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Articles related to "live"

Prime Video Channels lets you add specific channels like HBO, STARZ, and Showtime to your account — here's how it can help you cut the cord without sacrificing anything

  • Prime Video Channels are monthly subscriptions that you can add onto your Prime membership as essentially an à la carte cable option.
  • For a monthly fee, you'll get access to content from premium third-party networks and other streaming entertainment channels without leaving your Prime Video account.
  • People with a Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime account — or a friend who lets you piggyback off of theirs — will have an easy time transitioning to Prime Video Channels if they're new to options outside of a traditional cable box.
  • You may also want to consider Sling TV, a service that lets you stream a set of premium TV channels live over the internet for $25 per month.
  • If that's you, you may save more — and benefit from fewer, more customized options — by only subscribing to one or two Prime Video Channels.

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Don't Storm Area 51, Begs the Webmaster of the UFO Kingdom

  • Joerg Arnu loves the secretive military base, documents it on an exhaustive fan site, and wants people to visit—just not all at once.
  • Said festival had spun off from a joke Facebook event, a suggestion gone viral that a herd of humans could break into Area 51 and learn the military base's alien secrets.
  • Today, the website is a sprawling operation: It has extensive history sections, pilot audio captured on scanners, satellite images Arnu commissioned, trip reports, maps, and panoramas taken from the one mountain peak—Tikaboo—from where you can see inside Area 51.
  • When I visited last October, Arnu and I witnessed two jets flying Star Wars–like around mountain walls, and in the evenings, from my campsite, I saw lights—from military tests that made me fully understand why people think UFOs live here.

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How to watch the first-ever 2020 Republican presidential debate

  • On Tuesday, September 24, Business Insider Today will host two of the Republican presidential candidates challenging President Donald Trump in the 2020 GOP presidential primary.
  • Trump currently holds an 88% Gallup approval rating within the Republican party, he already has the backing of the RNC, and at least four states are canceling their GOP primaries altogether.
  • Joe Walsh of Illinois will debate at Business Insider's New York City headquarters representing two different wings of the Republican Party's past.
  • Weld, who served as Massachusetts' moderate Republican governor announced his campaign in April, is challenging Trump from the center — but has failed to generate much buzz for his campaign.
  • The debate will run from 7 PM to 8:30 PM EST on September 24, and will be exclusively live-streamed on Business Insider Today's Facebook Watch page.

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Cisco at SAPTeched – where Cisco innovation bridges an empowered SAP enterprise

  • Here is a step by step suggested itinerary to see all activities Cisco is sponsoring at SAP TechEd. Watch how the magic of AI/ML coupled with big data sources from SAP DATA Hub manages the age-old problem many retailers face- having the right products at the right time on the shelf for their customers.
  • This live demonstration is powered by Cisco HyperFlex equipped with an Nvidia GPU and persistent storage which drives the AI/ML interactions along with Cisco Cloud Container Platform managing the interaction with the customer data derived from SAP Data hub.
  • Add a stop at the Cisco booth (200) every day to learn more about Cisco solutions for the SAP intelligent enterprise.
  • Attend one of our breakout sessions, see our demonstrations, and visit Cisco booth 200 to learn how Cisco empowers SAP intelligent enterprises everywhere to maximize the value of SAP.

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From Yale graduate to homeless in Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles (CNN) - Shawn Pleasants has the kind of resume that would attract the attention of any job recruiter: high school valedictorian, economics major from Yale University, Wall Street banking jobs, small business entrepreneur.
  • But a few wrong turns in life 10 years ago left him homeless, and today he's living underneath a tarp in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles.
  • Pleasants, 52, is one of 60,000 people living on the streets of Los Angeles County.
  • The situation has been worsening in recent years -- between 2018 and 2019, the number of homeless people went up 12% in the county and 16% in the city, according to the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count.
  • Shawn Pleasants said he takes meth a few times a week as both an escape and to help him stay awake at night.

