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Articles related to "macbook"

I turned my iPad Pro into a veritable MacBook with this $150 Bluetooth keyboard — here's what using it was like

  • Its keys are the same shape and size as the ones on Apple's last-generation MacBook Pro, or current MacBook Air, and a dedicated row of function keys make adjusting the iPad's volume and screen brightness a quick tap away.
  • Slide the iPad Pro into the hinges, and what you end up with is something that looks shockingly similar to a current-generation MacBook, although one that's actually a little heavier and thicker (when closed) than Apple's thinnest laptop.
  • In fact, after testing it out, I actually prefer the feel of Brydge's keys to the ones on the Apple keyboard I use for work, which now feel a little loose by comparison.
  • It is 1.2lb heavier to use this keyboard instead of Apple's Smart Keyboard, but the experience of typing on Brydge's keyboard more than makes up for the additional weight.

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HyperJuice is the ‘world’s most powerful USB-C battery pack’

  • In the battle for battery virility, Hyper just launched HyperJuice.
  • The company says it’s “the world’s most powerful USB-C battery pack” and the first to support the 100W USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 Profile.
  • If you own a 100W USB-C charger, then you can charge the HyperJuice in about an hour.
  • Whatever you use, you’ll have to supply it yourself since Hyper doesn’t include a charger in the box.
  • According to a study run by Kickstarter in 2015, roughly 1 in 10 “successful” products that reach their funding goals fail to actually deliver rewards.
  • Hyper recently demonstrated a prototype battery charging a 15-inch MacBook Pro at 100W and a 13-inch MacBook Pro at 60W while simultaneously charging an iPhone X at 18W.
  • Hyper is using crowdfunding to gauge interest in its latest product, as it has multiple times in the past to successfully raise millions.

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