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Articles related to "measles"

Why Smallpox Is No More but Polio and Other Diseases Persist

  • The vaccine made it easier to halt new transmissions and protect healthy people, even if responders arrived at a smallpox outbreak that was already underway.
  • This means the type of disease tracking that officials used to detect smallpox epidemics is impossible for polio.
  • But Guinea worm eradication has grown more complex over the past five years as doctors have recognized that it’s not a human-specific infection, as had been assumed: Recent studies have demonstrated that dogs, frogs and fish can also transmit the pathogen.
  • As a result, worldwide measles deaths have already dropped by approximately 20% since 2000, and the disease has been eliminated in the U.S., meaning it’s no longer constantly present here (despite occasional cases brought in by travelers).
  • But while it’s a good candidate for eradication based solely on its biology, measles doesn’t share smallpox’s crucial psychological factor: People don’t fear it enough.

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