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Articles related to "later"

Sony apologizes for PS5 preorders mess, promises more stock over ‘next few days’

  • “We truly apologize for that.” Preorders for the new PS5 console began on Wednesday, a day earlier than Sony had said retailers would take orders.
  • Amazon also started warning customers yesterday that some of its PS5 preorders might arrive after launch day, most likely because the retailer doesn’t know exactly how many units it will receive.
  • Eric Lempel, PlayStation worldwide marketing head, had also previously promised “it’s safe to say, we’ll let you know when pre-orders will happen.
  • It’s not going to happen with a minute’s notice.” Sony tweeted on Wednesday that preorders were starting on Thursday, and then two hours later Walmart kicked off its PS5 preorders.
  • We’ll share PS5 preorder details as soon as we get them from retailers, but if you’re interested in ordering Sony’s next-gen console then we’ve rounded up links to the PS5 at all of the US retailers right here.

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Judge throws out defamation case against Tesla by former employee

  • A judge in Nevada has dismissed a defamation case by a former Tesla employee, who claimed the company spread a false rumor about him after he admitted leaking internal company information to a reporter in 2018.
  • Tesla argues in court documents that former employee Martin Tripp violated trade secrets and computer crimes laws when he told a Business Insider reporter that Tesla was wasting a significant amount of raw materials during production of its Model 3.
  • He was fired, and Tesla filed a lawsuit claiming he had “unlawfully hacked the company’s confidential and trade secret information.” Tesla CEO Elon Musk emailed Tesla staff telling them an employee had tried to “sabotage” company operations.
  • Musk then reportedly emailed a reporter at The Guardian telling them a tipster had contacted Tesla to say that Tripp might “come back and shoot people,” at the Nevada Gigafactory.

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Texas police officer indicted in shooting death of woman struck when he fired shots at an unrestrained dog

  • The Tarrant County grand jury indicted former Arlington, Texas, police officer Ravinder Singh on Wednesday on a charge of criminally negligent homicide for the shooting death of Margarita Brooks in August of 2019, according to a press release from the Criminal District Attorney's Office for Tarrant County.
  • The fatal shooting occurred on August 1, 2019, when Singh responded to a call for an unconscious woman, later identified as Margarita Brooks, and an off-leash dog approached him, according to previously issued press releases from Arlington Police.
  • In a press release issued on the same day as the shooting, Arlington Police said that the woman was transported to a local hospital where she was later pronounced deceased.
  • In November of 2019, Singh resigned from the Arlington Police Department, a press release from the department said.

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Pelosi says lawmakers 'very close' to stop-gap funding deal, but key sticking points remain

  • Washington (CNN) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Friday that lawmakers are "very close" to a stop-gap funding announcement to avert a government shutdown.
  • But, behind the scenes, bipartisan discussions are at an impasse as disagreements over the length of the spending bill as well as partisan fights over election security money, the census and funding for a farm loan program remain key sticking points.
  • GOP and Democratic aides familiar with negotiations said it is still possible that a bipartisan deal could still come together later Friday, but noted that it would be a heavy lift at this point.
  • One option is that House Democrats could introduce their own continuing resolution later today, but a Democratic aide cautioned that the goal at this point is to still iron out a bipartisan deal.

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US plans to restrict access to TikTok and WeChat on Sunday

  • Washington (CNN Business) - The Commerce Department plans to restrict access to TikTok and WeChat on Sunday as the Trump administration's executive orders against the two apps are set to take effect.
  • The Department said Friday that as of Sunday, any moves to distribute or maintain WeChat or TikTok on an app store will be prohibited.
  • In addition, the Department said, it will be illegal to host or transfer internet traffic associated with WeChat beginning Sunday.
  • The same will be true for TikTok as of Nov. 12, it said.
  • Further restrictions could still be announced later, including against other apps if they are seen to be used as workarounds.

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Nintendo Direct Mini. the biggest announcements and trailers

  • Nintendo recently revealed a huge slate of Mario games coming to the Switch (and one Zelda spinoff), but today, the company put the focus on some of the third-party titles that will help fill out the console’s lineup.
  • The event included some big-name publishers like Capcom and Square Enix, though many of the games won’t hit the Switch until next year.
  • The gorgeous 2D platformer Ori and the Will of the Wisps is coming to the Switch — and it’ll be available later today.
  • Capcom announced a pair of brand-new Monster Hunter games.
  • It will, of course, have lots of new monsters, and it’s coming to the Switch on March 26th, 2021.
  • The Rune Factory series is essentially a cross between farming games like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, with an action roleplaying game filled with magic and monsters.

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He Invented the Rubik’s Cube. He’s Still Learning From It

  • When Rubik finally did it, after weeks of frustration, he was overcome by “a great sense of accomplishment and utter relief.” Looking back, he realizes the new generation of “speedcubers” — Yusheng Du of China set the world record of 3.47 seconds in 2018 — might not be impressed.
  • He sat in his living room, in a home he designed himself, in front of a bookshelf full of science fiction titles — his favorites include works by Isaac Asimov and the Polish writer Stanisław Lem. He speaks about the cube as if it’s his child.
  • Rubik got a contract at an American company, Ideal Toy, which wanted one million cubes to sell overseas.
  • Rubik started his own design studio in Hungary and began to work on new projects and revive abandoned ones, including puzzles called the Snake and Rubik’s Tangle.

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Emily Ratajkowski on Reclaiming Her Own Image

  • The gallerist said we might want to take a look at its upcoming show of Richard Prince’s “Instagram Paintings.” The “paintings” were actually just images of Instagram posts, on which the artist had commented from his account, printed on oversize canvases.
  • Still, I make my living off posing for photographs, and it felt strange that a big-time, fancy artist worth a lot more money than I am should be able to snatch one of my Instagram posts and sell it as his own.
  • It seemed strange to me that he or I should have to buy back a picture of myself — especially one I had posted on Instagram, which up until then had felt like the only place where I could control how I present myself to the world, a shrine to my autonomy.

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The cryptocurrency moment

  • What if we used digital tokens and blockchain technology to force government officials to automatically act on campaign promises under certain pre-agreed conditions?
  • One potentially important proposal is to enable companies and individuals to transform carbon credits into digital tokens that can be traded on an exchange or converted into cryptocurrency, or to help homeowners sell their excess solar power without the cumbersome paperwork involved in dealing with their local utility.
  • Besides citizen services, intellectual property, and tackling climate change, digital tokens with both use and exchange value could provide a system for tracing guns, protecting endangered species and certifying the origin of diamonds, among many other applications.
  • For digital tokens to become widely used, people need to receive some immediate benefit (like ease of use or a reduced cost per transaction) in addition to the long-term benefit to everyone in society (a reduction in carbon emissions).

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National Museum buys Trevor Kennedy's 'epic' Australiana collection

  • Sydney businessman Trevor Kennedy's eclectic collection of Australiana art and artefacts – once almost shipped to a Singaporean collector who was prepared to pay $20 million for it – is considered one of, if not the most important private holding of its kind.
  • Now, the bulk of this precious assemblage of 5000 or so pieces is safely ensconced at Canberra's National Museum of Australia, with the remainder of his collection due to go under the auctioneer's hammer later this year.
  • The deal also closes a 10-year conversation that the NMA had been having with Kennedy (now aged 78) about ensuring his collection was placed in protected hands, to be enjoyed by the general public for decades to come.
  • Kangaroos from Trevor Kennedy's collection will be on display at the National Museum of Australia.

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