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Articles related to "look"

Exit the Haunted Forest

  • Give more weight to the opinions of direct contributors—you’ll sometimes hear objections to a rewrite from people who haven’t worked directly on the bad code but have opinions about it anyway.
  • Documenting the current behavior of the old system is good because it helps inform the design of the new system and identifies potential points of interaction with users.
  • Instead, follow the four basic principles of any big migration: identify how users interact with the existing system, insert strong API boundaries between subsystems, make changes intentionally, and work incrementally.
  • If there’s no single correct behavior, it’s fine to settle for “predictable,” or at least “deterministic.” You are guaranteed to discover that some of the old system’s obvious bugs are not obviously bugs to its users, and catching that early may be the difference between a small revert commit and an emergency rollback in production.

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Here's what a Sanders-Trump map could look like

  • Washington (CNN) - With Bernie Sanders looking more and more like the potential Democratic presidential nominee, the good people at the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia have released their first take on what the electoral map might look like in a matchup between the senator from Vermont and President Donald Trump.
  • The map allots 260 electoral votes to Trump, 248 to Sanders and puts 30 in the pure toss-up category.
  • How does that compare with the current Center for Politics map featuring a race between an unknown Democrat and Trump?
  • That map produces 248 electoral votes for each side, with 42 in the pure toss-up category.
  • And of course, a first-look map at a general election matchup between Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016 would almost certainly have shown a strong advantage to the former secretary of state.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 gameplay reveal: A huge leap past THAC0, early access in 2020

  • The original Baldur's Gate video games had players respond mostly with scripted dialogue, but now players pick phrases that sound like what you might say to your Dungeon Master at a game table: "I said that it was my business, not his" or, "I suggested there might be another way in." Your chosen hero will occasionally speak out loud in clear fashion, but more often, the game lets you imagine your exact word choice as a role player.
  • The hour-long look at the adventure, and at how it lets players engage in an epic, dice-filled adaptation of D&D's rulesets, has us convinced that Larian is on the right track for this game's 2020 early access launch; though the show included a vague promise of a launch "in a couple of months," we won't hold our breath until we hear about a firmer launch window.

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This $626,000, 800-horsepower Mercedes-based pickup has a drone landing pad - Business Insider

  • Tuning company Brabus — whose specialty is Mercedes-Benz customization and whose creations include a hot-rodded Smart Car and an 900-horsepower Maybach — is at it again.
  • This week, the company announced a bonkers new pickup truck based on the already-excessive Mercedes-AMG G 63, and it makes some of the tuner's previous projects look modest in comparison.
  • The truck, dubbed the "800 Adventure XLP," packs a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 that's been tuned to generate a claimed 800 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque, according to Brabus.
  • That's creeping toward what the 840-horspower Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, known as a street-legal dragster, can make, and Brabus claims the behemoth races to 62 mph in less than five seconds.
  • Business Insider has reached out to Brabus for official pricing and will update this story accordingly.

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Taxi boss says Ola and Didi won't catch Uber

  • The chief executive of the company which operates the 13cabs taxi network says new ride-sharing entrants like Ola and Didi will find it very hard to make inroads into the powerful position established by Uber because they are only competing on price.
  • Mr Skelton says there won't be room in the end for all of the new ride-sharing firms in the market, with Ola and Didi effectively trying to claw away customers from Uber with price-driven strategies.
  • Mr Skelton said the 13cabs brand was resonating with consumers after heavy marketing investment and improvements in technology.
  • Mr Skelton said A2B Ltd would make small cost savings from the dismantling of private radio networks used by taxis which had been use for decades in Sydney and Newcastle, with the company shfiting to public networks which offered better prospects for technology upgrades.

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Trump campaign files libel lawsuit against The New York Times over 2019 opinion piece on Russia

  • New York (CNN Business) - President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign on Wednesday escalated its feud with the news media to new heights, filing a libel lawsuit against The New York Times in which it alleged the newspaper "knowingly published false and defamatory statements" in a March 2019 opinion piece.
  • The March 2019 piece at issue, written by Max Frankel, a former executive editor of The Times, was titled "The Real Trump-Russia Quid Pro Quo." It was published in The Times' opinion section, which is separate from the organization's newsroom and falls under different leadership.
  • The Trump campaign further alleged The Times published the opinion piece "knowing it would misinform and mislead its own readers" because the newspaper harbors "extreme bias and animosity" toward the Trump campaign.

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Website Designing Process - Beginner's Guide

  • First of all, you have to decide what is the purpose of the website you are going to build because it will help you in creating an awesome and attractive website.
  • Let's say we are going to create a design for an online store who sells baby products, so it the purpose of our website.
  • Decide what colours you are going to use and what type of structure and feel are going to create in this website project.
  • After deciding the basic points for our project, we have to decide how we are going to keep our website code and design files so that it does not look messy to other developers and designers who are going to collaborate, it will help you in the future to understand how you created this project if something has to be updated in the future on this website.

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The best men's watches under $500

  • The Tissot T-Classic Tradition was so close to being our top overall pick, but the G-Shock's toughness saw it knocked into second place, as the beautiful minimalist style makes it suitable to wear with anything, at any time.
  • Some people consider smartwatches in a class of their own because of its many other features, but I'm including it on this list because it checks off the two primary requirements of a traditional watch: telling time and being worn on the wrist.
  • In addition to simply telling the time, the Apple Watch is great for tracking workouts, monitoring your heart rate, checking the weather, quickly replying to text messages, answering phone calls, changing your music, and more — the list of features goes on.

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The iPhone 11 is available in 6 colors, including purple for the first time ever — here's how to decide

  • The iPhone 11 comes in six colors: purple, yellow, green, white, black, and (Product) Red. Here are some tips and considerations to help you make a choice that fits your style.
  • White might show scuffs more easily than a darker color, so white says that you're committed to keeping your phone looking brand new.
  • This pastel color will show scuffs easily, so you'll probably want a case, or you'll need to be extra careful.
  • While the other bright colors are more pastel-hued, the Product Red phone is a brighter scene-stealer.
  • Apple's new purple option is more of a lavender, completing the trio of pastel options on the iPhone 11.
  • This cute, light purple says that you don't mind all eyes on you, but you're a little more whimsical than the Product Red buyer.

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Optoma CinemaX P1 review: A stunning 4K projector with terrible apps

  • I was curious to see how they compare with 4K TVs and regular projectors, so I got hold of Optoma's $3,700 CinemaX P1 paired with its $1,300, 100-inch ambient light-rejecting ALR101 screen.
  • At the same time, it promised much greater brightness and sharpness than long-throw projectors, along with built-in media powers.
  • It offers very high brightness, good contrast levels and excellent color accuracy, especially with HDR content.
  • So a short-throw projector has to pre-distort the image so that it looks rectangular on the wall, making the lens a pretty crucial component.
  • Still, if you're getting any short-throw projector and plan to use it in a room with ambient light, I'd recommend as large an ALR screen as you can afford.
  • Many long-throw projectors have a problem with the "rainbow effect," where folks see prism-like colors when they look away from the screen.

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