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Articles related to "later"

Washington Post reinstates reporter who it suspended over Kobe Bryant tweets, saying she didn't violate policy

  • New York (CNN Business) - A top editor at The Washington Post said Tuesday that a reporter who was suspended for tweets she posted in the immediate aftermath of Kobe Bryant's death had not violated the newspaper's social media policy.
  • The reporter, Felicia Sonmez, faced a fierce backlash online after she tweeted a 2016 Daily Beast story — just hours following news of the basketball legend's tragic helicopter crash— that detailed a sexual assault allegation made against him.
  • Bryant was accused in 2003 of sexual assault, but the criminal charge was later dropped.
  • The Post said on Monday that Sonmez had been placed on administrative leave while it reviewed whether her tweets violated the newspaper's policies — an action that was widely criticized by journalists, including The Post's media critic Erik Wemple.
  • A spokesperson for The Post added to CNN Business that Sonmez had been reinstated.

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A top Away executive quit the same day the founder and CEO said she was returning

  • When Steph Korey, the embattled co-founder of the luggage startup Away, revealed in a New York Times story Monday morning that she had reversed her decision to step down as CEO, it shocked a startup world that was just beginning to move on from the drama that had enveloped the company a month earlier.
  • The timing of the resignation raises questions about whether Grau disagreed with Korey’s decision to reclaim the CEO title and/or if her planned departure is connected to the revelation that Away was considering a lawsuit over the article that led to Korey’s initial resignation, published by Recode sister publication The Verge.
  • Before joining Away in 2018, Grau was a media executive, having worked for seven years at the New York Times, where she recently was vice president of transformation.

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Survivor: How We Made Eye of the Tiger

  • Frankie got the ball rolling with the lyrics: “Back on the street, doing time, taking chances.” But we had to call Stallone and say: “You gotta send us the whole movie because we can’t get any further with the story.” Then we heard that phrase when Apollo says: “You had that eye of the tiger, man, the edge ….
  • The money doesn’t suck, but the best royalty is that I’ll be in the supermarket and meet random people who tell me the song has affected their lives in a positive way.
  • I know people that have been on the operating table and asked to have Eye of the Tiger playing.
  • When we were writing Tiger, I was living with a friend, renting a room for $150 a month and he was waiving the rent half the time.

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Former Windows chief reveals Microsoft’s reaction to the iPad

  • Microsoft tried to make tablet PCs a thing with Windows XP, but the company didn’t get the timing, hardware, and software right in order to succeed.
  • Apple’s biggest iPad challenge to Windows was the promise of 10 hours of battery life, something that was “unachievable in PCs struggling for 4 hours with their whirring fans,” admits Sinofsky.
  • What Sinofsky doesn’t reveal is how, exactly, Microsoft responded to the iPad. Windows 8 was the response, an operating system that attempted to bring many of the clever user interface elements of Windows Phone over to laptops and PCs. While it worked relatively well on pure tablet devices, it confused laptop and PC users who weren’t used to the way Windows 8 worked.
  • Microsoft kept it secret from its partners until the last minute, and it formed a new team internally to create its own tablet hardware with ARM-based processors inside.

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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted on corruption charges while in Washington for the unveiling of Trump's Mideast peace plan

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu withdrew his request Tuesday for immunity from prosecution on corruption charges, according to The Washington Post.
  • Only hours later, Israel's attorney general  Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit filed criminal indictments in Jerusalem's District Court.
  • In the last month, Netanyahu asked the Knesset, the national legislature, to grant him immunity from prosecution on multiple counts of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.
  • Netanyahu then gave a fiery national address condemning the investigation against him as a "witch hunt," according to the Post.
  • Mandelblit announced the Prime Minister's indictment at the end of November, but he couldn't file it until his immunity request process was concluded, according to the Associated Press.
  • Netanyahu withdrew his request for immunity hours before the Knesset was scheduled to hold a vote on it.

