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Articles related to "logic"

ExpressJS Project Structure

  • For this post I want to show you how to build a proper project structure for your ExpressJS application, that will scale and is robust.
  • The folders models, views, and controllers are at the very core of the application functionality and is meant to use the programming design pattern "MVC".
  • As I mention in the previous blog post, I like to keep application configuration and logic separate from the router engine.
  • We still need to add requirements for some of our configuration files and the router, but all that comes later.
  • It tells express to use a function, express.static("assets"), on requests to the "http://localhost:3000/assets" address and serve the folder "assets" as static content to the client.
  • To test the server, I want to have a HTML file in the assets folder, that prints out a simple message, so I can see that everything runs correctly so far.

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Books on Critical Thinking

  • In recent years, it’s been very common to include discussion of cognitive biases—the psychological mistakes we make in reasoning and the tendencies we have to think in certain patterns which don’t give us reliably good results.
  • That’s another aspect: focussing on the cognitive biases is a part of what’s sometimes called ‘informal logic’, the sorts of reasoning errors that people make, which can be described as fallacious.
  • Once you’re familiar with the notion of a weak analogy, it’s a term that you can use to draw attention to a comparison between two things which aren’t actually alike in the respects that somebody is implying they are.
  • It’s a brilliant book that summarizes their psychological research on cognitive biases (or its patterns of thinking) which all of us are prone to, which aren’t reliable.

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