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Articles related to "legal"

Trump has been implicated in several federal crimes, but here's why experts say he hasn't faced legal consequences

  • But federal prosecutors implicated Trump in felonies for the first time last week, stating he directed illegal payments to two women, with whom he is accused of having affairs, in an effort to protect his presidential campaign.
  • A sentencing memorandum released by prosecutors for the Southern District of New York on Friday said the president's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, made the illicit payments "in coordination with and at the direction" of Trump.
  • Cohen had previously implicated Trump in the illegal payments, which represent campaign-finance violations because they were intended to influence the election, when he pleaded guilty to eight criminal charges in August.
  • This puts the Justice Department in a "difficult position" given the "statute of limitations to indict [Trump] will have lapsed if he nonetheless wins reelection in 2020 and serves out a full two-term presidency," Moss explained.

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Dubai's glittering, futuristic metropolis came at the cost of hundreds of thousands of workers, and recommending it as a tourist destination feels wrong

  • Nearly 90% of Dubai's 3.1 million residents are expats, many of whom are migrant workers brought in to work on construction projects or in service jobs.
  • Many workers are in debt to their employers for the cost of arranging their contracts, visa, and travel to Dubai, the New York Times found last year.
  • Last year, the country passed laws to establish working hours, paid sick leave, and stiff penalties for employers or recruitment agencies that fail to guarantee legal rights, use violence against workers, or fail to accurately convey the expected job description or salary to workers before bringing them to the country.
  • The knowledge of how migrant workers have suffered to make Dubai's vast constructed reality — which is more or less set up to fulfill a person's every whim, if you have the money to pay for it — makes it hard to recommend it as a place to put your tourist dollars.

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His worst nightmare: Trump's life under a legal microscope

  • Washington (CNN) - Weeks of devastating legal revelations have left Donald Trump's political career clouded by criminality and his life, presidency and business empire under assault by relentless prosecutors on multiple fronts.
  • Days of court filings, flipped witnesses, damaging disclosures and sentencing hearings over the last month have delivered blows that appear to expose Trump and key associates to deep legal and political jeopardy.
  • The President himself has been indirectly fingered by New York prosecutors overseen by his own Justice Department of directing criminal attempts to subvert campaign finance laws.
  • For now, however, it's clear: the President's legal and political position is far more perilous than it was weeks ago and he has reason to be worried about a flurry of investigations that are digging deep into his private, personal, business and political life.

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Nissan is investigating a 'CEO reserve' fund used by its former chairman Carlos Ghosn

  • Nissan Motor Co Ltd investigators are examining former Chairman Carlos Ghosn's use of an internal "CEO Reserve" fund and the role of subsidiaries in the Netherlands and other countries as part of a probe into alleged financial misconduct, two people with knowledge of the inquiry told Reuters.
  • Investigators are separately checking whether capital from some subsidiaries was also used to pay for Ghosn family residences and whether such payments were split into small chunks to escape checks by internal financial staff and auditors, they added.
  • One focus of the probe is whether payments for the multi-million dollar residences were split by associates close to Ghosn into one million dollar chunks and then processed through a Nissan unit in the Netherlands called Zi-A Capital BV and its subsidiaries, which had been set up to invest in tech startups, one of the people said.

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Lime continues to battle San Francisco's electric scooter decision

  • Electric scooter and bike-share company Lime is not giving up on San Francisco.
  • This afternoon, Lime plans to protest on the steps of SF City Hall to petition the city’s scooter selection process.
  • The SFMTA has previously said it was “confident” it picked the right companies.
  • When the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency selected Skip and Scoot as the only two electric scooter companies permitted to operate in the city, competitor Lime took legal steps to attempt to prevent Skip and Scoot from deploying.
  • A San Francisco judge, however, promptly denied Lime’s request for a temporary restraining order.
  • Other companies, including Spin and Uber’s JUMP, have also appealed the scooter selection process.
  • Earlier today, the SFMTA heard Lime’s case.
  • It’s not clear how it went, but I’ve reached out to Lime and the SFMTA to learn more.

