new wholesale data center campus.

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Land tax bills shock for residential developers

  • Valuers are getting inundated with inquiries over NSW land tax bills on development sites because the valuer general has applied valuations based on a mechanism that is not taking into consideration big price falls for apartments.
  • He said some individual sites between Olympic Park and South Sydney have been hit with land tax bills of $500,000.
  • Earlier this month the Valuer General released valuations which declared that land values increased in all categories across the state, with total residential land values increasing by 4.4 per cent.
  • Land Tax and Council Rates in NSW are calculated by reference to the land values assessed by the valuer general.
  • Mr Preston expects more valuations should be based on a feasibility style approach which incorporates the fall in apartment or house prices as well as the overall costs involved in such a development.

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Indigenous civilizations are far older and more complex than history suggests

  • It is quite likely that Europeans migrated into far eastern Asia and mingled with the populations there and that their descendants crossed over to the New World between 30,000 and 20,000 years ago.
  • They met Indian people with distinct histories, homelands  and  technologies, and deep—and deeply considered—concepts of themselves and their place in the world.
  • It seems that, in this early period, coastal Indians lived in small villages of about 150 people and that they were fairly mobile, spending part of the year on the coast, part farther inland, and getting most of their calories from fish and game and opportunistic harvests of nuts and berries.
  • When Ponce de León arrived in Florida in 1513, with explicit permission from the Spanish crown to explore and settle the region, Indians had been living there for at least 12,000 years.

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