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Articles related to "live"

Studying naked mole-rats could be the key to breakthroughs in treating pain and cancer

  • Naked mole-rats can also move their lower incisors to manipulate objects, and have a large sensory area of their brains dedicated to their teeth in the same way that hands have dedicated brain space in humans.
  • Not content with just being immune to cancer, naked mole-rats are also impervious to some normally agonising chemical stimuli, such as capsaicin (the substance that makes chilli peppers taste hot) and acid (what gives lemon juice and vinegar their kick).
  • Scientists are now further studying the naked mole-rat to see whether we might be able to make the human pain system similarly impervious to acid pain.
  • The molecule responsible for insensitivity to acid in mole-rats also plays a role in human genetic conditions that drastically alter pain perception, and as a result of this convergent research, potential painkillers targeting this molecule have made it into clinical trials in humans.

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F5 ACI ServiceCenter App Pushes the Envelope in DC Networking Automation

  • This trend is very much pronounced with intent-based networking technologies, such as ACI, that provide customers a cloud-like experience with their on-prem infrastructure.
  • Today, I am pleased to share with you my thoughts on this newly designed F5 ACI ServiceCenter App, a multi-function and operations focused solution, covering its key L2-L7 operational use-cases.
  • Centered around ease-of-use and customer experience, this App is quick to install and intuitive in its design flow for the end user.
  • This forms the basis for the design innovation of the F5-ACI App addressing flexibility without compromising features, domain expertise, or ease of use.
  • In addition, I would like to encourage our readers to enjoy a couple of our latest thought leadership videos featuring exec leadership members from Cisco Data Center Business Group with F5 Networks.

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Fortnite star Ninja and DJ Marshmello are headlining new Metarama festival

  • Ninja is the big act on the bill alongside his friend, superstar DJ and electronic music producer Marshmello, an avid gaming fan who’s performed a live concert from inside Epic Games’ Fortnite and even been transformed into a Fortnite skin players could purchase and play as in-game.
  • On the gaming and YouTube side, creator Seán William McLoughlin, aka “Jacksepticeye,” will be in attendance alongside big Fortnite names like Ben “Dr Lupo” Lupo, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Jack “Courage” Dunlop, Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff, and Timothy “Timthetatman” Betar.
  • Now, this October, it sounds like C3 is going to try to bring this all together in a massive gathering that will be one part e-sports tournament, one part music festival, and one part streaming and YouTube creator extravaganza.

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Founder salaries, diversity tactics, fintech roboadvisors, and startups improving mental health

  • Founders have a right — as with any employee of a company — to a full salary, but how much is too little, and how much is too much?
  • Ron Miller interviewed a number of VCs and founders about how they approached this question.
  • Ed Sim, founder at Boldstart, an early stage enterprise startup investor in NYC says as an early check writer, he doesn’t want to see founders living high on the hog, but at the same time, they need enough money to live on, and that takes a bit of cash, say $100-150K a year to live in places like New York or San Francisco, the cities where companies tend to launch.
  • But while many founders, VCs, and others have good intentions, they can often struggle to determine the right approaches and tactics to improve outcomes.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Cisco UCS at Cisco Live

  • Next week at Cisco Live, we will be celebrating a decade of Unified Computing innovation as we showcase all the ways our customers have “Made it Happen” with Cisco UCS and Cisco HyperFlex.
  • We will commemorate how Cisco UCS came to be, how it has evolved to support your needs and where we can go forward together with computing for Data Center Anywhere.
  • Visit us in the Data Center Lounge, just outside of the World of Solutions, where there will be a video wall featuring our customer stories.
  • Visit the Data Center Booth in the World of Solutions to experience live demos, touch and feel the latest products, receive some cool giveaways, and discover Cisco’s innovation in our interactive Cisco Showcase.
  • Lastly, follow us on social to see the latest on UCS 10 and all things Cisco Data Center – @CiscoDC.

