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Articles related to "math"

Mathematicians have found the shortest route to visit 2 million stars

  • We have found the best path to take between the stars.
  • The travelling salesman problem, an infamous mathematical puzzle that seeks the shortest route between many locations while visiting each exactly once, has been solved on the largest scale yet: the galaxy.
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A Programmer’s Intuition for Matrix Multiplication

  • However, sometimes the matrix being operated on is not a linear operation, but a set of vectors or data points.
  • The row containing a horizontal function could really be three data points (each with a single element).
  • The vertical column of data could really be three distinct functions, each taking a single parameter.
  • When we see x * x' we mean x (as a set of functions) is working on x' (a set of individual data points).
  • The result is a grid where we've applied each function to each data point.
  • In the first equation, we're treating $\theta$ (which is normally a set of data parameters) as a function, and passing in $x$ as an argument.
  • Now, in plain English: We're treating the information as a function, and passing the same info as the parameter.

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