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Articles related to "lawyer"

Judge Orders Los Angeles Times to Delete Part of Published Article

  • LOS ANGELES — A federal judge ordered The Los Angeles Times to remove information from a published article on Saturday, a step that legal experts said was extremely unusual and conflicted with the First Amendment.
  • Walter of United States District Court for the Central District of California ordered the plea agreement sealed, but a reporter found it posted online on Friday in a public database of federal court documents.
  • By 5 p.m. Saturday, it had complied by removing any references from the sealed document, although the article still made clear there had been a plea agreement with federal prosecutors.
  • The judge sealed the motion, filed by Mr. Balian’s lawyer, that requested the order to the newspaper, so it was not clear on what basis it was sought or justified.

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Unidentified Plane-Bae Woman’s Statement Confirms the Worst

  • What she didn’t know was that Blair, seated behind her, was surreptitiously photographing her and Holden’s every interaction, recording it all in a Twitter thread that went viral and garnered the hashtag  #PlaneBae. Now the woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, has spoken out about her experience and the consequences she has suffered as a result.
  • The woman in the thread reached out to Blair directly and gave a statement to the Today show making it clear that the tweets were misleading and that she wanted to be left alone, yet Blair posted a video encouraging her followers to seek out the woman’s personal information.
  • Despite the fact that she did everything in her power to remain anonymous from the moment she became aware of the thread, she still had her personal information and address revealed and received so much harassment that she quit social media.

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ICE left an immigrant mother and her 6-month-old infant stranded at a bus stop after reuniting them, lawyers allege

  • The Trump administration's lack of communication about its efforts to reunite thousands of immigrants it separated at the border in recent months has caused "significant problems" for the parents and children involved, the American Civil Liberties Union alleged in a court filing.
  • At a court hearing on Friday, US District Judge Dana Sabraw said that providing advance notice of reunifications to the parents, lawyers, or advocates involved is a matter of "common sense and common courtesy." He added that families shouldn't be reunited, then abandoned by with no resources or people to assist them.
  • But a government lawyer said in court Friday that the Justice Department doesn't know about the three scenarios and would need to look into them, but that the reunification process for the remaining thousands of older children being reunited in the coming weeks will "be different and will allow information to be provided differently.

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