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Articles related to "love"

Want to win Eurovision? Write a nice, slow song about love

  • Love was the prominent theme in a massive 69% of Eurovision entries in the past decade, but it featured in an even higher proportion (83%) of top-three entries, found musicologists Joe Bennett of the Berklee College of Music in the US and Simon Troup of music publisher Digital Music Art UK.
  • Eurovision winners are slowing down, they note, with the average tempo of the top three scoring songs dropping from 148 beats per minute in 2010 to just 76 beats per minute last year.
  • The research was commissioned by Netflix to promote its polarizing movie "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga," which premiered on Friday.
  • "We regret this situation very much, but I can promise you: the Eurovision Song Contest will come back stronger than ever," organizers said when they announced the news.

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Byte Me #17: LGBTQ+ rights in Georgia, straight allyship, and Twitch predators

  • Our mission is to educate people on social issues, sexuality, homophobia and transphobia, mental health, and sexism by creating a safe space especially for young women and queer individuals.
  • We believe in the coming years we’ll also be able to celebrate Pride more openly, and with the help of Grlzwave, change the societal way of thinking and increase acceptance of queer individuals.
  • Georgina: Grlzwave is a creative platform to get young people to be more open-minded and self-accepting — do you think this is the biggest issue when it comes to allyship?
  • Every community in different environments face a different set of issues in their everyday lives — it’s very important to start advocating for LGBTQ+ rights outside of your own “bubble.” Start a conversation with people who are on the verge of being homophobic.

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