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Articles related to "long"

The Secrets of Lyndon Johnson’s Archives

  • In 1959, when I went to work for Newsday, on Long Island, the paper had a managing editor named Alan Hathway, who was an old-time newspaperman from the nineteen-twenties.
  • At the time, Newsday did not publish on Sundays, so as low man on the totem pole I worked Saturday afternoons and nights, because if a story came in then I could put the information in a memo and leave the actual writing to the real reporters who came in on Sunday.
  • I took an elevator up to the library’s tenth floor, to be interviewed by an archivist and given a card admitting me to the library’s Reading Room, where researchers had their desks; the card was good for a year, and would have to be renewed at the end of that time.

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I attended Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway's 5-hour, $165 creativity workshop that people have called a 'scam.' Here's what it was like inside

  • While many of us were making resolutions to bring in the New Year, Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway was paving the way for her redemption tour.
  • Details emerged that Calloway, who has more than 800,000 Instagram followers, was wholly unprepared for the tour and even made people bring their own food to events.
  • Her long captions read like excerpts from a young adult novel, and publishers agreed: Calloway nabbed a $500,000 deal with Flatiron Books in 2015 to write a memoir called "And We Were Like," based off the life she detailed on Instagram.
  • Instead of posts, Calloway informs followers about her day-to-day life through long Instagram Stories.
  • In a 1,500-word email I and other interested attendees received, Calloway shared the detailed itinerary for the five-hour workshop.
  • During the workshop, Calloway said her class would cover topics like resiliency, creativity, heartbreak, and authenticity.

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22 unique, low-key gifts to celebrate your first Valentine's Day as a couple

  • It shows that you listen when they rant about their tiring commute, are well-aware of their cold brew habit, and know that they love taking a long bath at the end of the day but have nowhere to put a wine glass.
  • Send your flame a candle or three from a cool new startup known for its beautiful — and gift-ready — packaging.
  • Pick the Valentine's Day edition and your gift will be delivered in a box that has collage artwork and a festive note card with a poem by Alison Malee.
  • Though it's small and inexpensive, going to the effort of ordering something unique off of Etsy instead of stopping in at the Walgreens near their house goes a long way.
  • Vinebox sends a personalized wine flight to their door four times per year (six months equals two boxes) that's curated based on their personal tastes and preferences.

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Boeing’s Flying Taxi Prototype Takes to the Air (Briefly)

  • Replace the wheels with heavy-duty helicopter skids, add four buzzing drone-like electric fans to each one, and you’ll have something like Boeing’s prototype flying taxi.
  • It's a slightly ungainly looking setup for a flying machine, which are usually sleek and streamlined, but it has just completed a short, first test flight, and it has the lofty goal of being the sort of machine you could hail to get a traffic-skipping ride across town in a few years time.
  • To get any sort of usable range, they can’t just fly like a quadcopter drone: They need to combine the vertical takeoff or landing style of a helicopter with the more energy-efficient flight of a plane, which uses wings for lift.
  • A combination of electric propulsion, lightweight materials, autonomous control, and a ride-sharing business model, mean this fanciful vision of flying cars for everyone could finally become a reality.

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Google planning changes to Chrome that could break ad blockers

  • The move also means that popular ad blocking extensions such as uBlock Origin and uMatrix will, according to their developer, no longer work.
  • With this new API, instead of having the browser ask the extension what to do with each and every request, the extension declares to the browser "block requests that look like X, redirect requests that look like Y, and allow everything else." These declarations can use some simple wildcards but are otherwise very simple.
  • Manifest V3 isn't finalized yet, and even once it is implemented, there will be a period during which extensions can continue to use the current APIs. However, the way things stand, it appears that a wide range of extensions are going to become considerably less capable—and may even stop working altogether—within the near future.

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Shutdown enters 33rd day with no breakthrough in sight as US Senate sets votes

  • There was no sign of quick relief for 800,000 federal workers going without pay because of the partial government shutdown as the U.S. Senate scheduled votes on competing proposals to end the month-long impasse that both faced long odds.
  • Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he planned to hold a vote on Thursday on a Democratic proposal that would fund the government for three weeks but does not include the $5.7 billion in U.S.-Mexico border wall funding demanded by President Donald Trump.
  • McConnell also planned to hold a vote on legislation that would include border wall funding and relief for "Dreamers," people brought illegally to the United States as children, a compromise Trump proposed on Saturday.
  • Trump planned to move forward on delivering his State of the Union address next Tuesday, despite House Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi's recommendation that he delay it since government agencies responsible for providing security were affected by the shutdown.

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Road to OCIv2 Images: What's Wrong with Tar?

  • This is the first of a series of articles I will be writing over the coming weeks, which will outline an improvement to the Open Container Initiative (OCI) image format in order to provide the properties that you want.
  • There is also another important point to notice – OCI images use a content-addressable store as their backbone storage mechanism (index.json is an “entry point” to the store – and is what contains the tags in most cases).
  • These facts will become important later, when we talk about a new container image format that is built on top of the OCI content-addressable store (smart pointers and the ability to add new media-types will help us out).
  • Now, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying – my point here is not “it’s old, so it’s bad.” tar is the obvious choice for an archive format, due to its long history and ubiquity, and writing a custom format with no justification would be a borderline reckless thing to do.

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Supersonic bomber crashes in Russia's northwest

  • The accident occurred at 1:40 p.m.
  • (5:40 a.m. ET) as the long-range bomber was attempting to land, according to Russian state news agency TASS, citing law enforcement officials.
  • The warplane had four crew members onboard: the commander, co-pilot, navigator and operator.
  • Two crew members have died and two have survived, according to law enforcement officials, TASS reported.
  • The Tupolev Tu-22M3 is a supersonic long-range bomber which entered service in Russia during the 1980s.
  • The aircraft is capable of performing nuclear strikes as well as conventional attacks and anti-ship missions, according to Jane's by IHS Markit.
  • President Vladimir Putin claimed last year that Russia would soon unveil new weaponry that can render NATO defenses "completely useless," including a new hypersonic missile system.
  • The Avangard hypersonic system was tested from the Dombarovsky military airbase in southwest Russia, reported TASS.

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GitHub after Microsoft: How it has changed

  • Long a major hub of open source development, GitHub became part of Microsoft at the end of October 2018.
  • Early in the acquisition process, Microsoft made it clear that it intended to let GitHub remain its own business, an independent subsidiary that would work with the rest of the company.
  • Even so, ensuring that GitHub remains independent is essential for it to keep its place as a neutral hub for open source development, where individuals and companies share code with the community.
  • Although many observers expected GitHub to double down on Microsoft’s traditional enterprise users, instead it’s refocused on its open source community.
  • That’s not surprising, because one of the key reasons for Microsoft buying the service was ensuring that it would have a long-term future as a hub for Microsoft’s own open source projects.

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Tesla Layoffs Spur Market Blowback: Have Social Justice Warriors Started Day Trading?

  • The stock price of Tesla did feel the shock wave of that ill-advised tweet, but rallied and overtook its previous peak in a matter of days.
  • Which left Tesla traders about a month’s respite until the stock went through another brief panic sell-off in September when Elon Musk took a puff off a joint on the Joe Rogan podcast streaming live to YouTube.
  • If you are investing in Tesla on the basis that Elon Musk is a completely flawless, one hundred percent perfect person, maybe even like a perfect super intelligent robot android from another planet, who never makes mistakes or does anything stupid, then after events like this is a good time to panic and sell shares of Tesla.
  • He created a very competitive environment at GE, fired the worst performing workers and managers, and canceled the least important projects to cut costs and focus on operations that bring growth.

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