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Virginia reaches long-awaited milestone by ratifying Equal Rights Amendment, but legal fight looms

  • The approval of three-fourths of state legislatures are required to ratify an amendment, though several states that formerly passed the ERA decades ago have since rescinded their support, and opponents point to a since-expired congressional deadline in arguing that the window for ratifying the amendment has closed.
  • Cheers broke out in the chamber after the state Senate voted 27-12 on Monday to pass the state House of Delegates resolution to ratify the ERA.
  • Congress passed the ERA in 1972, sending the amendment to the states to ratify within a seven-year window before later extending the deadline to 1982.
  • Opponents of the amendment say the congressional imposed deadline to ratify the ERA has long expired and point to five states that have rescinded or withdrew their ratifications within that deadline.

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Former production assistant testifies that Harvey Weinstein pinned her down and assaulted her

  • Prosecutors have said the Hollywood movie tycoon raped and sexually assaulted young women, including Haley, over the course of decades.
  • Weinstein attorney Damon Cheronis attacked the credibility of the women's stories during his opening statements and picked apart their timelines and details to try to undermine their credibility.
  • Two years later, she met Weinstein at the Cannes Film Festival to ask him about possible work opportunities, she said.
  • Still, Weinstein offered her work on the set of "Project Runway" when she moved to New York from London later in 2006.
  • Haley also acknowledged an email in which she told Weinstein's assistant that she was "totally bummed" to have missed them during their trip to London, and she'd tried to change a flight so she could see them, but it didn't work out.

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Washington Post criticized for suspending reporter over Kobe Bryant tweets

  • New York (CNN Business) - The Washington Post was criticized on Monday for placing one of its reporters on administrative leave after she generated controversy for a series of tweets posted in the wake of Kobe Bryant's death.
  • Bryant was accused in 2003 of sexual assault, but the criminal charge was later dropped.
  • After Sonmez's initial tweet about the allegation against Bryant drew controversy, she defended it, writing that "any public figure is worth remembering in their totality," according to screenshots included in an opinion piece for The Post by the paper's media critic —Erik Wemple.
  • Sonmez later tweeted that she was receiving death threats, according to Wemple's piece, posting a screen shot of her inbox that displayed the messages she was receiving, in addition to the senders.
  • Sonmez didn't respond to a request for comment Monday from CNN Business, but Wemple interviewed her for his piece.

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Kobe Bryant's helicopter pilot was given special clearance to fly in foggy weather minutes before the deadly crash

  • The helicopter that crashed in Calabasas, California on Sunday and killing all nine people on board, including Kobe Bryant and his daughter, was given special permission to fly in foggy weather.
  • Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, and seven others set off in the helicopter Sunday morning, flying from Orange County en route to Thousand Oaks, where the basketball legend's youth academy is located.
  • The helicopter was given Special Visual Flight Rules clearance, which allows a flight to continue in worse weather conditions without relying on solely instrument-based navigation, according to CNN.
  • Normal Visual Flight Rules, or VFR, conditions are when visibility is adequate for a pilot to stay oriented and navigate by visual cues, often used in conjunction with instruments.
  • During Special Visual Flight Rules, a pilot typically remains in close contact with air traffic controllers.

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Kentucky Route Zero review: Act V was worth the wait

  • At its core, Kentucky Route Zero is a fairly simple point-and-click adventure game.
  • The first is a road trip, as you’re searching for the zero, following bizarre directions en route to an abandoned mine.
  • The following act takes you to a strange office — the Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces — and later a museum filled with buildings that were once homes but now sit in storage.
  • The end of Kentucky Route Zero has been a long time coming, both for the world’s characters and the players who have been following along since 2013.
  • (The creators of Kentucky Route Zero took the phrase “ghost town” very literally.) They are tales of loss and struggle, personal and small to the point that they’re often difficult to hear.
  • If you’re already immersed in the world of Kentucky Route Zero, there’s really no question that you’ll play this final act.

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