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Articles related to "looks"

Punkt announces MP02, an LTE version of its super-minimalist phone

  • We were introduced to Swiss company Punkt’s MP01 phone during the recent minimalist phone trend, which brought us the new wave of “dumbphones” that do nothing but call and text.
  • Now the company has responded to customer critiques like, “It’s not very good for calling and texting,” by releasing a second version of its phone called the MP02.
  • The new model looks pretty much identical to its predecessor, but now it’s upgraded from 2G to 4G LTE, and adds Blackberry encryption and threaded text messaging.
  • The old MP01 is still being sold on Punkt’s site after taking a price cut, but it’s likely that the MP02 came about since 2G networks are shutting down across the world and will render the MP01 unusable.
  • Besides calling and texting, you can also enjoy a clock, notes app, calendar, and calculator, which is what the phone looks like anyway.

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Tivoli’s beautiful $200 speaker isn’t ready for the outdoors – or anywhere, really

  • Tivoli Audio has been making gorgeous looking speakers and music systems for nearly 20 years now, using materials like wood and leather in their retro designs.
  • It’s taken a slightly different approach with its new Andiamo Go Andiamo speaker, which looks like nothing else on the market.
  • That’s right, you can’t charge the Andiamo with any sort of USB cable – you’ll have to use the chunky adaptor that’s included instead.
  • But between its design choices for a portable speaker, its dependence on a non-standard adaptor, poor sound quality, and high price, the Andiamo is hard for me to recommend.
  • If you’re still keen on the Andiamo because you’re shallow and want a sexy looking speaker, head over to Amazon US, where it’s available for $200, or find it on Tivoli Audio’s site.

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Ford is investing rapidly in the US and will have the 'freshest showrooms in the industry by 2020,' an exec says

  • Last month, Ford decided to abandon a strategy of importing a new small vehicle, the Focus Active, to the US from China because Trump administration tariffs would have undermined the car's profitability.
  • Trump celebrated the decision on Twitter by suggesting that Ford could now build the Focus Active in the US, but the carmaker quickly pointed out that domestic manufacturing of a vehicle that was expected to sell just 50,000 units a year didn't make sense.
  • Ford is revamping its lineup of vehicles in the US, effectively ending new investments in sedans and going all-in with the SUVs, crossover, and pickup trucks that consumers are demanding (the iconic Mustang muscle car will also remain in the portfolio).
  • The new Lincoln Navigator full-size SUV is also in such high demand that Galhotra said Ford can't keep the vehicle on dealers' lots.

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Richard Gere is set to become a father again at 69

  • The 69-year-old actor looks set to become a father again, according to an Instagram post from his wife.
  • Alejandra Silva,35, posted a photo Sunday that appeared to show the Dalai Lama and her husband touching her baby bump.
  • Gere, a Buddhist, is a longtime friend of Tibet's exiled spiritual leader.
  • There was speculation last month that Gere and Silva, who reportedly married in April, were expecting their first child together.
  • Gere was married to supermodel Cindy Crawford from 1991 to 1995 and actress Carey Lowell from 2002 to 2013.
  • Gere and Lowell have an 18-year-old son, Homer.
  • Silva was married to geologist and executive Govind Friedland from 2012 to 2015, and they share a 5-year-old son, Albert.
  • In March, she shared a photo on Instagram of Gere carrying her son on his shoulders.

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I swore I'd never give up my iPhone 6S — but now I can't wait to upgrade to the new iPhone XR

  • Plus, Apple's new phones over the last two years haven't really thrilled me.
  • But when Apple unveiled the iPhone XR at its annual hardware event on Wednesday, everything changed — all of a sudden, I was marking my calendar for October 19, when the new phone is available to preorder.
  • It'll start at $750; lower than the $999 price of the higher-end iPhone XS.
  • With the iPhone XR, Apple copied one of the best features of the Google Pixel: building an incredible rear camera that only requires one lens.
  • The $750 starting price is a full $150 less than the iPhone XS, and $350 less than the iPhone XS Max. Out of all of the phones in Apple's current lineup, the iPhone XR easily the smartest buy.

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