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Articles related to "long"

The first day of fall is here and here are 5 things you probably didn't know

  • Fall, like all of the seasons, is caused by the Earth's tilt in relation to the sun.
  • While leaves have the potential to be yellow and orange (and sometimes purple or red) all year long, seeing the colors during other seasons is not likely.
  • In spring and summer, the pigment chlorophyll gives leaves their green color.
  • At the end of summer, the decreased daylight and cooler temperatures cause chlorophyll to break down and that exposes other pigments that cause the brilliant yellow, orange, red leaves of fall.
  • Because "harvest" also meant the gathering of ripe crops, when the word "autumn" showed up in English writing its popularity soared.
  • The word "autumn" still remained popular throughout England's period of colonizing the world.
  • We're here -- the time of year when your favorite snacks hit store shelves (and Starbucks) in pumpkin-spice flavors.

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Inside the UK factory where 1,000 MINIs are made every day

  • The MINI factory in Oxford assembles 1000 cars a day.
  • Each MINI starts as a series of steel panels, these panels are imported each day from the MINI plant in Swindon.
  • The Swindon Plant uses 100,000 tonnes of steel a year.
  • Around 1,000 robots are used to weld each mini body before it's painted.
  • It takes 4 litres of paint to cover each MINI and they can take up to 14 hours to paint.
  • Once it's been painted the car is ready for the assembly line.
  • This line is over 1.7 kilometres long.
  • Engines are built in the Hams Hall factory, this factory works 24 hours a day and can produce one car engine every minute.
  • Before they're sold the MINIs go through rigorous testing, enduring 50 litres of simulated rainfall and temperature conditions of -40°C to 90°C.

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FEMA's Brock Long will reimburse for misuse of government vehicles

  • Washington (CNN) - Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Friday that Brock Long, the administrator for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, will reimburse the federal government as appropriate for his non-official use of government vehicles.
  • As a result of the inspector general's findings, Nielsen has directed FEMA and DHS to conduct reviews of policies and programs related to the issue.
  • Earlier this month, a senior administration official confirmed to CNN that the DHS inspector general was examining whether Long had misused government vehicles and personnel for the six-hour drives between his home in North Carolina and FEMA headquarters in Washington.
  • Politico first reported the story.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that the White House considered terminating Long over the matter, but chief of staff John Kelly decided to leave Long in his role until the internal watchdog's final report was completed.
  • Long has said he won't resign over the investigation.

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Trump's attack on Kavanaugh's accuser creates a nightmare scenario for the GOP

  • After a week of reportedly taking the advice of his White House aides and treading carefully around sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump on Friday appeared to have had enough.
  • The White House has so far declined to comment on Trump's tweets attacking Ford, or to answer questions about how they will help to further its monthslong effort to get Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court.
  • According to the Department of Justice's most recent crime statistics, rape and sexual assault are less likely than any other category of violent crime to be reported to police.
  • The more vicious the attacks against Ford become, said Volkov, the harder it will be for Republicans in Congress and the White House to present a unified front going into a possible hearing next week.

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Juggling Multiple Languages Simultaneously

  • I've been coding Javascript, Ruby and Go almost everyday for the past few months and I'm just wondering if in the long run it hurts my chances of learning expertise in either of them.
  • I clearly feel the "switches" I have to make daily.
  • Plus, is the "jack of all trades, master of none" problem a real and significant one?
  • I think it will help more than hurt.
  • Sometimes when you’re too caught up in one language you sometimes mistake that language’s best practices for programming best practices.
  • Too much context switching could hurt your productivity but I wouldn’t worry about long term problems.
  • Also, as somebody who wrote C, C++, and C# at the same time (and sometimes compiled into the same binary), I can say programming like that really forces you to understand how the languages work and how it all ties into how computers work.

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PayPal bans Alex Jones, saying he “promoted hate”

  • Payment processing giant PayPal has cut off the account of Alex Jones—the latest in a long line of technology companies to cut ties with the radio host and online provocateur.
  • PayPal has given Jones' site, Infowars, 10 days to find a new payment processor.
  • Alex Jones has now been banned from a long list of high-profile technology platforms.
  • Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube all recently removed Jones' accounts from their platforms, and Apple and Spotify have blacklisted Jones' podcasts.
  • So far, most technology platforms have insisted that these Jones bans are not about fake news but rather about Jones' hate speech.
  • However, the platforms have not always been very specific about which of Jones' many inflammatory comments have crossed the line into hate speech.
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Tensegrity (1961)

  • Because I have been fortunate enough to have been befriended by many artists of extraordinary individual and original conceptual initiative, and because I have had the further good fortune to have gained long-time experience, not only in patent-law, but in patent-securing, -maintenance, and the broad economic ramifications of patent-holding in the most recent era of massive government and massive corporation (made more difficult by the shroud of official secrecy embracing the unprecedented technical acceleration of our era), I am eager to discuss the economic security of the artists and their potential joining of forces, as did the medical profession long ago, in the advantageous realizations for world democracy inherent in the artist-joined anticipatory competence.

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'Destiny 2: Forsaken' Is a Massive, Vital Expansion—But It Lost Me

  • Destiny 2: Forsaken begins with a bang, as it kills one of its star characters, Cayde-6, a smart-alec gunslingin' scout who was never as funny or as interesting as Bungie thought he was.
  • This all sounds well and good, and it comes with some stellar story missions, some truly creative long-term content ideas, and a bevy of improvements that Destiny 2 has needed since its start.
  • Since its release last year, Destiny 2 has felt stifled, as if all the smartest improvements the original Destiny made to its systems over the years had been carved away or simply ignored in the quest to give players of Bungie's scifi shooter a fresh start.
  • As a long-time lover of Bungie's games, I felt Destiny's hooks in me early, and I stuck with it for years, through a long and increasingly predictable series of revivals.

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Ripple (XRP) ‘Flippens’ Ethereum, Becomes 2nd-Largest Cryptocurrency

  • A “Flippening” has once again arrived in the cryptocurrency markets, but — much to the chagrin of ethereum investors — it’s not the one that ETH holders have long anticipated.
  • Bolstered by a seemingly-parabolic rally not seen since January, ripple (XRP) has managed to unseat ethereum as the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.
  • According to CoinMarketCap, XRP currently has a total valuation of $23.9 billion, placing it more than $400 million ahead of ethereum.
  • The ripple price has risen an astounding 64 percent in the past day, capping off a week-long rally of more than 113 percent.
  • As CCN reported, XRP briefly surpassed ethereum’s market cap in December and early January, when investor mania and the “Kimchi Premium” drove its price as high as $3.84 and made ripple the first cryptocurrency after bitcoin to achieve a $100 billion market cap.

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Trump's trade war: 'The midterms will change nothing'

  • While Donald Trump took a summer break last month at his opulent Bedminster golf resort outside New York, China's leaders spent their down time in a huddle calculating how to play the President on trade.
  • The Chinese government and media are typically silent on what happens there, but according to AFR Weekend's source, the leadership team came to several conclusions about how they would manage the worsening tariff dispute with Washington, which has drawn fierce criticism from businesses, sent Chinese stocks into a bear market and shaken comfortable assumptions about trade flows around the globe.
  • Once the new round of tariffs take effect next Tuesday, Trump will have levied trade restrictions on 12 per cent of US imports during 2018, according to Chad Bown at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington.

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