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Articles related to "lawsuit"

What are emoluments and is Trump taking them from foreign powers?

  • It has been updated to note that an appeals court dismissed a challenge from Maryland and the District of Columbia, which claimed President Donald Trump had violated the Emoluments Clause through his continued ownership of the Trump International Hotel in Washington.
  • Less clear is whether the Trump Organization should have to ask Congress every time a foreign government wants to spend money at President Donald Trump's hotels.
  • An appeals court in Virginia has rejected an emoluments lawsuit filed by Maryland and the District of Columbia, whose attorneys general said they would continue to pursue their legal claims against Trump over his ownership of the Trump International Hotel near the White House.

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Transgender ex-cashier sues Dunkin' Donuts, saying managers let coworkers and patrons harass her, then fired her

  • Shortly after Doe took a cashier position at Bethlehem's Dunkin' Donuts on Fourth Street in or around March 2018, a shift leader called her by her birth name and used male pronouns to describe her, even after Doe asked her to stop, the lawsuit says.
  • After the shift leader told Doe to stop using the women's bathroom -- saying, "They don't feel comfortable with you going in there" -- the harassment intensified, the lawsuit alleges.
  • After the former coworker pushed her, Doe reported the incident to police and called her manager, who told her, "If you don't feel safe, go home," the lawsuit says.
  • Triangle Doughnuts told the commission that Doe was fired for violating the company policy that employees must request time off two weeks in advance, the lawsuit says.

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The government keeps its use of facial recognition tech secret. The ACLU is suing.

  • The ACLU is suing the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the DEA to get documents that explain how the US government is using facial recognition technology.
  • On this episode of the Reset podcast, host Arielle Duhaime-Ross explores what we do know about how law enforcement and the government use facial recognition, as well as what’s at stake given what we don’t know.
  • So I think the ACLU’s lawsuit will get at information like that: Where is the FBI now or the Department of Justice or the DEA on implementing that kind of technology?
  • So, for example, if law enforcement is trying to identify somebody from a photograph where they don’t know that person’s identity, who that person is, and they believe that that person has been involved in some sort of criminal activity, then they’re going to search a database to identify who that person is.

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Comcast is trying to “dismantle” Civil Rights Act of 1866, MLK’s daughter says

  • As a case involving Comcast and an African American-owned TV network operator heads to the US Supreme Court, a daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. has accused Comcast of trying to "dismantle" the Civil Rights Act of 1866.
  • This case cannot detract from Comcast's strong civil rights and diversity record or our outstanding record of supporting and fostering diverse programming from African-American owned channels.
  • This interpretation is also consistent, Comcast suggests, with the Supreme Court's earlier cases interpreting the Civil Rights Act of 1866 as requiring the plaintiff to show that the decision in dispute was made "because of" the plaintiff's race—"language that unmistakably connotes but-for causation." Therefore, Comcast concludes, ESN's complaint must allege, and it must prove, that Comcast's decision not to enter into a contract would have been different were it not for the race of the company's owners.

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