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The rising tide of messaging platforms — and how brands, businesses, and publishers can capitalize

  • Nearly every major messaging platform has spent the past few years rolling out tools to attract new users and give businesses tools to reach those users.
  • This large and engaged consumer base is a prime market for businesses and publishers to target, particularly as social media networks like Facebook become more difficult to leverage.
  • In order to capitalize on this opportunity, messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WeChat have developed a range of tools, from chatbots to payments methods, that businesses and publishers can use to reach and monetize consumers.
  • In this report, Business Insider Intelligence sizes the messaging app market and examines how businesses, brands, and publishers can take advantage of the new features offered by these platforms.
  • It compares and contrasts the largest messaging platforms by user base, and presents the types of opportunities that have emerged from the growing audience that uses messaging services daily.

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Sidecar tours: An exhilarating way to experience Hanoi's Old Quarter

  • Enter Sidecar Tours Vietnam, which lets visitors cruise around the Old Quarter in Soviet-era Ural motorbikes.
  • Christensen picks up travelers on his vintage motorbike, originally used by army and police, to start the adventure through the Old Quarter.
  • There are 36 "guild streets," each of which was more or less dedicated to a specific craft from bamboo to copper, cotton, manufacturing, silk and lacquerware, to name a few.
  • Named after traditional sleeping mats, Christensen says the lane was originally dedicated to straw bedding, which keeps you cool in the humid summers.
  • At the end of Hang Chieu Street, you'll come across the stately Quan Chuong Gate.
  • Passing by the relic, Christensen zooms to Hang Ma Street, also known as Paper Street.
  • Known for being the most active -- and noisiest -- of the Old Quarter's craft streets, the area is famous for its welding, sanding and metal work.

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Survivors of gun violence are sharing pictures of their injuries and crime scenes: 'This is our reality'

  • When she uploaded the pictures and a few concise words to Twitter just before going to bed on Tuesday night under the hashtag #ThisIsMyLane, she wasn't expecting to go viral quite literally overnight, Ranta told INSIDER.
  • Although she's told her story before, she said she's never seen it resonate online quite like it did when she posted to the #ThisIsMyLane hashtag.
  • Also Tuesday, Rachael Joseph, the executive director of Survivors Lead which is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, shared photos of her Aunt Shelley's crime scene.
  • Like Ranta, this wasn't the first time Joseph had shared photos of her aunt's crime scene, on the internet or otherwise.
  • In the past, Ranta said images of her injury and crime scene that she's posted on social media "hadn't really seen much impact or gotten much traction." At times, she said, they've even been deleted off platforms for being too gruesome or graphic.

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The larger-than-life huckster dialogue of Stan Lee

  • He’s mostly known as the co-creator of hugely successful characters like Spider-Man, the Hulk, Thor, and the Fantastic Four, even though he probably had less input into them than his collaborating artists, Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby.
  • The Marvel method that Lee helped develop was a collaborative process, in which artists like Kirby and Ditko would turn a loose story idea into penciled art.
  • The amazing apogee of Lee’s art was probably the reams of fanciful balderdash he wrote as a complement to Ditko’s cosmic acid-scapes in their classic collaboration on the original Dr. Strange comics in the 1960s.
  • Lee largely moved on from writing long ago, but in appreciating his contributions to comics and the importance of his history, it’s worth revisiting his old speech bubbles, where, in spite of time’s tumultuous turning, the mystic energy still flows as endlessly as ever.

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The buried secrets of the deadliest location on Earth

  • Chicxulub Puerto, Mexico, is the centre of the impact crater that scientists believe was made when the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs smashed into the Earth’s surface.
  • Ocampo's chance encounter was the beginning of a scientific correspondence that would establish the foundations for what most scientists believe today: that this ring corresponds to the edge of the crater caused by an asteroid 12km wide, which struck the Yucatan and exploded with unimaginable force that turned rock to liquid.
  • The Museum of Science of the Chicxulub Crater, a joint project by the Mexican Government and the country's biggest university, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), aims to take people back to the moment, 66 million years ago, when the 12km asteroid changed world history, ending the reign of the giant beasts that had lasted millions of years.

