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The northernmost reaches of the Earth are on fire. Here's what this record-breaking hot summer looks like from space.

  • Individual wildfires and heat waves can't be directly linked to climate change, but accelerated warming increases their likelihood, size, and frequency.
  • When heat-trapping gases like carbon and methane enter the atmosphere (they get emitted when we burn fossil fuels, among other human activities), they trap more of the sun's heat on the planet, causing Earth's overall surface temperatures to rise.
  • Arctic wildfires wreak less havoc on infrastructure and homes than, say, fires in California, but they release incredible amounts of carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.
  • Data collected by the Copernicus program shows that fires in the Arctic in June released as much carbon dioxide in one month as the entire country of Sweden does in a year.
  • That influx of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere leads the planet to warm even more, which in turn increases the likelihood of similar Arctic fires in the future.

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I'll never use plastic straws again after finding these metal ones that don't change the taste of my drinks at all

  • I'd like to think that I was always pretty green — I reuse plastic bags from the grocery store as garbage bags, I donate clothes instead of throwing them out, and I sort my recyclables accordingly.
  • So, in an effort to actually live more eco-friendly this time and reduce my own plastic usage, I started using metal straws.
  • Of course, I need to acknowledge that forgoing plastic straws isn't going to make a difference if we're still using plastic bags or water bottles, or if recycling plants can't figure out a way to properly process them, but for me, at least it's a start.
  • In fact, it has led to other good habits like refusing plastic utensils from my takeout orders, bringing my own tote bags to the grocery store, and even composting.

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The best pizzeria in NYC just got closed for not paying $167,506 in back taxes — here's what it's like to eat at Di Fara Pizza

  • Over 50 years ago, in 1965, Italian immigrant Domenico DeMarco opened Di Fara Pizza in the Midwood section of Brooklyn.
  • It's a cliché maybe, but Di Fara Pizza is considered by many to be New York City's best pizza.
  • Di Fara's is notoriously expensive ($30 for a regular cheese pizza), and has a notoriously long wait (over an hour, easy), but it's also notoriously delicious.
  • I've lived in New York City for over six years, and eaten at some of New York's best (from well-known spots like John's of Bleecker Street to lesser known gems like Luigi's in Green-wood).
  • You'd better be ready for a long wait, likely on your feet, and you better have a good chunk of cash on you (remember: a single, standard eight-slice cheese pie costs thirty dollars).

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Box Shield launches in private beta to prevent data compromise

  • Last year, Box took the wraps off of Box Shield, a machine learning-based security platform that provides admins an overview of their company’s content while flagging potential instances of data compromise.
  • Account admins can define custom labels and per-label policies that combine multiple protocols, including (but not limited to) shared link, external collaborator, download, application, and file transfer protocol (FTP) restrictions.
  • With the policies in place, a manager could prevent unauthorized external or internal users (or domains) from accessing files on unapproved devices and apps (like mobile or desktop), or ensure that only whitelisted files and folders can be transferred and uploaded via FTP.
  • Today’s announcement follows Box Skills, a suite of third-party apps that add features and functionality to uploaded files, and the Box Skills Kit, a set of APIs, developer tools, and documentation for designing custom Box Skills on platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM’s Watson, and Microsoft Azure.

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Tetration Micro-Segmentation: Secure Your Applications and Your Seat at the Yankees Game

  • Whether you call it micro-segmentation, application segmentation, cloud workload protection, or Zero Trust, limiting how an application can communicate on the network is a security imperative.
  • With micro-segmentation enabling a zero-trust model, users experience holistic workload protection for multicloud data centers.
  • What if it’s a championship game and because there is no security inside, there aren’t any consequences if someone takes your seat?
  • Attempting to deliver micro-segmentation with only a software-defined firewall is like hiring thousands of security escorts but forgetting to print seat numbers on all of the tickets.
  • In addition, Tetration dramatically reduces the time it takes for our customers to achieve increased application security.
  • It’s time to think bigger than just implementing a “software-defined firewall” and start securing applications with Cisco Tetration.

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Web Scraping 101 in Python

  • In the next parts we will see the different ways to perform HTTP requests with Python and extract the data we want from the responses.
  • Exactly the same number of line, however, there are some things that urllib3 does not handle very easily, for example, if we want to add a cookie, we have to manually create the corresponding headers and add it to the request.
  • To begin we will use the HTML that we got thanks to urllib3, we just want to extract all the links from the Google homepage so we will use one simple XPath expression: //a and we will use LXML to run it.
  • If you want to do large-scale web scraping projects, you could still use Requests, but you would need to handle lots of things yourself.

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Let's stop glorifying managers who brag about their stress and exhaustion. Workaholic behavior should not be the norm.

  • Maybe it included showing up half an hour later than the norm.
  • And yet it seems that far too many managers have internalized a deep sense of guilt from that era, so they desperately try to convince themselves and others just how hard they're working!
  • But to keep dancing like this, you need someone to provide the music, and the media has been all too willing for all too long.
  • Stop lionizing toxic work habits as inspiration for new entrepreneurs and managers.
  • Masochistic managers can continue their self-immolation for The Mission and The Company, but the rest of us and the media do not need to bang the tambourine while they do it.
  • Let's return to a time where being a harried mess of a human wasn't the high managerial calling it is today.
  • It's all you need for project management and internal communication.

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Capacity raises $13.2 million to index emails, files, and more with AI

  • Capacity (formerly, a startup developing a platform that indexes data from apps, teams, and more and enables users to search through the corpus using natural language, today revealed that it recently raised $13.2 million in series B funding from undisclosed Midwest angel and private investors.
  • Capacity can deliver company-wide announcements, like daily news and event notifications, and onboard new hires by providing access to forms that need to be completed.
  • Additionally, if the answer is a bit more complex than can be communicated in a few sentences, Capacity creates a detailed conversational workflow informed by expert human knowledge.
  • Customers include Washington University in St. Louis, electric utility company Ameren Corporation, USA Mortgage, and Kelly Mitchel, Newell Brands, West Community Credit Union, Total Access Urgent Care, Maryville University, Framecad, EXL, and Schaeffer’s Oil.

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3 reasons why startup investments in Europe need a serious shake-up

  • MD, Innovation Heads — Reijo Pold is an Estonian-born, London-based investment expert with 15 years of experience in European and China markets.
  • He built the Innovation Heads community for practitioners in the corporate inn… (show all) Reijo Pold is an Estonian-born, London-based investment expert with 15 years of experience in European and China markets.
  • In the meantime, startups from small countries like the Baltics are geographically isolated from these international tech and investment ecosystems.
  • There are innovations with great potential, but entrepreneurs lack access to international investors and funding that would help them attract customers and scale their startups faster.
  • The fact that a company has been able to attract investment is great — outside capital can help startups fuel their growth, which usually means building or improving their tech and getting more clients.

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Remembering the best shareware-era DOS games that time forgot

  • Everyone who plays games a lot has a favorite era that set their expectations and defined what they find fun for years to come, and it's difficult to talk about classic computer games without dating yourself—either as younger or older.
  • To celebrate that era during Ars Gaming Week, I'm looking to point out a few of those gems that not everybody has played.
  • But you should be able to find shareware copies of many of them on classic gaming sites and run them in DOSBox. I played them all recently in Boxer for macOS.
  • Sleuth is a murder-mystery game with ASCII graphics and text commands.
  • Further ReadingThough “barely an operating system,” DOS still matters (to some people)I played Sleuth long before I'd ever heard the term "Roguelike," though the game was released after Rogue.

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