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Articles related to "mac"

Apple updates Final Cut Pro and iMovie to reformat videos for 64-bit macOS

  • Now the company is releasing updates to its video editing apps Final Cut Pro and iMovie, as well as helper apps Compressor and Motion, all designed to help Mac users transition previously developed videos into formats that will be readable on future macOS machines.
  • For Final Cut Pro and iMovie, these updates enable the apps to detect potentially incompatible media files and convert them into compatible formats.
  • It’s unclear at this stage whether Apple will transition all of the legacy apps and plug-ins found in macOS 10.14 over to macOS 10.15, or simply leave some of them behind; the company’s history and this move to start converting old video and Motion projects suggests the latter.
  • Some developers expect that significant changes may be made to Apple’s long-running QuickTime plug-in system, which currently supports a number of older video formats but may be culled or killed to improve overall Mac performance.

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Here are the 7 best features in 'Mojave,' Apple's latest Mac software

  • Not only will it help you stay organized and get work done more efficiently, it also features several aesthetic choices to make using a Mac more visually pleasing.
  • The Mac finally has a true dark mode thanks to macOS Mojave.
  • In macOS Mojave, a new feature called "Stacks" instantly organizes all the random contents on your desktop into neat little batches of documents located on the right side of the screen.
  • The best part is that your stacks will stay organized, regardless of how many documents you add to your desktop.
  • Apple redesigned the Mac App Store from the ground up for MacOS Mojave.
  • The new Discover, Create, Work, Play, and Develop tabs help you explore the apps you don't have, or get more out of apps you already have.

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Microsoft ships antivirus for macOS as Windows Defender becomes Microsoft Defender

  • Apple has integrated some malware protection into macOS, but we've heard from developers on the platform that Mac users aren't always very good at keeping their systems on the latest point release.
  • Defender ATP for Windows tracks various system behaviors and reports them to the ATP cloud service, which can be used to detect threats even without identifying any specific piece of malware.
  • Microsoft's system-management software can already report on systems that are using insecure configurations or running out-of-date software, but Defender ATP's new Threat & Vulnerability Management will expand this.
  • The various risk factors will be prioritized according to the current threat landscape—for example, updating systems running insecure software versions becomes more pressing if there's active exploitation in the wild—so that administrators can focus on the software updates and configuration changes that offer the most bang for their buck in terms of improving their exposure to risks.

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Apple Debuts First Update to iMac Desktop Computer in Almost 2 Years

  • The new 4K 21.5-inch models are up to 60 percent faster with 8th-generation quad-core chips, while the 5K 27-inch versions are up to 2.4 times faster with 9th-generation eight-core Intel processors, Apple said Tuesday.
  • The new 21.5-inch iMac will still start at $1,299, while the larger-screened model will sell for $1,799.
  • Apple is also still selling a 21.5-inch iMac without a 4K or 5K screen for $1,099.
  • Last year, the company introduced a revamped MacBook Air and Mac mini.
  • It’s planning to launch a new Mac Pro, Apple’s highest-end desktop without a built-in screen, as early as June, Bloomberg has reported.
  • The Mac hasn’t been Apple’s most important product for decades, taking a back seat to devices like the iPhone.
  • The new iMacs are Apple’s second product launch this week, following the new iPad Air and iPad mini introduction on Monday.

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Apple iMac 2019: Specs, Price, Release Date

  • It can also be configured with a Radeon Pro Vega 20 graphics card, the same option that’s available on Apple’s top-of-the-line 15-inch MacBook Pro. The 27-inch iMac, which has a 5K display, will have even more oomph.
  • It’s configurable up to an eight-core, ninth-generation Intel Core i9 processor with Turbo Boost up to 5.0GHz. This is the first Mac, desktop or otherwise, to run on Intel’s ninth-generation processors, the latest from the chip maker.
  • The 27-inch iMac will also ship with the option of a Radeon Pro Vega 48 graphics card with 8 gigabytes of high-bandwidth memory.
  • This is not only a notable update from the Radeon Pro graphics cards it shipped with before, it’s also nearing the graphics capabilities of the 27-inch iMac Pro, which ships with a Radeon Pro Vega 56 graphics processor and 8 gigabytes of high-bandwidth memory.

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I tried Apple's recently updated Mini Mac — and it's the way to go if you're looking for macOS desktop on a budget

  • It boasts the same design as the previous Mac mini, but has updated ports, updated internal specs, and is a much better option in 2019.
  • In general, despite the fact that the Mac mini design has been around for a while, it's a good-looking device.
  • Of course, it'll cost a pretty penny to upgrade those specs — but if you're looking for power in a macOS computer, it's a good option.
  • The device was easily able to handle that — much more easily than the aging 2012 MacBook Pro I was using for that before getting the Mac mini.
  • If you're looking for a desktop powered by macOS and don't want to spend the money on an iMac, then the Mac mini is the way to go.

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