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This Is How Amazon Is Helping Jersey City Police Catch “Porch Pirates”

  • Amazon is helping New Jersey police conduct a sting operation to catch would-be thieves snatching delivered packages on neighborhood porches, the Associated Press reports.
  • The Jersey City Police Department is installing doorbell cameras at the homes of volunteers and planting boxes provided by Amazon outside home doors with the catch that some of these boxes contain GPS tracking devices.
  • Amazon offers package pick-up at a company locker located in certain stores, like Whole Foods, to avoid this issue.
  • You can also purchase a parcel box that allows the delivery person access, but prevents theft.
  • Amazon even offers in-home delivery for those who use the Amazon Key Smart Lock: homeowners can allow the delivery person temporary access to drop off packages just inside the door.
  • The Jersey City police hope to catch thieves before they snatch up someone’s holiday gifts.

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FBI secretly collected data on Aaron Swartz earlier than we thought

  • As mentioned, the newly released document, obtained first in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by transparency group Property of the People, reveals that Swartz was already of investigative interest to the FBI years before he was criminally charged with downloading millions of articles and documents from JSTOR, an expansive digital library of academic journals, in early 2011 and, more importantly, nearly two years before the Justice Department considered charges against him related to his PACER activity—the first known law enforcement probe to involve him, until now.
  • But after reviewing the document and other related files, several legal experts told Gizmodo the most likely explanation was that the FBI had used a National Security Letter (NSL), a ubiquitous tool for obtaining email header data at the time.

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Blockchains should have ‘privacy by design’ for GDPR compliance

  • Some believe that public permissionless blockchains cannot be GDPR compliant, and that private blockchains might be the answer to blockchain’s regulatory woes.
  • Dutch blockchain startup, LTO Network, hosted speakers from Barclay’s bank, Cambridge Computer Lab, and Queen Mary University to take on some of these challenging questions at Hard Fork Decentralized last night.
  • Researchers from Queen Mary University believe that solving the blockchain GDPR crypto-legal puzzle is actually quite simple.
  • “To solve these design puzzles we must use creative solutions that support regulations by design,” said Dave Michels from Queen Mary University.
  • Michels described one solution to the GDPR crypto-legal puzzle, the right to be forgotten.
  • In this case Michels believes that transaction data could be encrypted with a private key to generate a cipher text which can be stored on the blockchain in an immutable fashion.

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A Year Without Net Neutrality: No Big Changes (Yet)

  • As we predicted last year, broadband providers didn't make any drastic new moves to block or cripple the delivery of content after the FCC's order revoking its Obama-era net neutrality protections took effect in June.
  • State attorneys general, net neutrality advocates, and industry groups representing companies like Facebook and Netflix are locked in a legal battle against the FCC over the new rules.
  • Even while the Obama-era net neutrality rules were in effect in 2017, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon began offering "unlimited" plans that put video in a slow lane.
  • But selling internet plans with slow lanes for specific types of content might have violated the old FCC rules, which specified that “if a broadband provider degraded the delivery of a particular application” it would “violate the bright-line no-throttling rule.” Likewise, California’s law, if it goes into effect, will forbid broadband providers from degrading entire classes of applications.

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Rape survivors are fighting back against victim-blaming in Lebanon

  • Manal is an actor in a social experiment organized by the Lebanese women's rights group ABAAD last month.
  • During the nine or so hours when Manal emulated a rape victim, not a single bystander called the police.
  • The aim of the experiment -- part of a weeks-long campaign called #ShameOnWho -- was to expose the stigma attached to rape victims, activists say.
  • In 1994, 30% of women in Lebanon said they experienced some form of violence, according to United Nations figures.
  • Hiba describes audiences going from room to room at Zico House, a cultural center in Beirut, listening to six actors tell survivors' stories as part of an immersive play, organized by #ShameOnWho. But Lebanon's civil society appears determined to give women a larger platform and counter social practices perceived as sexist.

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