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LA's homeless crisis: too many tents, too few beds

  • As Los Angeles city and county officials struggle to shelter and build housing for nearly 60,000 people who are living on the streets, they are facing resistance -- not just to new structures in neighborhoods where residents fear more crime and blight, but also from some within the homeless community, who insist they would rather continue living independently on the streets in their tents.
  • When asked about the resistance in other parts of Los Angeles to building homeless housing units and shelters, Torrence said he would argue that those neighborhoods will be safer if currently unsheltered people have ready access to wraparound services for substance abuse and mental health issues.
  • When Los Angeles County released its shocking homeless count this month, Sen. Kamala Harris tweeted that housing is a "human right," noting that her proposed LIFT Act -- to give lower-income working families a tax credit of up to $6,000 a year -- as well as her "Rent Relief Act" are intended to address the crisis.

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Future demand for elderly care services like assisted living & in-home care are rife for digital disruption

  • As the Baby Boomer population ages, society is on the cusp of dealing with an unprecedented number of senior citizens who will need elder care.
  • An intensifying shortage of US home health aides and physicians, a booming senior population, and the prevalence of chronic illnesses all point to a need for transformative solutions when it comes to senior care services.
  • Depending on the source you check, one becomes a senior citizen at different ages.
  • According to Medicare, you become a senior at age 65.
  • Regardless, senior care takes many forms in the U.S. One of the most common types is assisted living, sometimes known as senior living or more colloquially as "a home." As the name implies, these locations assist people who cannot or choose not to live on their own.

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Show HN: Darklang

  • Today we’re unveiling Dark and moving into private beta.
  • Dark is a holistic programming language, editor, and infrastructure for building backends.
  • Ellen Chisa, our CEO, demonstrates how to build a backend application (an office sign-in app) in 10 minutes, showing how Dark works and how it’s used.
  • Next, watch Paul Biggar, our CTO, talk about the philosophy of Dark: why we designed Dark, and the details of the language, editor, and infrastructure.
  • During our private alpha, developers have built entire backends in Dark.
  • We’ve seen our alpha users build backends for web and mobile applications, internal tools, Slackbots, Alexa skills, and personal projects.
  • Starting today, Dark is in private beta.
  • During the private beta, we’ll be opening Dark in waves to many more people.
  • Building Dark has been a challenging and fulfilling journey, and we’re just getting started.

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Prince Harry praises gay rugby star forced to disclose HIV status

  • Sharing a picture of the former Wales and British Lions rugby captain on the Sussex Royal Instagram page, the Duke of Sussex commended him for his bravery, saying he was "saving lives" by speaking out.
  • On Saturday night, Thomas posted a video on Twitter in which he spoke about his condition for the first time, explaining that blackmailers had threatened to disclose his diagnosis.
  • Thomas, who came out as gay in 2009, was told he had HIV, a virus that attacks the body's immune system, during a routine sexual health check-up.
  • Harry is well-placed to help Thomas challenge misconceptions about living with HIV.
  • He is co-founder of the charity Sentebale, which focuses on supporting HIV-positive young people in Lesotho.
  • And in 2016, he took an HIV test on Facebook Live during a visit to London's King's College Hospital as part of his fight to eradicate the stigma surrounding the disease.

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Facebook rolls out new video tools, plus Instagram and IGTV scheduling feature

  • The updates involve changes to live video broadcasting, Facebook’s Watch Party, and Creator Studio, and they include enhancements to tools, expanded feature sets, and improved analytics, among other things.
  • The highlights include better ways to prep for and simulcast live broadcasts, ways to take better advantage of Watch Party events, new metrics to track video performance, and a much-anticipated option to schedule Instagram/IGTV content for up to six months’ in advance.
  • Facebook additionally announced a few new updates for its co-watching feature, Watch Party, which include the ability for Pages to schedule a party in advance to build anticipation, support for “replays” that will let others enjoy the video after airing, the ability to tag business partners in branded content, and new analytics.
  • And wrapping all this up is an update to Creator Studio, which is what publishers use to post, manage, monetize and measure their content across both Facebook and Instagram.

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