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Meet the 7 companies changing how doctors get paid and building the future of medicine

  • Rather than getting paid for each visit or procedure that a patient needs, startups are looking to change the way primary care is practiced, in many cases working to get paid a large fixed sum each month to take care of all of a patient's health needs.
  • For instance, health systems including Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare and Pennsylvania-based Geisinger are taking similar approaches with some of their primary care doctors.
  • The rise of some of these models — in particular venture-backed Iora Health, family-owned ChenMed, and private-equity-backed Oak Street Health — comes at a time when the market for Medicare Advantage plans has grown increasingly competitive.
  • What Iora does: Founded in 2010, Boston-based Iora works with "sponsors" — mainly employers or private health plans for the elderly (known as Medicare Advantage) — that cover a monthly fee for primary care.

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