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A Web Design Crash Course: From Developer to Developer

  • For example, on I use a dark grey for some text, white for the background, and then the rainbow colors for letters and random shapes.
  • The same is true with backgrounds -- a pure black is often not the best choice -- a dark navy or grey will make your content easier to read.
  • Making background images look good, especially with text on top of them, is really difficult.
  • If you want to keep the full page background image, if possible, use a simple picture without too much going on.
  • You may want to use a bright color, larger text, or feature that "call to action" on multiple places on your site.
  • Emphasizing the important content will look different on every site, but it's important to keep the action you want the user to take in mind with each design choice you make.

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China, World’s Biggest Polluter, Hits Carbon Goals – 12 Years Early

  • China, the world’s largest source of planet-warming carbon emissions, may have hit the peak it promised in the Paris climate accord well before its 2030 timetable.
  • China has cut back on coal not just to hit its Paris targets, but to reduce the notorious smog that wreaths its major industrial cities and the capital Beijing.
  • It’s also likely to hit its other Paris targets, like reducing the ratio of emissions to the size of its economy by 65 percent and boost its share of renewable power to about 20 percent.
  • But here’s where the fine print comes in: The longer it takes the hit a peak, the less ambitious it’s likely to be when negotiators sit down to hammer out new, steeper carbon cuts in 2020, Li said.

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What it takes to be a writer for 'Saturday Night Live'

  • And it doesn't matter if it was written by a first year writer whose name people are forgetting, the sketch goes into the pile.
  • Then they go into another little room, and they cut another half an hour out of the show, based on which sketches performed the worst in front of the audience.
  • Like in sports, you know, if you strike out you just have to kinda try to forget it because next week you have another show to do.
  • People like Seth Meyers, and Colin Jost, who were senior writers, were extremely generous with their time, explaining to me stuff which in hindsight was unbelievably basic.
  • And I saw that everywhere I went, every year when the new writers came in, because it was mostly people who have never written for television before.

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Imax and Google have put their VR camera project on hold

  • The two companies had plans to develop a cinema-grade VR camera “to enable today’s leading filmmakers and content creators to deliver the highest-quality 3D 360-degree content experiences to audiences worldwide.” In 2017, Imax opened seven VR centers for its location-based VR pilot program.
  • A source close to the matter tells Variety that the decision to discontinue the VR camera program was made by Google, as it continues to shift efforts toward augmented reality, not VR.
  • The Imax VR camera was supposedly much more ambitious and immersive than Google’s previous projects — like the Yi Halo, a $20,000 VR camera that captures 3D VR footage via 17 individual action cameras.
  • Google has been focusing on utilizing augmented reality over the past year, with the company’s ARCore standard opening up tools like the Measure app and Instant Apps to a multitude of Android-based devices.

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Just Read the Book Already

  • Wolf’s goal, she insists, is not to bemoan the lost idylls of print reading, but to build “biliterate” brains in children who are “expert, flexible code-switchers,” with “parallel levels of fluency” in both the skimming, “grasshopper” style of reading fostered by digital media and the immersive, deep, reflective reading associated with print books.
  • Wolf uses the story to point out the futility of rejecting a powerful new communication technology like the book, but she doesn’t seem to have noticed that the internet more closely resembles Socrates’ ideal than the printed page does.
  • In Reader, Come Home, Wolf arrives bearing a bit more evidence in defense of deep reading, and specifically the reading of fiction, which some researchers have found to increase empathy.
  • Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World by Maryanne Wolf.

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The 7 TV shows that have a 100% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes in 2018

  • Television continues to deliver one great show after another this year, but there are a select few that have come out on top with critics.
  • Seven shows this year — either returning with new seasons or brand new — have garnered the coveted 100% critic score on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.
  • And there are a few surprises.
  • Some excellent series failed to make the cut, like AMC's "Better Call Saul" season 4 and Netflix's "Glow" season 2, both with 98%, and HBO's "Sharp Objects" with 93%.
  • The ones that did manage the perfect 100% range from a crime anthology to a long-running sci-fi, and three are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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I've been traveling the world for 6 months, and I still made an expensive budget airline mistake that should serve as a warning to anyone

  • Traveling on a budget, I decided to book a cheap flight on one of the more popular budget airlines to emerge in recent years, WizzAir. It had, by far, the cheapest airfare price for the timeframe I was looking to travel, no doubt because many of the 139 cities that the Hungarian airline services are smaller, lesser-known places like Sofia.
  • Having forgotten the golden rule of budget airlines (A.C.B., or Always Check-in Beforehand), WizzAir hit me with a $34 fee to print my boarding pass.
  • Meanwhile, a luxury travel blogger at Jet-Settera said that she, along with six other passengers, were forced to pay the fee after the WizzAir app malfunctioned, despite checking in online.
  • What I do know, however, is that WizzAir doesn't advertise those fees when you are booking the flight, particularly the airport check-in fee.

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Netflix is using promos to boost discoverability

  • The promos are personalized recommendations of Netflix original and licensed content that users might not have otherwise seen on the service's home screen.
  • These promos are skippable and are currently aimed at boosting discoverability of content on the service, rather than further monetizing subscribers.
  • It's unlikely that Netflix would turn these video promos into more traditional, unskippable commercials.Though some brands salivate at the thought of being able to advertise to Netflix's 130 million subscribers, the streaming service places high value on maximizing user experience.
  • This means no commercials — Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in 2017 said the company is "committed to an ad-free experience." Rather than commercials, the company can stick to monetizing subscribers in other ways like product placement and merchandise for its original programs.
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How Ubisoft came up with its Starlink: Battle for Atlas toy-game hybrid

  • Ubisoft is really late to the party for the “toys-to-life,” or toy-game hybrid, market with Starlink: Battle for Atlas.
  • About the same time, a small team at Ubisoft started toying with their own way of fusing toys with a video game.
  • Against all odds, as others exited the market, Ubisoft Toronto built Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which has seven worlds and a bunch of toys.
  • I played the game on the Xbox One, fighting battles on the planet Haven and attaching different toys to my controller, while producer Matthew Rose gave me guidance on what to do.
  • Then I sat down with Rose for a one-on-one conversation about the origins of Starlink and how Ubisoft seized the opportunity to fill the void in the toy-game hybrid market.
  • Above: Dean Takahashi of GamesBeat and Matthew Rose of Ubisoft play Starlink.

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How to Prove That the Earth Orbits the Sun

  • Throughout the course, the students collect data and build models of their own, but they also learn about existing scientific models, like the heliocentric (sun-centered) model of the solar system.
  • For a long time, humans believed in a different model of the solar system: the geocentric, or Earth-centered model.
  • I am going to go over three things you can observe (using simple tools) to support the idea of a heliocentric model of the solar system.
  • Now, let's consider the geocentric model with Mars orbiting the Earth.
  • If you had never looked at a textbook or watched a YouTube video, would you think the Earth orbits the sun?
  • It certainly doesn't seem that the Earth is both spinning on its axis once a day as well as moving at 30 kilometers per second (the speed needed to get all the way around the sun in just one year).

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