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Articles related to "makes"

Italic makes luxury bags that are all under $250 using the same factories as brands like Prada and Givenchy — here's how they stack up

  • Italic is an online brand that wants to flip the idea of luxury on its head by producing goods with partners that manufacture for designers like Prada, Givenchy, and Burberry.
  • If you joined, you got access to label-less, high-quality bags and accessories at more affordable prices.
  • At Italic, you can now freely shop men's and women's bags, accessories, and apparel, as well as home goods like bedding.
  • There are $425 leather moto jackets, $80 sheet sets, and a variety of handbags, the most expensive of which costs $250 and was produced by the same manufacturers making bags for Prada.
  • If you like nicely made things but could care less about the status that comes with flexing a designer label, then you're the perfect Italic customer.
  • I've tested a lot of bags in two years at Insider Picks, and Italic's Fleur Leather Mini Backpack is one of the best in its quality and usability.

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Coding practices your future self will love you for

  • It is a good idea to copy-paste the same function a minimum two times in the codebase.
  • Practice debugging code on your local machine via logs instead of a debugger.
  • Debugging on your local machine ensures that logs are added at the right place.
  • Premature optimization, especially micro-optimization, is not a good idea because you don’t know whether you are working on removing a performance bottle-neck or not.
  • Adding unnecessary features makes the code harder to read & debug.
  • The common assumption is that CI/CD pipelines are important only in teams that are pushing a lot of code into production every day.
  • In my experience, CI/CD pipelines are even more important for codebases that are rarely touched because you won’t remember how & where the code was deployed.

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A Love Letter to Personal Websites

  • We almost feel an obligation to share our work there, in addition to our personal lives.
  • In contrast to our personal websites, we don't own our social platforms.
  • We not only give giant tech companies our personal data – we allow them to use, sell and share our content in whatever way they wish.
  • As designers, we already forfeit a degree of creative control outside of social media.
  • Work is not the place for personal expression and full creative freedom.
  • Compare that to social media platforms that go public one day and bankrupt the next, shutting down their app and your content along with it.
  • Social media is a nice way to extend the reach, but it all points back to
  • It’s the one link I give to people inquiring about me and my work, rather some URL or social media handle I don’t own.

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The best iPhone cases for every model

  • The best iPhone cases are made with exacting care so that they fit your phone like a glove and offer good protection against life's knocks.
  • The company makes lots of different designs, and its many wallet cases are our favorites.
  • There are a lot of leather iPhone cases out there, but most of them don't offer the kind of protection your iPhone needs.
  • Nomad makes high-end leather cases that are also sturdy and protective.
  • Nomad also makes folio wallet style cases for those of you who like to have your credit cards right next to your phone.
  • Apple makes folio style cases now, too, that can hold your credit cards safely.
  • Native Union mixes unique materials like marble, wood, leather, and canvas to create high-end iPhone cases that look like no other.

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3 credit cards from Amex and Chase that offer great benefits to authorized users

  • It can be worth paying the fee, though, because authorized users on premium credit cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve or Amex Platinum can get benefits like airport lounge access and even hotel elite status.
  • If you're considering paying to add an authorized user to your credit card, it makes sense to perform a cost/benefit analysis first, taking into account your personal situation.
  • The benefit for the authorized user is that they can build credit this way — since the main account holder's payments will be added to the authorized user's credit report, if they're starting from zero this can help them develop good credit and eventually pave the way to them getting approved for credit cards and other financial accounts of their own.

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Trump has already told us who his new national security adviser will be

  • Because what Trump said about the national security adviser job echoes past statements he's made about other key openings in his administration.
  • There's a clear pattern here: Trump views himself as the only indispensable member of his administration, the person who makes all the calls because he knows more about any given subject than the so-called experts and because, well, he's the President and they're not.
  • But, there are a whole lot of smaller decisions that happen 1,000 times a day across government that a president should leave to the true experts in the field.
  • Because Trump believes himself to be an expert in every field -- and because he is deeply concerned about the image that he is not totally in charge -- he tries to make all sorts of calls and decisions that in past administrations were left to cabinet secretaries and senior staff.

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After the Saudi oil attacks, all options carry great risk

  • US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in no doubt Saturday about who had carried out the attacks on the Abqaiq plant and a Saudi oil field, taking out 5.7 million barrels a day of production.
  • Late Sunday, US officials released satellite imagery indicating the attack had come from the north -- Yemen is south of Saudi Arabia -- and that there were 17 points of impact at Abqaiq, seven more than the number of drones the Houthis claimed to have sent.
  • In June, the US came within minutes of a strike against sites in Iran belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) before Trump called them off.
  • The United States' Gulf allies want assurances that America has their back; so far, a summer of escalation, either by Iran or its proxies has not generated a response beyond a tightening of US sanctions.

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They were once the face of the anti-Trump resistance, but now 3 original Women’s March co-chairs are out after accusations of anti-Semitism

  • The Women's March recently cut ties with three of its inaugural board members who had drawn accusations of anti-Semitism and mismanaging finances.
  • The Washington Post first reported that co-chairs Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, and Bob Bland stepped down from the organization's board last month and that it had recently reorganized its leadership.
  • The new board includes three Jewish women, a transgender woman, and a member of the Oglala Tribe of the Lakota nation.
  • Among the controversies surrounding the Women's March co-chairs, Mallory had boasted on social media of her attendance at an event hosted by the Nation of Islam where Louis Farrakhan made overtly bigoted and conspiratorial remarks about Jews.
  • The Women's March tried to address the outrage, but its leaders didn't denounce Farrakhan, who regularly makes anti-Semitic, homophobic, and misogynistic statements.

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Best Smartphones That Still Have a Headphone Jack (2019)

  • It’s been clear for some time now that smartphone manufacturers don’t care much for the venerable 3.5-mm headphone jack.
  • The iPhone ditched it in 2016, with other flagship phones gradually following suit.
  • In some ways it makes sense; removing the headphone jack makes room for a bigger battery or new components, and the world has shifted to Bluetooth by now anyway, right?
  • The joy of the 3.5-mm headphone connector is that it’s one of the few truly universal standards left.
  • There are obviously times when Bluetooth is preferable.
  • But it’s also nice to at least have the option.
  • If a headphone jack is what you need, or even just what you think you might want at some point, give one of these holdouts a try.
  • Many of these picks are in our guides to the best iPhones and best Android phones.

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12 ethical companies to shop from if you like to put your money where your values are

  • These discerning shoppers look for more than just quality when making their purchases — they want to know that the brands they're shopping from not only make a good product, but also make a positive impact.
  • That desire to do good translates to shopping from brands whose missions offer transparent, ethical business practices, use sustainable materials, and are cognizant of their social impact.
  • You'll feel good about shopping here because the products are made from certified organic cotton in Fair Trade factories.
  • You'll feel good about shopping here because the company prioritizes high-quality textiles manufactured ethically and responsibly.
  • Coyuchi only uses sustainably grown, organic raw materials, works with Fair Trade Certified fabric mills and workshops, and partners with innovative shipping companies that aim to lessen their environmental impact through energy efficiency programs and using alternative fuels.

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