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Articles related to "limits"

Apple’s new parental controls on iOS can be bypassed

  • Due to some bugs related to iCloud’s contact sync feature, it turns out the new privacy controls can be bypassed without much effort, which could let kids call and text people (or total strangers) they might not be allowed to communicate with, as found by CNBC.
  • Apple confirmed to CNBC that it’s working on fixes, but it’s not a good look for a company that prides itself on security and privacy, and especially when the bugs are in a feature designed in part to protect kids.
  • It seems there are a couple ways to bypass the Communication Limits — though they apparently only work if the phone’s contacts aren’t stored on iCloud.
  • CNBC also said that kids can get around Communication Limits restrictions by using Siri on an Apple Watch.

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365-Point Dow Jones Surge Sparked by 16-Word Trump Tweet

  • Twitter limits posts to 280 characters, but Donald Trump only needed 72 of them to spark a 365-point Dow Jones Industrial Average rally on Thursday.
  • Five minutes after the stock market opened to slight losses, the president unleashed a tweet brimming with so much optimism about the US-China trade deal that caps lock could barely contain it.
  • But coming now, as Trump prepares to meet with his trade team today to gameplan Sunday’s tariff deadline, that tweet said everything that stock market bulls wanted to hear.
  • Just like that, a quiet day for US stocks transformed into a spectacular rally, and less than an hour later, the Dow Jones was basking in the glow of a new all-time high.
  • The Dow quickly pared those gains heading into the afternoon session, but it’s still remarkable how abruptly Trump’s tweet moved the market.

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