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Articles related to "little"

TikTok creators are paying middlemen $1,000 to get verified on the app - Business Insider

  • TikTok creators are paying up to $1,000 to gain verification on the app through a shadowy group of brokers who claim to have sources within the company.
  • When they agreed to pay, the creator seeking verification was sent a form from TikTok. The form the creator described was different to TikTok's Certificate of Verification Application, which is a simple, two-page form with six sections to fill in, plus signature slots, used by official accounts to verify their profiles.
  • The PR agency owner is not the only person who claims to be able to offer verification approval services to would-be TikTok creators, our source said.
  • On one group chat of TikTok creators, another user claimed they were approached and quoted $1,500 to be verified.

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The 42 Best Black Friday Smart Home and Kitchen Deals (2020)

  • Now, we've scoured the web to bring you Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on some of our favorite air purifiers, robot vacuums, and more.
  • We haven't tested this specific model yet (it's on the way!), but if your home is dirty enough to require a robot vacuum, it probably needs a self-emptying bin.
  • We also like the Deebot Ozmo T5 on sale at Amazon and Best Buy. Roborock has slowly become one of my favorite robot vacuum manufacturers.
  • For example, it lacks mapping capabilities or a self-emptying bin, but it's sleek, attractive, low-profile, quiet, and easy to use.
  • If you include a coffee subscription (a 24-box commitment) with your new Keurig, you can get a coffee maker for 50 percent off!
  • Check out our Best Espresso and Latte Machines and Best Portable Coffee Makers guides if you don't have the means to make a cup of joe.

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How to Live to the Full While Dying: The Diary of Alice James (2017)

  • How little all assurances of one’s own immortality seem to concern one, now, and how little to have gained from the experience of life, if one’s thoughts are lingering still upon personal fulfillments and not rooted in the knowledge that the great Immortalities, Love, Goodness and Truth include all others… References to those whom we shall meet again make me shiver, as such an invasion of their sanctity, gone so far beyond, for ever since the night that Mother died, and the depth of filial tenderness was revealed to me, all personal claim upon her vanished, and she was dwelt in my mind a beautiful illuminated memory, the essence of divine maternity from which I was to learn great things, give all, but ask nothing.

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We talked to Jake Paul, who is currently going Super Saiyan

  • Yes, he may be known for outlandish YouTube prank videos, he may have been criticized by his city’s mayor for throwing a huge party during the pandemic and later had his home raided by the FBI in connection with a supposed “riot” at a mall, but he’s also trying to do some good things, he says, like inspire his millions of young fans.
  • For me, it’s a perfect fight because everyone thinks I’m just this YouTube pretty kid.
  • But I don’t want to wake up with that same YouTube mentality and mindset of like, “views, views, views, pranks, pranks, pranks.” It’s not something I’m as passionate about anymore.
  • It’s usually just like “party, FBI, raid, fight, Gigi Hadid, news van, fire.” You know what I’m saying?

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Conway's Life and generative music (1997)

  • It's true that a surprising degree of structure emerges just from running the rules on different patterns.
  • These are terribly simple rules and you would think it probably couldn't produce anything very interesting.
  • The rules are very, very simple, but this little population here will reconfigure itself, form beautiful patterns, collapse, open up again, do all sorts of things.
  • Very, very simple rules, clustering together, can produce very complex and actually rather beautiful results.

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