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Articles related to "legislation"

The NRA nearly doubled its ad spending on Facebook for 3 weeks after the El Paso and Dayton shootings

  • The National Rifle Association doubled its Facebook ad spending after the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio last month, the Intercept reported.
  • Only a day after the shooting in El Paso, which killed 22 people, and in Dayton, where 10 died, the NRA ramped up spending to spread its pro-gun messaging as calls rose for gun control legislation like increased background checks and renewing the assault weapons ban.
  • For four weeks before the mass shootings, the NRA's lobby arm, the Institute for Legislative Action, had spent around $9,400 a day on average for Facebook ads.
  • After the 2018 mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, the NRA briefly halted its ad spending but four days later poured money into Facebook ads.
  • The Chicago Tribune reported last year that its Facebook ad spending quadrupled to $47,300 on average for 24 days following the shooting.

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Uber and Lyft say they don’t plan to reclassify their drivers as employees

  • Politicians in California have passed a new bill aimed at making gig economy companies give workers more protections, like a minimum wage.
  • On Wednesday morning, California passed AB 5, landmark legislation aimed at giving gig workers such as Uber drivers greater protections — minimum wage, overtime pay, etc.
  • The company argues that the new legislation doesn’t mandate the company to make a change but only applies a stricter legal test to determine if Uber’s workers are truly independent contractors — a test the company thinks it can pass.
  • West argued that since “drivers’ work is outside the usual course of Uber’s business,” which he defined as “serving as a technology platform for several different types of digital marketplaces,” drivers should not be considered employees.
  • While the proposal isn’t drafted yet, it would likely include some concessions to labor such as a guaranteed wage floor in exchange for not classifying drivers as employees.

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Trump has called for red flag laws. In Colorado, the gun control policy sparked a backlash.

  • Weld County, Colorado (CNN) - In the wake of recent mass shootings, President Donald Trump has called for "red flag" laws, which would temporarily prevent individuals in crisis from accessing firearms through a court order.
  • That has some wondering whether Congress could enact national red flag legislation in a rare instance of Democrats and Republicans coming together to pass a gun law.
  • As lawmakers face pressure to take action, legislation to incentivize states to enact red flag laws has won support from Democrats and Republicans in Congress.
  • This year, with Democrats in control of both houses of the state legislature, lawmakers passed a red flag law over the objections of gun rights activists.
  • Some Republicans in the GOP-controlled Senate, where any gun legislation would need to pass to make it to the President's desk, have expressed support for legislation to encourage states to adopt red flag laws.

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