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NASA's Deep Space Atomic Clock leaves Earth on June 24th

  • NASA JPL's Deep Space Atomic Clock, the navigation clock that could lead to self-driving spacecraft, is finally heading to space.
  • At the moment, our spacecraft rely on a two-way relay system that needs to bounce signals to and from Earth-based atomic clocks to figure out where it is and where it's going.
  • The Deep Space Atomic Clock was designed live onboard a spacecraft and to calculate for its location and route using only signals it receives from Earth -- it doesn't need to bounce signals back anymore.
  • The technology could also be used to create a GPS-like network in other places, such as Mars, by having multiple spacecraft fitted with the device orbit the planet.
  • You can watch the first Deep Space Atomic Clock leave Earth aboard a Falcon Heavy on June 24th through NASA's livestream.

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Running the New York Times is just one thing A.G. Sulzberger is working on

  • New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger will speak at Code Conference 2019.
  • It wasn’t that long ago that serious people had real questions about the future of the New York Times, which looked like it might falter for the same reasons many newspapers have struggled over the past couple of decades.
  • That’s all good news for A.G. Sulzberger, the Times’ publisher, who took over the family business in 2018.
  • We are interested to hear about all of that, and more, so we’re delighted that Sulzberger is joining us at the Code Conference on Tuesday, June 11.
  • We’ll be live-tweeting our onstage interview with Sulzberger using #CodeCon. We’ll also feature some exclusive behind-the-scenes highlights from the conference on Instagram.
  • Recode and Vox have joined forces to uncover and explain how our digital world is changing — and changing us.

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Between corporate media giants and Trump, PBS has big challenges

  • Paula Kerger, president and CEO of PBS, and Yamiche Alcindor, White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour, will talk with Recode’s Peter Kafka at Code Conference 2019.
  • PBS has been a political football for years, and with Donald Trump in the White House, it’s only gotten more complicated for the public broadcasting channel.
  • Paula Kerger, president and CEO of PBS, and Yamiche Alcindor, White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour, will speak to Recode’s Peter Kafka at Code Conference on Tuesday.
  • They’ll discuss what it’s like to cover politics with a White House that often lies and a president who decries any negative coverage as fake news.
  • Kerger and Alcindor will discuss all this and more with Recode’s Peter Kafka starting at 3:55 p.m. PT on Tuesday, June 11.
  • Recode and Vox have joined forces to uncover and explain how our digital world is changing — and changing us.

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Kevin Carmichael: The idea that Canadians need oil and gas to make a living overlooks the data

  • The author of the email appeared to see sustainable finance as a Trojan horse that would destroy the oil and gas industry.
  • In the abstract, there are hundreds of thousands of ways to make a living at the moment, at least according to Statistics Canada’s latest quarterly report on job vacancies, an under-appreciated gauge of the economy’s health.
  • The number of openings in health care and social assistance increased by 19 per cent from the first quarter of 2018, to 61,860 unfilled positions, according to StatCan. The number of postings by companies in professional, scientific and technical services surged 28 per cent to almost 42,000.
  • Tech companies appear to accept that talent is at a premium, however; unfilled positions in that industry come with average hourly pay of $30.10, on par with oil-and-gas and four per cent higher than a year earlier.

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Twitter: Here’s who won the attention war at E3 2019

  • The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) drew more than 66,000 people to the Los Angeles Convention Center last week.
  • Twitter measured the activity on its social network and found that people tweeted the most about Nintendo (@NintendoAmerica), Xbox Studios (@Xbox), Sony Interactive Entertainment, (@Playstation), Square Enix (@SquareEnix), and Bethesda (@Bethesda).
  • As for the games, the most-tweeted-about-newly-announced games were Final Fantasy VII Remake (@finalfantasyvii), CyberPunk2077 (@cyberpunkgame), Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 (@ZeldaOfficialJP), Animal Crossing: New Horizons (@NintendoAmerica), and Marvel’s Avengers (@PlayAvengers).
  • During E3 itself last week, the most-tweeted-about games were Pokemon (@Pokemon), Fortnite (@FortniteGame), Splatoon (@SplatoonJP), Super Smash Bros.
  • Even though the show floor closed on Thursday, there was still plenty of action in Los Angeles, with the Fortnite Summer Block Party & Call of Duty World League Anaheim taking place over the weekend.

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