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Articles related to "learn"

D3 Graph Theory – Learn About Graph Theory Interactively

  • A graph (as in "graph theory") is a discrete mathematical structure which deals with objects and pairwise relations between them.
  • Knowledge of this subject is essential for mathematics and computer science enthusiasts.
  • D3 Graph Theory is project aimed at anyone who wants to learn graph theory.
  • The visuals used in the project makes it an effective learning tool.
  • And yes, it is open-source.
  • Check the code at GitHub. Created by Avinash Pandey, a mathematics and computer science enthusiast.
  • Yes. By the way, it's also open-source.
  • Visuals make it easy for an average Joe to go through the material.
  • The material is divided into several small units.
  • Each unit contains concise theory and a canvas where you can draw things.
  • Going through small units gives the learner a sense of achievement at each step.
  • New units are added and existing ones modified from time to time.

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9 traits of successful programmers that kids can develop now

  • In fact, some of the best development teams I’ve worked on included people with degrees in subjects as diverse as music, philosophy, finance, and linguistics.
  • While there are lots of ways to foster focus in kids, I encourage parents to go the route of giving their child unstructured time to dive deep into whatever they enjoy doing.
  • Kids whose parents set an example by admitting what they don’t know (and inviting their child to come along and find the answer) have a leg up when it comes to developing a growth mindset.
  • The upshot is that, whether a developer is speaking at a conference, pitching VCs for funding, interviewing for a job, or trying to get their team aligned on an idea, being able to tell a good story lets them connect with others in a more meaningful and human way.

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Don’t believe the hype about AI in business

  • To borrow a punch line from Duke professor Dan Ariely, artificial intelligence is like teenage sex: “Everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.” Even though AI systems can now learn a game and beat champions within hours, they are hard to apply to business applications.
  • To put it simply, you tell an AI exactly what you want it to learn and provide it with clearly labelled examples, and it analyzes the patterns in those data and stores them for future application.
  • According to Wired, by bringing all of its development teams together and making machine learning a corporate focus, Amazon is solving a problem many companies have: disconnected islands of data.

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AWS and Messy Git Practices: SecDSM March MiniCTF Solution

  • The March SecDSM MiniCTF was a lot of fun and I learned about AWS cli and the importance of making sure you're using the most up-to-date versions of a tool.
  • I can't fully rationalize why, other than saying that I figured it would be helpful to know what the repo owner changed or removed just in case it gave me a hint about what I should look for on the website.
  • Check out this article from Better Buys to learn about the time it takes to attempt to blindly brute force a password.
  • Looking back at the commit I found for, there's a comment that mentions that the password "will be in the parameter store under the filename".
  • The aws configure command requires me to know the access key ID and access key secret for the S3 bucket.

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Discuss: Do we need the "Senior" Software Engineer title?

  • For as long as I can remember, I have felt uncomfortable with the title of Senior Software Engineer.
  • In the end, I'm not sure what it means when someone tells me they're a "Senior Software Engineer." I certainly have some ideas about what it should mean, but often they aren't carried out in real life.
  • But it really only has meaning within a particular organization based on how they define their roles and titles.
  • Do you think our overall industry will ever align on what it means to be a "senior" software engineer?
  • I think people have a brilliant capacity to contort the meanings of words to fit their needs.

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How to stop being a n00b at wireframing

  • Nine times out of ten when starting a project, it feels like it’ll be easier to dive head first into writing code.
  • By the time you realise that you need a wireframe to guide you, it feels too late.
  • You wouldn’t set out toward a destination you’ve never driven to without first looking at a map or setting up your sat nav.
  • Whether you’re a new dev or someone with more experience, you might find the idea of learning to wireframe a bit intimidating.
  • The truth is, there’s no bad time to learn something new in development, so either practice in private or on collaborative projects.
  • Just keep practicing and you’ll have the confidence to wireframe like a champ in no time!
  • We’re a place for programmers to stay up-to-date, learn new skills, and share ideas.

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Duolingo targets Trekkies with new Klingon language course

  • Duolingo is boldly going where few online language learning platforms have gone before: It now officially lets you learn Klingon.
  • The company said it worked with broadcaster CBS and “some of the world’s leading Klingon experts” to launch the course, and though it has been a work in progress for a while, Klingon today graduates to public beta for anyone to access.
  • By way of a quick recap, Klingon is a constructed language spoken by the fictional Klingon characters in Star Trek.
  • That a major online language platform such as Duolingo is now teaching Klingon, however, is something of a boost for the fledgling tongue.
  • This launch comes a few months after Duolingo introduced Chinese which — unlike Klingon — was among the company’s most-requested languages.

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Why do entrepreneurs engage in self-sabotage?

  • I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs who worry that if they focus on a small niche, the market opportunity will be too small to interest investors.
  • Many tech entrepreneurs starts companies at least in part because they consider themselves uniquely creative and insightful, and they want the whole world to see them as they see themselves.
  • What’s needed in an entrepreneur is emotional resilience, the kind of strength that allows a person to show grace when their ideas have been proven wrong.
  • It is crucial that the entrepreneur find some healthy way to deal with the stress: go running, find a therapist, take anti-depressants, have long talks with a trusted friend or minister — whatever it takes.
  • If you launch a startup, the odds are against you from the start, and you’re only hope of success is to remain open minded about what might work.

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How I implemented iPhone X’s FaceID using Deep Learning in Python

  • I was very intrigued by the techniques used by Apple to realize FaceID, especially by the fact that this all runs on-device, with a little initial training on the user’s face, and then runs smoothly every time the phone is picked up.
  • Instead, I believe FaceID is powered by a siamese-like convolutional neural network that is trained “offline” by Apple to map faces into a low-dimensional latent space shaped to maximize distances between faces of different people, using a contrastive loss.
  • That you finally have a plug and play model that can recognize different users without any further training, but simply computing where the user’s face is located in the latent map of faces after taking some pictures during the initial setup.
  • In this post I showed how to implement a proof-of-concept of the FaceID unlocking mechanics, based on face embeddings and siamese convolutional networks.

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Changelog: Chronofilters!

  • We now have filters on the home page and the tag pages which will help folks discover the most interesting content from the past while.
  • As someone who has trouble keeping up with the JS community's pace of progress, this should help me click in and get a look at what the community engaged with most in the past week or month.
  • The latest tab might get spammy sometimes because it's the latest unranked and unmoderated content, but dipping in there to ❤️ the posts you like will go a long way in ensuring good content across the site.
  • Anyway, hope folks enjoy the new navigation features!
  • Gotta say, chronofilters is a really cool name.
  • By the way, like all new features, there are some small ways this may not work as expected and we're working on ironing that all out!

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