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  • HermitCore extends the multi-kernel approach (like McKernel) with unikernel features for a better programmability and scalability for hierarchical systems.
  • With HERMIT_ISLE=uhyve, the application will be started within a thin hypervisor powered by Linux's KVM API and therefore requires KVM support.
  • If QEMU is started by our proxy and the environment variable HERMIT_KVM is set to 0, the virtual machine will not be accelerated by KVM.
  • Using the environment variable HERMIT_APP_PORT, an additional port can be opened to establish a TCP/IP connection with your application.
  • By setting the environment variable HERMIT_VERBOSE to 1, the proxy prints the kernel log messages to the screen at termination.
  • By setting the environment variable HERMIT_CAPTURE_NET to 1 and HERMIT_ISLE to qemu, QEMU captures the network traffic and creates the trace file qemu-vlan0.pcap.
  • Using the environment variable HERMIT_PORT, the default port (18766) can be changed for the communication between the HermitCore application and its proxy.

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The rise of multivector DDoS attacks

  • This is different from typical "direct" style attacks, like SYN floods.
  • In the SYN flood mentioned by John, all 942Gbps were coming directly from attacker-controlled machines.
  • We have seen a couple of smaller SYN floods with similar characteristics before, but not after this event.
  • Apart from SYN floods we regularly see amplification attacks.
  • Instead of trying to do much damage using one amplification type - like SSDP or memcached, attackers started pooling them.
  • About three years ago direct DNS attacks (like random prefix attacks) were a daily occurance.
  • Two years ago, SYN floods were on the rise.
  • Recently major SYN floods started happening again and we are watching them carefully.
  • This is a sign that the attackers need to pool the techniques in order to generate substantial traffic.
  • Volumetric attacks still happen, but on a smaller scale than couple of years ago.

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A ruling is imminent on the legality of a controversial drug that's used to treat addiction — but some have called it a ‘dangerous opioid’

  • The drug, called Kratom, has pitted government regulators against scientists and advocates.
  • The Food and Drug Administration has called it a dangerous opioid and sought to ban it by making it a Schedule 1 drug like heroin or ecstasy.
  • Some advocates say it's helped them end their addiction to opioids, and scientists want to keep exploring its potential as a medical treatment.
  • They'll either rule the same for both ingredients, effectively banning all forms of kratom nationwide, or they'll ban one and make the other potentially available as a medicine at a later date, according to Melvin Patterson, a spokesperson with the Drug Enforcement Administration.
  • Right now, kratom is legal in most states, where it is sold in whole plant form as a supplement.
  • The ruling is highly anticipated by both advocates who say the drug has saved their lives and by scientists who simply want to learn more about how it works.

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Amazon’s HQ2 was a con, not a contest

  • What I really am interested in is how companies that are in the cities, like right now in San Francisco with Prop C, how the businesses helped the cities and how they take up their civic responsibility, because I think especially tech businesses really haven’t picked up, in terms of what they need to, the responsibility of being a civic citizen of any city they’re in.
  • A lot of these red states don’t have big populations, either they lost population or they just get two senators regardless of the fact that Wyoming has a population that’s smaller than most congressional districts, but at the same time, over the last 10 years, if you look at who’s accreted the majority of the income gains, they tend to be people into the cities with college educations, which is Latin for progressives.

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Facebook Lasso app lead Brady Voss leaves for Netflix right after launch

  • He’d spent five years as a lead product designer at Facebook working on standalone apps like Hello and major feature launches like Watch, Live, 360 video, and the social network’s smart TV app.
  • Facebook likely won’t be able to lure creators to new platforms with smaller audiences than their main channels unless it’s going to let them earn money there.
  • That prompted me to question Musically CEO Alex Zhu on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015 about whether his app violated the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) that prohibits online services from collecting photos or videos of kids under 13.
  • But if the tech giants are going to build apps purposefully designed for young audiences, asking for kids to merely promise they’re old enough to join may not be sufficient.

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