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Articles related to "manage"

Ask HN: How to Disagree with the Rest of Management?

  • Yep. Good managers are able to create 'autonomy of action/unity of effort' by providing and trusting the lower echelons with enough autonomy to stay happy and creative solving problems for the company WITHOUT going off the rails.OP, you can be a leader inside your company by doing right by your team, being transparent with them, but also voicing any disagreement with upper management discretely.
  • However, after that you also need to take actions that could resolve the issue at hand, not just stop there, else you'll become the crybaby who is full of ideals yet never accomplish anything.If you couldn't accept where the company is headed, trust me no amount of effort is worth to make it right, just look for a new job, you'll end up happier.

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There Are No Bugs, Just TODOs

  • I think we haven’t learned to avoid managers who only run software development through tickets and disregard the underlying software delivery.
  • Issue tracking became an industry, its software gained consciousness and started becoming a social network, apparently optimizing engagement and time spent in a product as opposed to helping you get things done.
  • The possible ticket states are often designed by architects and not by people who are actually going to use the thing.
  • Once you start assigning priorities from a list, anything else than “Highest” is a passive-aggressive5 way of saying “No”.
  • In order to put them into a sprint, they need to be checked—in some cases, that’s actually more work than the issue itself.
  • In order for this to work, there needs to be a separate system for handling questions for the development team from the rest of the company7.

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Slack's new integration deal with AWS could also be about tweaking Microsoft

  • As part of the deal, Slack will use Amazon Chime for its call feature, while reiterating its commitment to use AWS as its preferred cloud provider to run its infrastructure.
  • The deal also includes several other elements including integrating AWS Key Management Service with Slack Enterprise Key Management (EKM) for encryption key management, deeper alignment with AWS’s chatbot service and direct integration with AWS AppFlow to enable secure transfer of data between Slack and Amazon S3 storage and the Amazon Redshift data warehouse.
  • “Together, AWS and Slack are giving developer teams the ability to collaborate and innovate faster on the front end with applications, while giving them the ability to efficiently manage their backend cloud infrastructure,” Jassy said in a statement.
  • Slack gets a big customer in AWS and AWS now has Slack directly integrating more of its services.

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Westpac chair to AUSTRAC: penalty 'needs to be based on the facts'

  • Speaking to The Australian Financial Review after Westpac released the report, which chastised a lack of expertise and urgency that led to 23 million breaches of anti-money-laundering laws, Mr McFarlane said a "material" penalty is appropriate.
  • However, Westpac will continue to defend parts of the case, including allegations it does not have an adequate program to mitigate and manage serious financial crime, and is willing to go to court over the penalty.
  • A key reason for Westpac's failings was the lack of high-quality staff with the necessary expertise on the complex requirements of the anti-money laundering regulation.
  • The bank did not "sufficiently appreciate the depth of specialist capabilities required to manage AML/CTF [anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing] risk," the report said.

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Westpac's AUSTRAC woes should scare all firms

  • The findings of Westpac’s review into its breaches of anti-money laundering regulations paint a picture of incompetence, bad decisions and a board that allowed risks to fester for too long.
  • While the allegations from the regulator AUSTRAC concerning Westpac’s failure to identify transactions that could have been associated with child exploitation will always be the greatest stain on the bank’s reputation, the biggest part of AUSTRAC’s case by volume was the bank’s failure to report 19.5 million international fund transfer instructions (IFTIs) over a six-year period.
  • Given what current Westpac chief Peter King is facing with the COVID crisis, there’s no shortage of irony that AUSTRAC report contains these echoes from the GFC, when King was Westpac’s group general manager of finance and the Australian banking sector was in a shambles.

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Appway raises $37M, its first-ever funding, for financial customer management tools

  • Appway, which provides software to help banks and others that transact with customers to build banking, mortgage, regulatory compliance and other service management tools, has raised $37 million in equity funding from a single investor, Summit Partners.
  • Hans Peter Wolf, Appway’s CEO who co-founded the company with Oliver Brupbacher, said in an interview that the money will go towards continued expansion of its business, both by adding more customers and by building more tools for those customers in turn to provide services to their own users.
  • The services that it provides range from online banking, mortgage software and wealth management, through to account management, onboarding of new services and customers, and a long list of back-office tools to manage customers and data to help the financial services companies comply with regulatory requirements.

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How to supercharge the economic recovery

  • The superannuation sector should be given greater incentives to invest in nation-building infrastructure projects, putting more of Australia's $2.7 trillion retirement savings pool to work restoring jobs and growth.
  • To that end, the Financial Services Council has developed a report - Accelerating Australia’s Economic Recovery - which offers policy ideas as well as solutions to intractable problems, sourced across our 100-company strong membership in superannuation, funds management, life insurance and financial advice.
  • First, we urge national cabinet to get to work with the biggest pool of underutilised capital in our economy - our $2.7 trillion superannuation funds.
  • Second, we urge national cabinet to tackle regressive taxes, and support early calls by the New South Wales and Victorian governments to abolish stamp duties on life insurance products and property transactions.

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