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Articles related to "later"

Dow Futures Rockets but Fed Insider Warns of 2008-Style Collapse

  • By CCN Markets: Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures ticked up 200 points in early trading Wednesday, pointing to an optimistic open on Wall Street ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) minutes release later today.
  • At 5.52 am ET, Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures climbed 162 points to 26,093.
  • CME futures are pricing in a 99.6 percent chance of a rate cut in September, and analysts predict we’ll see five quarter-point cuts in the base rate over the next year, a move that many hope will stimulate the stock market.
  • He thinks the Federal Reserve doesn’t have the capacity to halt a recession at this point.
  • The Federal Reserve will issue the minutes from July’s FOMC meeting later today.
  • As CCN reported, Donald Trump would certainly like to hear the latter, after calling for a huge 1 percent interest rate cut.

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My Sudden Trip to Hell

  • By the time I landed in New York that day in February, I felt a flu coming on.
  • Time passes differently in that can seem to the patient like weeks or months have passed when it’s merely been days.
  • I pushed out a few words, the kind of words you actually hear in movies but never expect to say yourself: “am I going to walk again?” My wife sat next to me as I asked the question to the room filled with medical staff.
  • Danielle leaned into my field of view, and told me with no uncertain doubt “yes, you will walk, but it’s going to take some time and we will get there together.” At that point, I knew I needed to modify my expectations about recovery.

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Colin Kaepernick reveals what led him to risk his career kneeling for social justice

  • That was December 2, 2015, nine months before Kaepernick infamously chose to sit during the "Star-Spangled Banner" ahead of his San Francisco 49ers taking the field.
  • The protest later evolved into kneeling after onetime Seattle Seahawk and Green Beret Nate Boyer convinced Kaepernick it would be more respectful to the nation's military, the ex-quarterback has said.
  • Woods' killing in San Francisco's Bayview neighborhood set off months of protests.
  • Critics of the police response said Woods was too far away from officers to present a legitimate threat of injury or death.
  • The incident led the US Justice Department to recommend widespread changes in the San Francisco Police Department, but it also led to a discussion between Kaepernick and his partner, TV and radio personality Nessa Diab, better known simply as Nessa.

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In 897, the corpse of a pope was exhumed—to be put on trial.

  • He had then headed to Rome to force Pope Stephen V to crown him Holy Roman Emperor.
  • Formosus, however, distrusting the new emperor and King of Italy, began to resume diplomatic ties with Arnulf of Carinthia, inviting him to confront Guy in Italy.
  • Three years later, Guy had died, and his son Lambert had been crowned Holy Roman Emperor in Rome.
  • Inside Rome, the Spoleto faction loyal to Lambert rebelled and imprisoned Pope Formosus in the Castel Sant’Angelo.
  • Lambert went to Rome, which had already been taken over by his supporters, to convince the new pope to condemn Formosus’s actions and tarnish his reputation, despite the fact that the man was dead and buried.
  • In early 897, Pope Stephen VI and Lambert ordered that Formosus’s corpse be disinterred and brought to San Giovanni in Laterano for the proceedings.

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#discussYour favorite `git` aliases?

  • What git aliases do you use?
  • Why do you like them?
  • This requires fzf to be installed but allows you to fuzzy find and check out a git branch.
  • Really useful when you don't remember the branch name exactly but have an idea of what it might be.
  • Must be run as root, and assums the user has already utilized eselect kernel to chose their desired kernel version.
  • This symlinks the source to usr/src/linux.
  • This was my "first draft" and now its years later and I've been using it about once a week without touching it.
  • I keep feeling like i should revisit this whole setup but it...keeps working fine.
  • Not strictly a git alias, but I have a bash alias gclone (repo) that clones the repo and cds into the directory.

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How to delete your YouTube history all at once, or remove videos one at a time, on desktop or mobile

  • YouTube is a treasure trove of videos, from vlogs to music videos to full-length movies.
  • You can seriously lose hours on the site, and your history will quickly fill up with all the videos you've watched.
  • While it can sometimes be convenient to have a record of what you've watched on YouTube, in case you want to re-watch a particular clip at a later date, not everyone is fond of the site's ability to track and display your viewing history.
  • If you're one of these people, you may want to delete your YouTube history regularly.
  • Thankfully, doing this is quick and easy and won't take more than a few seconds.
  • Here's how to do it on your desktop, or in the iPhone or Android mobile app.
  • You can click that to remove specific videos from your history instead of clearing your entire history at once.

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25 shocking celebrity weddings no one saw coming

  • Details of the secret wedding have yet to be revealed, but Portner did share sweet photos of the couple on Instagram.
  • Three years later, Aniston and Theroux tied the knot in a small, surprise ceremony that took place in Bel Air, California.
  • Fans weren't aware that they tied the knot until December 2014— two months after the ceremony took place.
  • According to Turner, she and Jonas had mutual friends and he made the first move in their relationship by sliding into her DMs. The couple started dating in 2016 and reports of their romance emerged in November of that year.
  • Guests at the seemingly spontaneous wedding included stars who were at the awards show, like Diplo (who recorded the ceremony on Instagram live) and country duo Dan + Shay.

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Florida man accused in fatal 'stand your ground' shooting posts $100,000 bail

  • Drejka, who is white, pulls out a handgun and shoots McGlockton, 28, an unarmed black man, in the chest as McGlockton appears to back away.
  • Drejka, who was released Monday, had been in jail since August 13, the day Pinellas and Pasco County State Attorney Bernie McCabe overruled the sheriff and decided to charge the 48-year-old in McGlockton's fatal shooting.
  • Richard Kelly told a Pinellas County detective that Drejka confronted him over a handicapped parking space at the same Circle A Food Store where Drejka shot McGlockton.
  • When Drejka told Kelly he was going to shoot him and returned to his car and began rummaging through his console, Kelly drove away, he told police.
  • Drejka later called Kelly's employer at a septic tank company and told him he was lucky he hadn't blown Kelly's head off, the employer said, according to court records.

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Kathleen Blanco, governor of Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, dies

  • Blanco announced in 2017 that she was being treated for ocular melanoma and said in December 2018 that there was "no escape" from the incurable cancer.
  • She entered into hospice care in April earlier this year.
  • Blanco passed away at a hospice center in Lafayette surrounded by her husband, children and other family members, Edwards said.
  • Blanco, a Democrat, was Louisiana's first and only female governor.
  • Her tenure came to be defined by Hurricane Katrina, which struck the Gulf Coast in August 2005, and Hurricane Rita one month later.
  • More than 1,500 people in Louisiana died as a result of Katrina, and hundreds of thousands of people were displaced.
  • Edwards ordered flags in Louisiana to be flown at half-staff from Sunday to the date of her funeral on Saturday, August 24.

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Royals who rejected their titles, and the surprising reasons why

  • When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their first child, baby Archie Harrison, in May, there was a lot of speculation as to whether the newborn would be given a royal title.
  • Buckingham Palace later confirmed the couple were offered a courtesy title for their son, but rejected the offer for reasons not disclosed to the public.
  • When Princess Madeleine of Sweden married Christopher O'Neill in 2013, the businessman refused HRH status so that he could keep his British-American citizenship.
  • King Edward gave up his title to marry Wallis Simpson, a twice-divorced American woman, in the summer of 1937.
  • In order for O'Neill to claim his royal title, however, he would have had to take the family's surname, Bernadotte, and give up his American and British citizenship — which he declined to do.

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