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Articles related to "lockdown"

The science of why lockdown barely affected global temperatures

  • With so many cars parked, aeroplanes grounded and factories closed, global carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions fell by around 17% compared with the same period in 2019.
  • These particles offset some of the heating caused by greenhouse gases such as CO₂ by reflecting sunlight back into space, in a process known as global dimming.
  • We fed into the model the best estimates of how much emissions of SO₂, black carbon and NOₓ fell from industry, transport and aircraft for the period between mid-February and mid-June.
  • Our model simulations showed that reductions of these different pollutants only had a small and temporary influence on the climate, overall, in part due to their opposing effects.
  • Other regions, such as eastern China, saw more heating overall, as they had some of the largest reductions in industrial SO₂ emissions.

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The pandemic has created a second crisis in India — the rise of child trafficking

  • He and his friends had been given 500 rupees (about $7) by a man in their village to "go on vacation" in Jaipur, said the boy, who CNN is calling Mujeeb because Indian law forbids naming suspected victims of child trafficking.
  • His father, a daily wage laborer, lost his job during the lockdown leaving the family with very little to eat, said Aman, whose identity cannot be revealed under Indian laws to protect trafficked minors.
  • If Mujeeb and Aman hadn't been rescued by police on their way to Jaipur, they might have ended up like Nishad, a 12-year-old boy who was allegedly forced to work in a bangle factory under brutal conditions.
  • In Jaipur, 50 children were rescued in the last two weeks of August, said Police Inspector Rajendra Khandelwal, whose anti-human trafficking unit conducted the raids on Nishad's factory.

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Tens of millions across Europe brace for tough new restrictions as coronavirus cases soar

  • London (CNN) - Tens of millions more people across Europe face tougher coronavirus restrictions going into the weekend as countries across the region battle to bring down rising infection rates.
  • France's night-time coronavirus curfew will be extended more widely in the country from Saturday, with 46 million French people affected, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced Thursday.
  • France reported a new record for daily coronavirus infections with 41,622 new cases in the past 24 hours, according to numbers released by the French Health Agency on Thursday.
  • A night-time curfew will also come into force from Saturday in areas of Greece seeing the highest rates of infection and masks will become mandatory outdoors.
  • Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who announced the new restrictions in a televised address to the nation Thursday, said Greece was in better shape than most European countries but warned that tough months lie ahead.

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How Andrews convinced Melbourne to embrace captivity

  • Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews managed to convince Melburnians there was no alternative to the strict lockdown.
  • As the city's epic lockdown finally draws to an end, many Melburnians are worried about returning to the office.
  • In the meantime, Andrews has convinced most Melburnians there was no alternative to the strict lockdown.
  • In late August, 57 per cent of Victorians surveyed by Roy Morgan Research said Melbourne residents should not be allowed to visit the homes of their immediate family members.
  • Many living in Andrews' Victoria would conclude the European response was irresponsible.
  • Scott Morrison will consider alternative quarantine arrangements to get Aussies home; anti-lockdown protestors have again taken to Melbourne's streets; ASIC chairman James Shipton has stepped aside.
  • As Victoria finally emerges from its long pandemic winter there are calls for a new national road map to guide how we live with COVID-19 in 2021.

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Czech PM apologizes as country suffers in Europe's second coronavirus wave

  • The Czech leader's contrition came as other European nations, including Germany and Poland, reported record daily new case numbers, and Ireland prepared to impose the strictest lockdown in Europe.
  • The nation of 10 million is now reporting more new Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people than any major country in the world.
  • Germany's center for disease control, the Robert Koch Institute, on Thursday reported a record high number of daily coronavirus cases, with 11,287 new cases in a single day.
  • Measured against their populations, the Czech Republic and Belgium are seeing the highest number of new coronavirus cases worldwide, according to a CNN analysis of data from JHU and the World Health Organization.
  • As of October 16, both countries were reporting a daily average of more than 800 new cases per million of their populations, with the Czech Republic at 817 and Belgium tallying 811.

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MyDeal stock set to soar on Friday debut

  • Home and garden e-commerce marketplace MyDeal is expected to pop on its first day of trade on the stock exchange after the initial public offering was many times oversubscribed and no investors received their full allocation.
  • The lack of female board members did not deter institutional investors from buying into the online shopping business, with the likes of Wilson Asset Management and Ellerston Capital among the shareholders.
  • Ellerston Capital portfolio manager David Keelan told The Australian Financial Review there was significant interest in e-commerce businesses in the current environment, especially after the performance of companies such as Kogan and Temple & Webster.
  • The founder, who will retain a 49 per cent stake, said diversifying its board would be a priority once the company was listed and highlighted that the e-commerce business' small group of employees come from 10 different countries.

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Why the lockdown challenge is doomed

  • The case being argued on behalf of hotelier Julian Gerner relies on the Court accepting the novel idea that there is a constitutional right to freedom of movement within a state which could override the power of the states to enact laws for "peace, welfare and good government".
  • The Court has set down two days – November 6 and 9 – for a hearing after the Victorian government said on Tuesday that it would demur on the facts so the case could proceed on the constitutional point alone.
  • Professor Anne Twomey, of Sydney University, said the High Court had never recognised a freedom of movement, and only Justice Lionel Murphy – 43 years ago – had suggested that such a freedom might be protected by the constitution.

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