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Clues That Neanderthals Didn't Know How to Make Fire (2017)

  • Starting about 400,000 years ago, we begin finding much better evidence for human-controlled fire, such as intact campfires, or “hearths,” that contain concentrations of charcoal and ash inside caves, where natural fires don’t burn.
  • This seemed strange, especially because the older layers dated to a warm climatic period, while the more recent layers—the ones without fire—were deposited between 70,000 and 40,000 years ago, a time of increasing cold as glaciers again spread across much of Europe.
  • This leaves one possible explanation: The Neanderthals at this time were still in the second stage of interacting with fire—they were collecting naturally occurring fire when it was available but did not yet have the technology to start fires themselves.

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How to start using Styled Components for React Native

  • This guide will give you a short tutorial on styled components in React Native.
  • If you haven't used styled-components before, they are a css-in-js library that makes styling much easier for your applications.
  • They use css like syntax in your javascript and UI styling is much easier.

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So, your friends hate Typescript.

  • Let's use the power of Typescript in Javascript.
  • Now we need a config file for the Typescript compiler, luckily they give you a command to create an initial config file.
  • Before we start digging into the syntax for using TS in JS we need to update this .jsconfig file.
  • Now we can use the Typescript compiler will parse our .js files.
  • Heads up, you will not be able to use standard Typescript definitions.
  • You will need to use specific comments, doc blocks.
  • I love Typescript but understand devs who don't want to go all in.
  • The fact that you have to use doc blocks for this could be the extra push you and your team needs to add descriptions for further documentation.
  • DEV is sort of like Medium, but it's open source and 100% focused on developers.

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Common Ways People Destroy Their Log Files

  • When you only have an exception message to go off of, finding the cause of an issue will require walking through the code, making a mental model of what happened.
  • While this can be OK for a one-time case, you should avoid having your application (and logs) full of these log messages.
  • But I've seen log files where every detail of the application was logged, forcing you to scroll endlessly to get the bigger picture of what was happening.
  • You could use the lower DEBUG and TRACE levels to have an extremely detailed log in case you need it and write those levels to separate files.
  • If there's still useful data in those files, a better option is to store this data elsewhere, like I mentioned above.
  • I have encountered multiple applications in my career that filled up the entire hard disk with log files.

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New Genesis SUV could be a game changer for Hyundai's luxury brand

  • After the new GV80, Del Rosso said, Genesis plans to soon add at least one more SUV to its lineup and an electric vehicle.
  • Genesis's growing lineup increases the possibility that the auto maker could one day mimic the success of Lexus, just 30 years old but already one of the world's leading luxury car brands in both sales and prestige.
  • In the most recent Consumer Reports auto reliability rankings, Hyundai was the sixth most reliable car brand, ranking just behind Genesis.
  • A direct competitor to the performance sedans, like the BMW 3-series, it won both Motor Trend Car of the Year and North American Car of the Year awards last year, as well being named one of Car & Driver's Top 10 cars.
  • Genesis vehicles do not come with Bentley prices, though, and the brand makes a strong appeal to value conscious consumers, said Fisher.

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Apply for the Alexa Web API for Games Developer Preview

  • Customers can interact with the web app using a variety of modes such as voice through the skill, touch on devices with touch screens, and remotes on Fire TVs. Ticket to Ride, Masamune’s Room, Lemonade Stand, and Goal Scorer are game skills that were built using Alexa Web API for Games: Ticket to Ride (UK, US, FR) and Ticket to Ride Europe (UK, US, FR): New companion game for the popular Ticket to Ride board game by Days of Wonder.
  • With Alexa Web API for Games, you can take advantage of your knowledge of existing web technologies to create high-end voice based games with HTML/CSS/Javascript or 3D experiences with WebGL.
  • Customers can interact with the web app using a variety of modes such as voice through the skill, touch on devices with touch screens, and remotes on Fire TVs. Alexa Web API for Games will be supported on Echo Show devices and select Fire TVs*.

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Why BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith is moving to the New York Times

  • It’s a marked evolution from 2014, when the paper commissioned an internal report about how to compete with the likes of BuzzFeed and Vox. Back then, the Times was only a few years away from a recession that looked like it might mortally wound the paper, even as online upstarts picked up funding and buzz.
  • Recode co-founder and editor-at-large Kara Swisher, for instance, is now a regular contributor to the Times op-ed page, and last year the Times hired Sarah Kliff, a star reporter at, to joins its investigative team.
  • Two years ago, when the Financial Times reported that Smith had floated the notion of carving out BuzzFeed News from the rest of the company and getting someone like billionaire Laurene Powell Jobs to fund the operation, the idea seemed both impractical and a good idea.

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Traditionally Blue State New Jersey Is Booming for President Trump

  • These New Jerseyites are braving the cold weather to see the president speak in person.
  • Crowd turnout was one major overlooked sign that Donald Trump would win in 2016.
  • New Jersey turned out massive crowds to see President Trump speak Tuesday.
  • Will Steakin, a 2020 campaign reporter for ABC News, tweeted an incredible video of the event.
  • And they all saw that Hillary was having real trouble getting four and five thousand people into her events.
  • In 2016, New Jersey decisively rejected Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton.
  • New Jersey also voted Democrat in every presidential election for the last seven cycles.
  • The reason for Trump’s appearance is to embrace New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew.
  • Donald Trump could win again without New Jersey like last time, but Pennsylvania is a must-win state if he’s to be reelected.

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People are spreading memes and fake news online as the deadly coronavirus spreads across the globe

  • According to a Washington Post report from January 27, Facebook, in particular, has tried to limit the spread of conspiracy theories about the Wuhan coronavirus, including one that the US government manufactured the deadly disease and holds a patent for it.
  • According to the South China Morning Post, ByteDance struck a 630 million yuan (about $90,000,000 US) deal with Huanxi Media to stream new movies directly to users using its Douyin, Toutiao, Xigua Video, and Huoshan apps.
  • The New York Times reported on January 27 that people in China were posting online about their panic and anger, dodging social media censors to post criticisms of the government on social media platforms amid the ongoing outbreak, which may have started at a Chinese wet market.
  • In the US, there has been a variety of content posted to social media platforms, like TikTok, amid the virus that started in Wuhan.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook says 5G is still in its 'early innings' even though rivals like Samsung are already selling 5G phones

  • Rivals like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola are already selling 5G-enabled smartphones, but Apple CEO Tim Cook believes the next-generation wireless network is still in its early days — and sidestepped any questions about a potential 5G iPhone.
  • Cook's comments during the company's fiscal first-quarter earnings call comes as Apple has been widely rumored to be developing 5G iPhones for a September launch, as reports from Bloomberg and TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have indicated.
  • However, Cook declined to comment on the company's plans for 5G, except to insinuate that the slow pace in the United States of the rollout of the technology may be a cause for concern at Apple.
  • Apple posted record-breaking results on Tuesday during its fiscal first quarter earnings report, as holiday sales of the iPhone and Apple's wearables resulted in a 9% increase in revenue.

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