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Articles related to "lost"

Myths around mental illness are harmful — and can cause higher rates of unemployment

  • Even though mental illness affects one in five adults — and depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide — secrecy and stigma around the issue continue.
  • I'm an expert on mental health, and I have found that to dispel stigmas surrounding mental health in the workplace, researchers like me need first to tackle several myths.
  • This increases the victimization of mentally ill people, as it augments the suffering of those already afflicted by stigma.
  • Finally and sometimes fatally, the myth persists that speaking about mental illness increases stigma.
  • Stigma creates for people with mental illness conditions for social exclusion, employment discrimination, victimhood to violent crime and increased suffering, which can lead to self-stigma, poor self-care and greater depression and suicide.
  • Workplace interventions to interrupt the secrecy and stigma surrounding mental illness can be effective.

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