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Articles related to "makes"

Air New Zealand unveils economy-class sleeping pods

  • We need to lie flat, which is what makes Air New Zealand's prototype sleep pods so exciting.
  • According to Air New Zealand's announcement, the Skynest will consist of six full-length lie-flat sleep pods in the Economy cabin.
  • Each pod will be about 200 centimeters (6.5 feet) long and 58 centimeters (22 inches) wide, and come with a pillow, sheets, blanket, ear plugs and privacy curtains.
  • After all, this is the airline that's already proved its commitment to making economy class more comfortable, given so many of its flights are long-haul.
  • The airline will reportedly make a final decision on the Economy Skynest in 2021, once it has assessed the performance of its inaugural year of Auckland-New York operations, due to take flight in October this year.

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Trump’s reckless coronavirus statements put the entire US at risk

  • The White House has walked back Trump’s comments, claiming the president was talking about the development of an Ebola vaccine.
  • This is not a good time to be spreading confusion about public health.
  • Instead, Trump has minimized the threat and spread bizarre lies, making it hard for the average citizen to know what to expect.
  • The White House’s approach makes sense if you’re focused on the short-term movement of financial markets, but it’s terrible for public health.
  • As emergency managers pointed out, public officials should be preparing for the worst and making sure any impact that happens doesn’t take hospitals and local governments by surprise.
  • The CDC has been straightforward about that worst-case scenario, but Trump seems eager to walk it back, which could convince local governments and public health officials to stand down at the worst possible time.

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The best running shoes for men

  • The result is a shoe that still feels like a Pegasus to long-time fans, with a new full-length air unit for an even smoother heel-to-toe transition, and a redesigned upper for a better fit.
  • A redesigned seamless upper streamlines the shoe, giving it a lightweight feel, though this isn't a heavy shoe to begin with, weighing in at 8.9 ounces — slightly lighter than the 9.3-ounce Pegasus 35.
  • The Peregrine 7 features a redesigned upper that allows for more room in the toe box, as well as a full-length Everun topsole that has a more cushioned feel throughout the shoe.
  • The addition of the full-length Everun midsole is what gives the shoe a bouncier, more energetic feel that not only makes it effective for speed work, but also keeps you feeling fast on longer runs.

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29 things you can do for a lower carbon footprint that will hardly change your day

  • Washing clothes takes up energy, and 75% of that energy comes from just heating up the water, according to the New York Times.
  • One of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to buy in foods bulk and use your own containers, so there's no unnecessary packaging involved in your grocery shopping.
  • Turning your thermostat down two degrees in the winter and up two degrees in the summer could save 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year because it takes energy to heat and cool a home.
  • If public transportation is not an option for you, there are many ways you can drive efficiently to reduce your carbon footprint, starting with chilling on the gas and breaks.
  • Not only is fuel used to get the goods from a warehouse to your door, but the products are also packaged in cardboard, which the Guardian says is the third-largest industrial use of energy on Earth.

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WhatsApp is building dark mode for desktop (but you can't use it yet)

  • WhatsApp wants you to have a consistent experience across platforms — so it’s bringing dark mode to desktop.
  • The Facebook-owned messenger appears to be working on a dark theme for the Web version of its app, serial WhatsApp leaker WABetaInfo has noticed.
  • You’ll notice dark mode messes up the emoji keyboard, leaving a white background behind the icons.
  • The new theme also supports stickers — and unlike the emoji, the white background issue has been sorted out.
  • WhatsApp has already rolled out dark mode to Android (and working on launching it on iOS), so adding desktop to the mix makes perfect sense.
  • Unfortunately, there’s no telling exactly when the dark theme will officially arrive for Web yet, so hang in there.
  • In the meantime, there are other things you can do to save your eyes from bright lights (even though scientists don’t think dark mode isn’t all it’s cracked to be).

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How to enable a private session on Spotify and hide what you're listening to from your Friend Activity

  • While one of Spotify's main draws is the ability to share music with friends, there may come a time when you want to listen to an album without the eyes of others.
  • Thankfully, it's easy to enable — and later disable —  a private session on Spotify, whether you're looking to do so on desktop or the mobile app.
  • A private session on Spotify makes it so your followers can't see what you are currently listening to.
  • Anything you play while in a private session will not appear in "Friend Activity" on the right hand side of the desktop app.
  • The only downside to this is that songs you listen to during private sessions are not included in Spotify's algorithm for new music recommendations, such as your Daily Mixes or Discover Weekly.

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10 traits of a 'perfect' boss, according to research by Google

  • In contrast, if you have great managers and team leads, not only will you get the best out of your people, but they'll also be more likely to stick around.
  • In contrast, great managers give their people the freedom they crave: freedom to explore their ideas, to take (smart) risks, and to make mistakes.
  • Great managers know exactly where the team is right now, where they are headed, and what they need to do to get there.
  • If the manager is moved into a new department, he or she will take time to get to know how things are done, and work to build trust before making drastic changes or offering advice.
  • If your company can train and promote managers who do these 10 things, you'll build trust and inspire your people to become the best versions of themselves.

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Harrison Ford's secret to a happy marriage: 'Don't talk. Nod your head'

  • Ford and his wife, Calista Flockhart, 55, are nearing their 10-year wedding anniversary, but they've been together for nearly 18 years -- a milestone that's hard to see among Hollywood couples.
  • Ford and Flockhart first met at the 2002 Golden Globes and wed eight years later.
  • And while some might gawk at their age difference of 22 years, Flockhart assured in a 2017 interview with Closer Weekly that it was always a "non-issue" in their relationship.
  • Ford, who in his latest role in "The Call of the Wild" acts alongside a computer-generated dog, of course, revealed how he really keeps his relationship strong with his wife.
  • For example, as a licensed pilot for 25 years, Ford likes to fly.
  • Ford reflected on his 50-year acting career in his interview with Parade.
  • But he said his success didn't come without hard work.

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How to Boost Emotional Intelligence to Become a Better Leader

  • In seeing that people skills could make all the difference, Carnegie effectively popularized in his books the idea of emotional intelligence, decades before it was established as a fact in academic psychology.
  • For sure, if you have good emotional intelligence and lower levels of general intelligence, you can still be a great leader.
  • Our emotional awareness will decide how we make decisions in our life–be it professional or personal.
  • Self-awareness goes hand in hand with emotional intelligence giving us a better view of how we discover things.
  • The feedback that listened to carefully can provide gems for the person: their growth and self-improvement.
  • You can learn to become more empathetic, to be more aware of your own emotions and to deal with them better, resulting in a more fulfilled life and career.

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The best books for millennials who want to be debt-free and save money - Business Insider

  • As a writer who has been covering millennial wealth and money for nearly two years, it's been easy to accumulate this collection of personal finance books, many of which are specifically geared toward today's youth.
  • Geared toward 20- and 30-somethings, the book touches on millennial-specific money issues like making the most of robo-advisers, saving for your first house, and approaching a new type of retirement.
  • Sethi's book, which was updated in 2019, isn't specifically geared toward millennials, but it's one all members of the generation should read if they want to build wealth.
  • Her personal essays are meant to shift your mindset around money by helping you figure out how you want to maximize your income and by taking a look at the attitudes of successful people.
  • From consolidating student loans to cutting your expenses in half, she helps you manage your money in a simple, fun way.

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