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Articles related to "mark"

Nick Ayers will not replace White House chief of staff John Kelly as suspected

  • Nick Ayers, chief of staff for Vice President Mike Pence and White House chief of staff John Kelly's long-suspected replacement, will reportedly not be taking over the role.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday evening that White House officials said Ayers, who has been rumored to be President Donald Trump's top pick to replace Kelly since 2017, couldn't agree with Trump for a timeline on the job.
  • Ayers has been the long-suspected replacement for retired Marine Gen. Kelly, with reports saying he's been Trump's top choice to assume the spot since 2017.
  • Trump announced Saturday that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is on his way out of the administration, saying Kelly will be leaving "at the end of the year" and he will announce his replacement in the next day or two.

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Nick Ayers reportedly ruled out as new White House Chief of Staff: WSJ

  • Nick Ayers, Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff, will not be tapped to fill the vacancy left by departing White House chief of staff John Kelly, and will depart the Trump administration by year's end.
  • On Sunday, The Wall Street Journal and NBC News, citing sources familiar with the mater, reported that Ayers and President Donald Trump were unable to agree on a time-frame for him to serve, effectively ending negotiations for the 36-year old political veteran to take the senior administration role.
  • Kelly is expected to depart his role as White House Chief of Staff by the end of the year, Trump announced on Saturday, ending a tenure marked by tensions with his boss and confrontations with other key administration figures.

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Lawyer's Led Zeppelin Complaint Is a Work of Art (2014)

  • The use of Led Zeppelin's font in a lawsuit against them.
  • The dropping into a Sans Serif font for block quotes to make them stand out even more.
  • Obviously, the Led Zeppelin font was used to mock the defendant.
  • But what are the gorgeous fonts used throughout the rest of the document -- the traditional serif font for the main text and the sans serif font used for block quotes?
  • Much respect to my fellow blogger Mark Wilson, who recognized them instantly: Equity and Concourse, two fonts designed by Matthew Butterick specifically for use in legal pleadings.
  • The local rules for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania don't seem to make any mention of fonts or formatting, probably on the assumption that lawyers won't go too wild.
  • This page contains a single entry by William Peacock, Esq. published on November 3, 2014 8:33 AM.

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Trump flips coin at Army-Navy game

  • Washington (CNN) - College football fans, military leaders and members of the Trump administration gathered in Philadelphia on Saturday for the 119th annual Army-Navy game.
  • The game kicked off with a coin toss performed by President Donald Trump, which landed in favor of the Navy.
  • At the game, Trump was joined by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Defense Secretary James Mattis, Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Army Mark Esper and Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer, according to the White House.
  • Ahead of the game, Air Force One did a fly-by at Lincoln Financial Field as it approached Philadelphia.
  • The flight path into Philadelphia International Airport goes near the stadium, but Air Force One flew closer to the stadium and dipped its right wing before landing.
  • Trump's appearance at the game comes amid another staff shakeup for his administration.

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Mark Cuban said running for president would be the 'definition of bad parenting,' but he might go for it anyway

  • The billionaire Mark Cuban on Monday said it would be "bad parenting" to run for president in 2020, but he suggested he might go for it regardless.
  • At Business Insider's annual IGNITION conference on tech and media, Global Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Carlson asked Cuban whether he'd made a decision on running after months of speculation.
  • Cuban, an unabashed critic of President Donald Trump, has teased a 2020 run in the past, and polls have shown he could give Trump a run for his money.
  • In November 2017, Cuban said he would run as an independent if he were to go head-to-head with Trump.
  • Cuban at the time said he would "absolutely not" consider running as a Democrat.
  • The businessman reportedly has a net worth of $3.9 billion, which puts him ahead of Trump.
  • Forbes estimates that the president, who often boasts about his wealth and business experience, has a net worth of about $3.1 billion.

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Trump names Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley to be new Joint Chiefs chairman

  • Washington (CNN) - President Donald Trump on Saturday nominated Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • Trump said the date of transition is still to be determined.
  • Gen. Joseph Dunford, whose term expires later next year, is expected to serve out his term.
  • The chairman is the highest-ranking military officer in the country and serves as the principal military adviser to the president.

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Trump tweets nomination of General Mark Milley for chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation's top military position

  • President Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday morning to announce his nomination of General Mark Milley, 60, as the new chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that nation's top military position.
  • Milley has served as chief of staff of the Army since August 2015.
  • He reportedly graduated from Princeton before serving as a Green Beret.
  • He would go on to hold leadership roles in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • The selection of Milley breaks the unofficial tradition of rotating chairmen by which service they're a part of.
  • Milley is replacing Dunford, a Marine, who took the reigns from an Army chairman.

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21 quotes from self-made billionaires that will change your outlook on money

  • Building wealth is possible regardless of your financial situation or education.
  • But your beliefs about money can play a huge role in whether or not you finish rich.
  • So why not look to those who have been there, done that for inspiration?
  • From investor Warren Buffett and entrepreneur Mark Cuban to tech mogul Jeff Bezos and media maven Oprah Winfrey, Business Insider rounded up quotations about money from self-made billionaires that will shift your perspective on business, investing, and success.
  • Many of their perspectives share a commonalities: they don't measure success by the amount of money they make.
  • Money isn't the end goal and it doesn't define them, but it's important to invest it wisely if you want to build more wealth down the road.
  • Here's what some of the world's richest men and women have to say about money.

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Facebook is dropping a key clause from its Platform Policy following the internal memo leak

  • Facebook claims the update is meant to open up the platform, but Business Insider Intelligence thinks it's an attempt to mitigate the company's ongoing PR disaster, which was reignited yesterday with the release of a massive batch of internal FB memos.
  • British lawmakers published a 250-page document containing internal memos and emails that detail how the social giant planned to squeeze more revenue from user data, undermine competitors, and prioritize strategic partnerships.
  • The memos also show examples of how Facebook selectively restricted or whitelisted certain apps from accessing user data.
  • Zuckerberg was worried enough about Vine's popular 6-second looping videos that he restricted its potential for user growth — and the chief executive apparently kept a list of "strategic competitors" that had similar restrictions, and needed his sign-off on any requested permissions.

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