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Articles related to "mark"

Facebook Stored "Hundreds of Millions" of Unencrypted Passwords

  • Hundreds of millions of Facebook passwords were left unencrypted and visible to internal employees—the latest in a series of privacy concerns at the social network.
  • Facebook confirmed the reports Thursday, saying it had fixed the issues and it did not believe anyone outside the company had accessed the information, nor had it found any evidence the data was improperly accessed internally.
  • However, the company said, it will send notifications to anyone whose passwords were stored in this manner, but won’t require they be reset.
  • Facebook has been the subject of several privacy breaches in the past year, including a security flaw in December that affected 6.8 million users.
  • Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to improve privacy on the service, but that hasn’t soothed angry users, some of whom are suing Facebook and many of whom are deleting their accounts.

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State AGs put tech giants on notice: 'Something must be done with these companies ... they have become too big'

  • A US attorney general has said "all actions" are on the table when it comes to curbing the power of tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.
  • Speaking to SiriusXM's "Breitbart News Daily" radio show, Jeff Landry, the attorney general for Louisiana, described a growing sense of unease among his peers regarding the size of the tech giants.
  • Although big tech firms have largely shied away from responding to politicians' comments directly, some are attempting to get ahead of potential new regulations, such as federal privacy laws.
  • In a blog earlier this month setting out his manifesto for Facebook's future, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he wants the company to become a "privacy-focused platform," boosting end-to-end encryption and giving people more control over their history.

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Mark Zuckerberg uses 1 rule when deciding whether or not to hire someone that every manager should borrow

  • Facebook cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg built his company from scratch.
  • Today, the company boasts a market cap of $481 billion and roughly 1.52 billion daily users.
  • At the 2015 conference, Zuckerberg provided some other tips on building a successful company.

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Mark Cuban says you — yes, you — need to understand how AI works

  • I think we’ve got to already start talking about, why did people vote for Donald Trump and how are you going to get them to come to the center and vote for whoever that candidate is?
  • And if you’re going to be a candidate now, rather than just trying to reach out and just get the far left or the far right, I think you’ve got to start recognizing you’ve got to respect people who voted for Trump because they had the right idea, they just had the wrong candidate.
  • Now those days are over and when 5G comes along and people cut the broadband cord and you don’t, you’re not buying your broadband from the traditional cable company, it’s going to change even more.

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